One of the most used phrases when you have a question about pretty much anything is a quick and simple, “Google it”. In the internet age we live in, access to information is always at our fingertips. Being set up in Google My Business is key for your business’s visibility. Whatever the nature of your business, you want to be a top link that pops up when someone Googles your topic. 


Google My Business informs Google all about what you offer, where you’re located, your hours of operation, your website and more. This top search engine allows users to find what they want, quickly and easily. 


So how do you utilize this incredibly powerful tool to increase your chances of being a top result?


It can take about 3 to 4 days after you’ve set up your Google My Business for the listing to appear. 


You need to: 

  1. Sign up to Google My Business 
    1. There is a big, green “Start Now” button that will get you started. 
  2. Complete all your business details 
    1. Enter your company name, address, website, contact details, etc. 
    2. Pick your business category 
    3. Pick your location (if you want it shared)
    4. Double and triple check EVERYTHING
  3. Apply for verification 
  4. Receive a verification card and verify your Google My Business listing 


Google is smart and you want to be on its radar. Google My Business complements your existing website, allowing your business to have a public identity and presence with a Google Listing. This information will be visible in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+. 

You can always update information as things change for your business. For more information on Google My Business, read our guest blog: Google My Business Account: A Secret Weapon for Small Business Success and our blog on How to Apply Google My Business to Your Business.