Happy Friday everyone! 


Who is ready for the weekend? I know I am! 


In case you missed some of our blogs this week, here they are! 


Monday: The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide To Yourself with Susan Fisher 

  • If you have ever taken the ENneagram test, you will NOT want to miss this one 
  • It takes the enneagram one step further into what your natural energy is and the results are incredible if you are wanting to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others! 
  • We had Susan & Martin identify the KRose Team as a team building exercise and holy moly it has been so beneficial to our team! 


Tuesday: How to Gather & Start an Email List 

  •  If you are wanting to start email marketing for your biz (which you absolutely should!!) we have just the thing! 
  • We know many times figuring out where to START can be the hardest part so we laid it out for you! 
  • Get the ball rolling on Email Marketing today! 


Wednesday: 5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without 

  • With how much I use my phone for my businesses, I need all the help I can get 
  • Check out my 5 MUST HAVES that make my life a little easier, and when you are an entrepreneur…I am all about finding ways to make my day easier 
  • They are all linked if you want to check them out yourself! 


Thursday: Step-By-Step Guide to Starting your Google My Business 

  • I have been talking about Google My Business for a while now and we have an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to setup your account
  • I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed to just get started!


Whichever blog you want to head over to, just click the title and it will take you right there! 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and make sure you do something that allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and get ready for another awesome week ahead!