Every business needs to be using social media to promote their content and products. There are a lot of options when you’re getting started, but it can be tough deciding which platforms to use. We recently compared social media platforms and discussed which platforms you should be using based off of your business (can’t find link).


If you’re still unsure of which platforms your business should be on, we’re going to go over the top types of businesses on each platform.



  • Fitness & Health

    • From Yoga with Adrienne to Koboko Fitness and the Women’s Workout Channel, a users options for exercise content is vast. If your business has any relation to fitness and health, you want to be on YouTube. Channels can share specific workout routines, offer health and diet tips, and promote their services.

  • Beauty

    • The Makeup world on YouTube is like none other. Many makeup artists, professional and self taught, go to YouTube to demonstrate their talent. Makeup video views soar into the millions within hours and there’s no shortage of styles to view. If you’re in the business of beauty, YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase your skills, products, and gain a massive following.

  • Entertainment – Music, Comedy, Drama

    • Comedians, musicians, actors, and artists can thrive in the YouTube realm. Through video, they can display their jokes, songs, skits, and artwork. If there is an aspect of your business that can be displayed in this forum, YouTube is the place to be.

  • Vlogging/Personality

    • When it comes to vlogging, a YouTuber can stretch the limits. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you can be a vlogger. You can film where you work, how you work, why you work, etc. YouTube personalities go on to develop bigger careers. The key to a successful blogger is being able to connect with viewers on a personal level. This means being yourself, showing your true colors, and being passionate about what you do.

  • Product Testing

    • This avenue is open to a large range of businesses. If you have products of any kind, you can film them being used. You can show how a product works and why it’s good quality. If you can display your products in an entertaining way, you are more likely to get your products on the map.

  • Motivational Speakers

    • If you’re a life coach or in the business of self help, YouTube is a great place to share your wisdom. When a viewer finds a touching video, they might click onto your channel and see what else you have to offer.

  • Social Media Specialists

    • Any type of business involving consulting, social media experts, and other types of business expertise should utilize YouTube. This platforms serves as an education to viewers and could lead them to purchase your services. You can really develop your brand and create a public interest in what you do.



  • Fitness & Health

    • Instagram is another great spot for health related businesses. As a visual platform, users can few short exercise clips and photos relating to fitness. Fitness gurus love Instagram for his features including stories, where they can provide daily updates to their followers.

  • Beauty

    • Makeup artists and hairstylists love Instagram as a way to create a visual portfolio of their work. They can give tips on their page or in their stories and promote their products & services.

  • Entertainment

    • With short clips and stories, entertainers can use Instagram to reach their audiences. Although YouTube is better for full-length videos, Instagram can be a more casual platform. Instagram entertainers can show their audience the behind-the-scenes of their life, which attracts viewers even closer.


  • Art

    • Visual artists can thrive on Instagram by sharing their artwork and promoting their services. From painters to crafters, artists can share what they’ve created to a broader potential audience. Through stories and short clips they can show the behind-the-scenes of their creative process.

  • Photography

    • National Geographic is one of the top viewed accounts on Instagram. Visually stunning photography does great on this platform. Whether you do school photos, glamour shots, landscape scenes, or animal photography, you should be on Instagram.


  • Fashion

    • Amateur models and designers can become celebrities on Instagram. Both clothing designers and models have climbed the ranks during the relatively short time Instagram has been around. This platform has changed the fashion industry, and it’s where you need to be if your business relates to fashion in any way.




  • Any Business Type

    • That’s right, no matter what business you are in, you should be on Facebook. Although Facebook’s competitors have taken the platform out of first place, it remains a staple in social media. When someone looks up a business, their Facebook page is one of the first places they will go to learn more. Users can easily leave reviews, and consumers love to decide where they will spend their money based on recommendations.



  • Journalists/Bloggers

    • News sharing is one of the top uses of Twitter. Many people get their headlines and news source from this platform. If you are a freelance journalist or work for a publication, Twitter is the place to be.

  • Marketers

    • Business savvy experts thrive on Twitter. If you can share valuable business advice in 140 characters, you will do very well on this platform.

  • Artists

    • Visual and performing artists can network and gain clients through Twitter. You might not think the short form of Twitter would work well for this field. But it’s proven to be a popular spot when brands are looking for new designs or need musical services.



  • Product promotion/Branding
    The Container Store and Etsy are two of the top successful Pinterest accounts. Their strategy is key, but Pinterest’s visual, longer-lasting setup allows product sellers to showcase their products and gain huge followings. The top business Pinterest pages arrange their pins in a way that highlight their high quality products, while providing tips and tools to make them more accessible. To be successful on Pinterest, a page runner must work on increasing engagement through Guest Pinner boards

  • Beauty

    • Sephora also makes the top 10 of popular Pinterest accounts. Sephora encourages their customers to post pins of manicures and makeovers they’ve done with Sephora products.

  • Photography

    • When carefully curated, photographers can be very successful on Pinterest. It requires a bit more creativity to cultivate engagement, but it’s possible.

  • Crafters

    • Tied in with the popularity of Etsy, crafters abound on Pinterest. Many users go to Pinterest for crochet and knitting patterns, tips on painting or drawing, and to purchase crafted products.

  • Food

    • Food related businesses can do very well on Pinterest. Sharing well-written and entertaining recipes attracts a lot of followers. To increase engagement, Pinterest accounts can ask for Guest Pinners to reply with their own recipe ideas.