I find myself traveling pretty much constantly for my business. If you’re like me and you’re on the road a lot, you should consider taking advantage of a Hotel Rewards Points Program. Many different hotels offer these. I’d recommend looking into hotels you can find in the areas where you travel. 


Some of the popular hotel chains include: 


You might recognize some of those hotel names, but those large chains include great (affordable) hotels like Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Ramada, Hampton, Aloft, and Hyatt Regency. 

Be proactive and not reactive in the way you save money. Hotel rewards can come in a few different forms but benefit those who travel frequently. You can get a Hotel Rewards credit card from most of these hotel brands! If you use the credit card on basic needs like groceries and gas, while paying off your bill every month, you will start gaining points. 


Overtime you will accrue enough points for free or extremely discounted hotel stays, possibly even FREE. Pretty awesome, right? You’d already be spending money on gas and food, and you’ll save a ton of money while you travel. You might be thinking that we are getting affiliate money from promoting these Hotel Rewards programs, but we’re not. We just want you to help you save money where you can!


If the idea of another credit card isn’t right for you, you can still benefit from a rewards program. The more hotel stays you make, the more points you’ll gather. 


Hotel benefits are not the only way to travel smart. Remember, you want to be proactive, not reactive. Make sure to use no-fee bank cards while you’re traveling. Those annoying fees can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention. 


If you use WiFi while you travel, as most modern business owners do, research which locations offer free WiFi in the area you’re visiting. The last thing you want to add to your travel bill is an overpriced internet fee at a hotel. Also, if you’re not a breakfast person you might not care what the hotel offers. But if you are, then make sure to check out the breakfast they offer! Often the cheaper hotels don’t offer breakfast, adding an extra cost for you in the long run. These are just a few factors to think about as you book your next trip!


Travel safe and smart, my hustlers!  

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