I talk to a lot of small business owners who say, “I don’t have a marketing plan,” and “I don’t feel like I’m ready for marketing.” The problem is even if you don’t want to be marketing, if you own a business and represent it in anyway, you are marketing. But you probably are not giving off the right feel for your company if every social media interaction isn’t well thought out. Marketing needs to be a huge project on the forefront of your business agendas. You would be surprised how obvious it is when a company doesn’t have a social media plan. I created a list of the three top social media marketing mistakes I see everyday, and tips on what to do instead.

Using the same content on every single social media platform

You have different customers on each social media platform. You can’t use the same posts with the same wording and images on Twitter that you use on Facebook because you have different followers on both mediums. Think about your ideal target audience on each platform and really talk to them. The people who are on Instagram are different than those on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Users consume content differently on each individual platform. Of course there will be overlap, especially with your “lifers” — those who follow you on every platform, are consistently loyal customers and supportive friends & family.


Turn off all cross platform auto posts and take the time to optimize your content across each medium. Since each platform is different, you need to handle them accordingly. For example, on Instagram you want each post to have 30 hashtags. If you put 30 hashtags on Facebook, you will look silly and it will be obvious you didn’t take the time to customize the post. The thought process can and should be the same, but the specific wording and content style should be unique.

Content battles

Many small business owners struggle to know what they should put on social media in general. Usually, you’re overthinking, but know that you aren’t alone! It’s very common to be unsure and overwhelmed by organizing enough social media content to keep you relevant. A lot of people decide to sell products and services instead of coming up with creative content in between. Sales posts stick out like a sore thumb to most social media users. It feels impersonal when a business page is only trying to sell to you.

Instead of trying to sell, be a real person. Think about how you would talk to a relative, friend or neighbor. Make your content relatable and keep in mind that your audience wants to see you and your real life. Don’t be afraid to interject some appropriate personal aspects of your life in your content.

Relying on word-of-mouth

Many of us have a hard time asking people to give feedback or referrals, like Facebook ratings and reviews. This can be another aspect you are overthinking. Think about it simply: when you ask your friends what book to read next or what movie they last enjoyed at the theater, they are happy to give that type of feedback. The same applies with your business’s products and/or services. If you have a product you love, go tell that person. If you loved working with someone, go tell them by positively rating and reviewing them. Referrals sell products and services. You don’t have to do much advertising at all if your customers are doing the selling for you. This can be scary and a bit of a gamble because customers might not always have positive things to say.


You need to get in the habit of asking. Make it part of your program to ask for feedback, referrals, and testimonials. Whether you sell tupperware, clothing, bulls, cattles or are part of a multi-level marketing company, feedback is crucial. Find out exactly what your customers liked and didn’t like and you’ll be able to make your company grow and move forward. There is nothing better when you are looking to market than saying someone highly recommends the product or service. You won’t have to worry about sales posts on Facebook if you can have it coming from the horse’s mouth.

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