The words we use and how we use them is extremely important for branding. Writing style and the vocabulary used display a company’s personality and purpose. You need to use the same style of writing throughout all platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, your website, emails, and everything in between.

The Power Behind Words - KRose Marketing

It’s important to use consistent language for a variety of reasons. When you’re targeting new customers, you should be describing your products and services the same way across the board. If you offer a free product or upgrade you need to call it the same phrase each time. If you refer to it as an opt-in, bonus deal, free upgrade, and a special deal in various postings, you’re going to confuse your ideal customer. It will, at the very least, make the process much longer for the reader.

Using a consistent vocabulary benefits your business by:

  • Helping potential customers fully understand what you have to offer
  • Preventing frustration and wasted time for your potential customer
  • Allows ease in engagement

How we utilize consistent vocabulary

For me and the KRose team, we decided early on that using a consistent vocabulary was important to us. I have a writing assistant and several of my team members write from my viewpoint. We created a pool of words we use often and we make sure to use those when we post anything from the KRose Company, both for KRose Marketing & Consulting and KRose Cattle Company.

The Power Behind Words - KRose Marketing

Everything you read from us should sound like it’s coming from me, even when it technically isn’t.
Something I have done often is record myself talking and send that file to my writer or another team member. Even though the content is edited for readability, it still always sounds like me because it came straight from my words.

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Your turn

If you don’t have a vocabulary bank with your business already, I recommend you do that right away. Even if you don’t have any team members and you write everything for your business, this is still important. You might hire someone down the road and you want your message to always remain consistent.

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