Hi all! As small business owners or side hustlers, many of us are trying to get organized, making goals, creating schedules, keeping up with friends and it’s a lot to juggle! In this blog today, I’m going to talk about a few ways to help balance out your work and home life. For me, balancing work and home can be quite a chore most days. I have a four year old daughter and a two month old son who even though I love spending time with aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to getting work done. So how do I do it? Let’s dive into that….

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First (and I cannot stress this enough!), make a schedule! And not just a schedule with your appointments. Start by writing a list of everything you have going on- your work, your kid’s soccer practices, date nights, meetings, volunteering, everything. Now, next to each item, put how much time either per week or per month you want to have to spend on each and prioritize them by what has to happen, needs to happen, and what you want to happen. I do this by the week. Got your list made? Now, grab your scheduler (digital or paper) and let’s start adding everything in. Start with the things that have to happen then move on to the things that need to happen and the add in what you want to happen. Try to fill out what you are doing all day even if it’s making dinner or cleaning the house. It’s very important to put things like date nights on your calendar, too. Why? A lot of the time, if we don’t put it down in writing, we will either forget about it or push it off another week. So schedule time for you!

Once you have your schedule written out, look at it. Are you happy with where you are spending your time? Are you spending more time on work than you want? What can you move around to get the most out of your schedule?

On my schedule, I schedule out two hours a week to work on projects for an organization I volunteer with and I schedule out one hour to planning my week. I also mark 9 am to 4 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for meetings and appointments so I’m not wasting time everyday trying to fill in between my appointments and I can dedicate my Mondays and Fridays to getting my office and planning work done. I even plan my weekends which might sounds bizarre but if I want to take my kids to the movies but also have to clean my house and go shopping, I need to plan out my day to get everything done and to reduce my stress levels.

So the first step to juggling is scheduling! The next step is not being afraid to say no. I know a lot of the time we want to be able to do everything and please everyone but it is simple not possible. Is it better to do everything poorly or be amazing at a few things? If you made your schedule above and don’t have room for anything else, don’t take on more. Or if you find something you want to take on, what are you going to take out of your schedule to fit it into your schedule? How many things can you juggle?


I know I need to say no when I’m feeling overwhelmed and have too much stuff piling up on my desk or kitchen table. When you are deciding to say yes or no, think- does this help me reach a goal (personal or profession), does this enrich my life in some way, am i doing this because i want to or because I don’t want to let someone down. You want to do your best at what you do and that is why saying no to too many things is important.

Finally, to help you juggle your work and life better, manage your stress! This ties in with saying no and making a schedule. Managing your stress will make both your work and home life better. Now, how do you manage stress? Again, keeping up with your schedule and saying no when you don’t have the time to dedicate to a project will help, but stress can still creep into our lives. Remember to prioritize some “me time” in your schedule every week. This can be getting a massage, strolling in the park, or just closing your laptop and just enjoying the moment, but to schedule one hour of me time to relax and destress every week! It will improve your mood and improve your efficiency.


Having a job and a home life can be overwhelming at times and that is ok! And you’re not failing as a parent, a friend, a employee, or an owner by admitting that. It’s all a juggling act that takes practice and adjustments to get the balance just right!

Juggle on!
Rachel Krug, Business Manager for KRose Marketing & Consulting


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