Here’s what you missed this week on the blog! 

 Monday: Prioritization & Organization with Karen Lum 

  • Prioritization and Organization are CRUCIAL to business success 
  • So we brought in the expert, Karen Lum, to give her advice, tips, and tricks that she has learned through consulting
  • 3 Must have tools that she loves and implements everyday

Tuesday: Sending Your First Marketing Email 

  • Sending that first marketing email is SCARY! But we’ve got your back
  • Follow this guide to make sure you emails are conveying the right message and giving your audience what they want!

 Thursday: Why You Need to Ask For Testimonials on Facebook and Google My Business 

  • People want to know what the experience was for other people 
  • If you can provide them with that, they feel comfortable and they trust you 
  • Reputation is vital to small business success, so make sure you are asking for those testimonials


I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s content and are looking forward to a new line up next week! If you’re wanting some social media guidance, make sure to check out the social media tools we have in our Rural Business Resource shop!