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Sandhill Red Angus

“KRose Marketing & Consulting did a wonderful job building our website. We enjoy it and get good feedback from our customers! They say it’s easy to use, easy to find, and fun to come back to.”

Pig Hill

“KRose has helped my business in multiple ways. The initial consultation was done over zoom and Karoline recorded the conversation so I could refer to that several times later. Karoline and her team are so knowledgeable and resourceful. I would highly recommend them to get your business off to a new start or just freshen things up.” 

Eddins Wellness

“I have been following the KRose Marketing free online workshops and her 5 Day Facebook Challenge. After two consulting calls with Karoline I have seen tremendous growth on my business Facebook page. I booked two new clients due to the mentorship of Karoline and her team. I would strongly recommend working with the KRose Marketing team. Not only are they knowledgeable, I learn something new everytime.”

Lick Creek Meats

Jennifer needed a website to help grow her small meats operation but didn’t know where to start and was overwhelmed with the complexity of creating a website herself.  I did several calls with her prior to booking her website with us. She reached out to us because her dad works at Superior and she believed that since Karoline worked for Superior, she would know what was up in the ag industry.


Graized was built from the ground up. With all three partners having livestock backgrounds, and a motivation to shine a positive light on animal agriculture, they were excited by the opportunity to create Graized, and Tri-Point Ranch, in order to become an advocate for the industry that feeds the world. KRose helped them create a website where they can promote not only their beef, but also the benefits and be an advocate for the beef industry.

Thousand Hills Angus

Currently, operating on approximately 1300 acres of mountain pasture, they run 150 registered cattle with 20 commercials and hay approximately 1100 acres and sell 3000 tons of hay a year. This ranch needed a website that would be eye-catching and easy for their customers to use.

Anderson School

The Anderson School felt that their website was outdated and needed a new ADA compliant website that had to capabilities to handle all their needs including file downloads, 100+ pages of content, and support their portal login for parents and teachers. The KRose team was able to deliver this to them.

Kretschman Angus

Kretschman Angus is nestled in the Powder River breaks north of Arvada ,Wyoming. This area is rich with history and where they call home. They are raising cattle that are moderate in size, that do well on grass but still raise a big calf and breed back on time. They had a website but felt it was time for a refresh and to update their website to better utilize it to promote their ranch and production sale.

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