We are wrapping up another week of great content here and I wanted to check in with you on some things you may have missed! 


This week we covered categories ranging from celebrating the small moments to explaining which types of businesses/people are on each platform and why! 


Let’s dive on into the recap: 


Monday: Let Little Moments Fuel You 

  • Sometimes we focus so much on the big picture that we forget to enjoy the little things 
  • SPOILER ALERT: the little moments build up to the big picture! 
  • Check out my breakdown of how I celebrate those little moments and how the fuel me to improve each day! 


Tuesday: Which Social Platforms Fit Your Business 

  • Stuck on knowing which social platform make sense for your type of business? Been there! 
  • Not every business should be on Instagram just like not every business should be on YouTube 
  • Here I break down each platform and how to know if they are right for your business and demographic 


Wednesday: Budgeting for the Entrepreneur  

  • I cannot stress enough how CRUCIAL budgeting is for your business! 
  • If you are not keeping track you are on the fast track to TROUBLE 
  • Here I give my tips and tricks on how to budget for your business when you are a boss lady always on the go! 


Thursday: Types of Businesses on Each Social Media Platform 

  • To follow up on Tuesday’s blog, I show you the types of businesses that are using each platform and why they work for that industry! 
  • Not everyone should be on every platform, simply because your demographic may not be there and that’s okay! 
  • Check out my breakdown and let me know if you have any questions! 


Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!