We are very passionate about small businesses growing in rural America! This week we are featuring one of our Small Business Accelerator members, Becca Sprauge. She has a passion for helping others and focuses on serving first-responders.

From Becca Sprauge

AXE Designs was born from the passion of helping others. What began as a favor, has since grown into a small business. The drive to serve those who serve others while offering skilled consulting and marketing services at reasonable prices is what makes us unique.

Being self-taught, we’re alway’s looking to improve our skills to best serve our clients. One way we do this is through our membership with KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator.

With the help of Small Business Accelerator, AXE Designs was able to be transformed from a side-hustle to a full-time career. Their program provides cutting-edge marketing strategies in a one-stop shop setting.

Following their guidance, we’ve been able to grow and maintain a broad following of loyal customers. High-level marketing skills we can do ourselves have accelerated our business, allowing us to stay at the top of our industry.

They provide learning opportunities in bite-sized pieces, enabling us to spend more time with family and have an additional level of freedom, all while not feeling left behind.

They eliminate the guessing of which social media platforms you should be using to reach your ideal customer while providing expert reasoning why. This allows us to focus our time on what works best for our business, and devote more time to our clients.

Each month the accelerator focuses on specific topics with three pieces of training, including one with a guest expert. Their Resource Library is full of high-level marketing training that you can watch on your own time. This element of the program is crucial to our success with having a fluid schedule.

If your time is limited, they offer a cheat sheet for each training. They also offer free stock photos that you can use on your social media accounts. Both have been crucial to our business when implementing a new technique with limited time for further research.

Their Accelerator Workbook allows you to fill in your goals while answering tough business calls to help jump-start your acceleration experience. This has allowed us to gather our thoughts and vision for the future of AXE Designs while recognizing gaps we didn’t realize we’re there.

Last, but not least, they offer a supportive community through a private Facebook Group called the KRose Acceleration Nation. This group is full of other small business hustlers and devoted attention from the KRose team specialists.

Being a part of this program allows us to be surrounded by top-notch business owners and receive actionable marketing tools that can be applied instantly. Having that network of like-minded people from across the country is phenomenal.

AXE Designs was founded by an “entrepreneur” in a family of “9 to 5ers”, this additional support has been invaluable. This group is there to provide you with feedback, guidance, and support for any aspect of your business.

Overall, our experience with KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator has become a crucial part of our ability to serve our clients. The insight we gain on managing our business to best assist our clients is priceless!

If you want AXE designs on their business journey and hear their stories, find them on Facebook and Instagram (@axe_designs)