You’ve heard me talk about Facebook Pixels time and time again. Now, let me tell you specifically why you need to add these micro-sized trackers for your website.

Facebook pixels are attached to your website for one reason: to follow your website visitors and tell you what they’re looking at and which websites they visit after leaving your website. From this tracking, you receive data that will help you create ads on Facebook to target the exact people who visit your website. It can even help you retarget if you missed the mark on your target audience when you first launched your ads.


What does this mean for you? It means you won’t be spending obscene amounts of money to run Facebook ads when you already have a warm audience to market to. You may not be ready or not have the budget yet for an ad campaign. That’s OK! It takes time and you don’t need to rush it. But install Facebook Pixel anyway. The data will help you when you are ready to launch.

What is a warm audience? A warm audience is the group of people who know you and your business. They are the ones who signed up for your email list and have visited your website regularly. By targeting your warm audience, you can spend less money running your Facebook ads.


Let’s say you are a photographer, we can re-target everyone who viewed your blog post about mini sessions with an ad to fill spots. Or say you are a boutique owner, we can re-target everyone who leaves items in the cart and doesn’t check out.

Let’s say that you have an annual production sale in March and you sell half interest on your lot 1 bull. In May, we can target everyone who came to your website to view the lot 1 bull, “Remember this bull from our March sale? Here’s you opportunity to buy semen on this bull. Check out the details here…” Using the pixel, you can know how many people are interested in this bull based on who went to your website to watch the video. You can use this to show up in their newsfeed and remind them of that bull, while selling them the semen.

It’s vitally important that we are able to track the people who are visiting your website, watching your videos and viewing your catalog.

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