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How the Course Works

10 Modules

Access to 10 course modules covering business and marketing strategies. Along with each module (get the details below), you will receive our greatest business building strategies and guidance from professionals!

Facebook Group

We believe in community over competition! Along with course modules, you will have a supportive Facebook group with like-minded business owners and dedicated attention from experts. Did I mention weekly challenges too!?


Custom Workbooks

Each business is very different. That’s why we want to customize it to your goals and dreams! With each module, you will have a printable workbook to work through and customize to your business!

10 Modules on Business & Marketing Strategies

Module 1

Let’s get your business revved up!
Topic: Business Start-Up (Part One)
With our organizational strategies, you will stretch out of your comfort zone and set a timeline for your business, several types of goals for 2020, and get our budgeting template!

Module 2

Okay now let’s dive a bit deeper, and dig into our heels!
Topic: Business Start-Up (Part Two)
What’s the most important feature in marketing and making sales? Your ideal customer. In this module, you are going to narrow down your ideal customer and your message on how to solve their needs with your product/service!

Module 3

Time to dive into social media, our first-stop: Facebook.
Topic: Facebook Marketing
Facebook is the king of social media platforms and every business is using it. But are you using it effectively? In this module, you will learn how to create content that will make sales, grow your email list, and build a community on Facebook!

Module 4

What’s the key to making your business last? An Email list!
Topic: Email Marketing Part One (Part One)
Experts say that email marketing is the #1 component that will your business alive. In this module you will learn how to set up your email marketing service, write a welcome email, and what type of content you should be sending out to potential customers!

Module 5

Now that you’ve got one started, let’s grow it!
Topic: Email Marketing (Part Two)
They say your business only grows as fast as your email list… this is true! In this module, you will learn how to create a killer opt-in (freebie) for your followers, how to set it up to start collecting emails, and how to create a selling email automation!

Module 6

Your website is your greatest salesman!
Topic: Websites and Search Engine Optimization
Your website should be selling for you 24/7! In this module, you will learn how to set up the back end of your website to optimize its presence on Google, make sales in your sleep, and be found by new customers!

Module 7

Now that we have Facebook under our belts (thanks to module 3!) Let’s start advertising!
Topic: Facebook Advertising
In this module, you will learn how to write a killer Facebook Ad, exactly target your ideal customer, and optimize your advertising budget to spend less and make more!

Module 8

Should your business be on Instagram? Let’s find out!
Topic: Instagram Marketing
Instagram is growing rapidly! In this module, you will learn what type of content to post, how to use hashtags to reach millions, and utilizing stories to make sales!

Module 9

Pinterest is a large search engine that you are missing out on! Let’s start using it to grow your business!
Topic: Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest is the digital MAGAZINE your potential customers love. In this module, you will learn how to set up your Pinterest business account, how to create content that makes sales, and showcase your service/product with Pinterest!

Module 10

How do we wrap up everything that we have learned in the past 9 modules? One word: Branding.
Topic: Branding
To wrap up this Rural Business Course, we will finish with branding. In this module, you will learn how colors you use, words you choose, and images brand your business on social media, emails, and your website.


Included in Each Module

  • Attention from Experts in the Facebook group
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Customizable Workbook
  • Module Guide

This course is filling up fast!

Spots are limited! Reserve your spot early to guarantee your access!

“As I prepare to quit a job and go to work for myself I know how important marketing is going to be! I know that with the information you have taught me, I am better prepared than I was before to tackle the next phase of my life!”
-Erin Smith

After this course you will...


Feel confident in making sales online and in-person


Have a clear understanding of what is needed to make a business sustainable


Be able to confidently create an advertising campaign on Facebook


Fully understand each social media platform and how to use it to grow your business

“I have been to trainings before, but it has never clicked! But after your trainings, I totally got it! You are a great teacher and I am excited for what’s a head!”

- Cindy Selensky

Who is this course for?


Small Business Owners who are frustrated with lack of growth


Entrepreneurs who are ready to start their business


Side-hustlers tired of part-time and ready to take it to the next level


Rural Business Owners who want to grow their business online

This course was made for you!

Take advantage of this course & get EXPERT personal attention at a low cost!

“After our 15-minute consultation call, my email list increased by 175% in just under 2 weeks and has been steadily climbing since! I appreciate the advice and your knowledge.”
-Deanne Frieders

Behind the Rural Business Course

Karoline Rose

Karoline Rose of KRose Marketing & Consulting has worked with over 200 business owners from consultations to courses to grow their customer list, blow up their social media, and expand their business. She encourages small businesses to learn online marketing strategies to increase their reach, and find that perfect paying customer online and in-person!

This course is for the small business owners who have tried to look for answers and guidance everywhere, but you have had zero luck! This course will solve that problem!

everyone can gain something from this!

Melissa Parent

This was excellent. Just freakin’ excellent.

-Molly Sommer

Her vibe is spot on and I loved her content!

-Kristin Fisk

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access the course?

This course will be held online. You will be able to have a personal login and access to all 1o modules!

How do I join the Course Facebook group?

After you have completed the course payment, you will be invited to join our course exclusive Facebook group by email!

When can I start the course?

You may start in June 2020! Of course, we will send you a more exact date 😉 We will email you access to the course, and let you set up your personal login!

What does reserving my spot guarantee?

When you join our waiting list and reserve a spot in the course, it guarentees you access to the course in June 2020! You will be able to pay for it and start without having to wait for our next course start date!

This course is filling up fast!

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