When I first started the KRose Cattle Company after I graduated from college, I thought my strengths were completely different than what I see as my strengths today. I thought I could work really hard in a bunch of different areas and excel in each of them.

You are a jack of all trades when you first start your business, doing everything from bookkeeping to oil changes to photography, web and logo design, facebook ads and more. Some of those you’re probably great at, but there’s no way you can fully master each of those fields successfully. I wanted to be strong in all those areas, but it was impossible.

Find the strengths that light your fire - KRose Marketing

What are you good at?

I had to look at what I was actually good at and what I wanted to do. I found I had to ask myself, Is this something that gives me energy or takes energy away?

Then I had to ask, Is this something I am good at or something I struggle with?

I was able to discover which tasks arose continually that gave me energy and I felt naturally good at them. It has to be a fine combination.

I’m a big fan of the Enneagram personality test. I have found it to be one of the most detailed and accurate tests. I had my team take it. Personally, I’m an Enneagram 8, “The Challenger”. My personality type is known as powerful and dominating, self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. Yep, sounds about right.

In-depth personality tests and assessments are a great opportunity to figure out your strengths and dive into your personality.

Being aware of your personality type can be a game changer. I’ve been in on my work strengths as being the marketing strategist and business developer.

Narrow it down

When businesses come to me, I have a good knack for figuring out some of their customers’ pain points, platforms they should be on, a general marketing plan, and social media content. This is where I get my energy. I thrive in this area and love doing that work. But I didn’t figure this out overnight. It was a 2.5+ year process.

So how do I work that in the business? Listening to podcasts covering every single field is not realistic or beneficial. I only listen to the podcasts in areas I’m focused on. We don’t (and I can’t) know everything. I have phenomenal team members who are in charge of a lot in the KRose Company.

Crowding my mind with all of the available information causes overloading. Instead, I need to be focused on leading the team and taking the team to the next level. I need to be focused on big picture items.

Find your strengths that light your fire - KRose Marketing

I come to the table with similar strengths as other business owners. But when I combine my personality and creativity with my strengths, I have a different package than any other business owner. 

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Building & Growing

When you are building & growing your team, it is really important that you know you are not going to be the smartest person in all areas. I’m definitely not the smartest person in the room in all of the areas that the KRose team is the smartest. I’ve done that strategically. I don’t need to know everything, nor do I want to know everything.

I want to be the leader of the team, the visionary. But I want them to be the expert in their area. It’s important that you are able to be comfortable giving away some of that power.

For example, we have experts in Pinterest, in writing, in email marketing, videography, web design, business management, and more. All of them are team members of mine, which is great because I don’t have to focus on any of their areas.

We come to together and have pow wows and we think about different things. But I certainly don’t have to think about those because I know that they have it taken care of. I can hone in on my business strengths and constantly improve.

Once you understand your strengths, it doesn’t mean you don’t need continued personal development and growth. I spend probably 5-10 hours a week listening to books and podcasts and doing workbooks. I do these to improve my skills, make myself better, and be the best market strategist and Facebook expert that I can be.

Find your strengths that light your fire - KRose Marketing

We all need to continuously grow and become better versions of ourselves. My natural ability and talent is not enough to sustain me. Think of it like a basketball player. They might be the best 5th grade basketball player in the world. But if they never pick up a basketball again, are they going to make it to the NBA? No.

You should discover your strengths, hone in on them, and become the best you can. This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, but you will love your work because it gives you energy. For me, helping people develop their marketing strategy and understand their ideal client lights my fire.

Our Monthly Success Guide can help you organize your goals and strengths.

What lights your fire?

Find your strengths that light your fire