Testimonials are one of the most important pieces in building your credibility as a business. Gathered testimonials provide a quick look into the reputation of your company.


Everybody likes references from their peers. When you’re looking to purchase a service or product, or visit a location like a restaurant, you want to know what other people think about that business. If there are two similar businesses and one has several great testimonials and the other does not, you’re obviously going to go with the one you know people had a good experience with. 

What are testimonials? 

Testimonials build your reputation through written or recorded reviews that discuss their experience with a business. They bring in potential customers and encourage existing customers to stick with you. They are today’s new “word-of-mouth,” and are critical in strengthening your reputation and online visibility. Put simply, testimonials are a customer’s testimony that your business provides quality products and/or services. 


Make it Easy For Them

It doesn’t take long for someone to write a testimonial, but most consumers don’t think about writing reviews unless they had a bad experience. This means you need to ask your clients for positive testimonials. To encourage them to take time for your business, offer them a small reward. You could send them a $5 coffee gift card, merchandise from your store, or a discount on future services. 

Although it doesn’t take very long to write a testimonial, your customer’s effort makes a huge difference for your business. You want to thank them for doing you a favor. 

You can send out a link directly to your Google My Business Review sheet and a link to your Facebook reviews. All they have to do is click the link and write a few lines about their experience with your business. Make the task as easy and simple for them as possible. You want the world to know that you create a positive business exchange. 

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to receive a new testimonial. Express gratitude when you receive them and be strategic with how you use them.