First impressions are important. Often your website is one of the first places a potential customer will go to “meet” your business. Before you start designing your homepage, you have to decide exactly what you want the page to do. When a customer pulls up your website, what do you want them to do next? For most businesses, the goal is to guide readers down the path toward purchasing.


Very briefly introduce yourself, including your company name and mission statement.

Identify the problem or problems you can solve for the future customer and clearly list the solutions (your products/services). Each product or service should lead to another page providing more detail. But keep the homepage information short and to the point.

The first thing you see on our homepage is a simple statement, “We are so glad you found us.”

You should also include social media integration — meaning, you need to make it easy for visitors to find you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and/or Twitter. Include your contact information, logo, navigation bar, and search option. And that’s pretty much it as far as copy goes. We will go into design and the visual aesthetics down the road.

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