The more live video you post, the more you will be seen. I know it can be scary doing your first live video, but let me tell you something: your ideal customer wants to see you being human. They aren’t afraid to know you make errors, too, because we all do!

If you want to reach your ideal customer on Facebook, you absolutely should be doing live videos regularly. Show your audience authenticity. Live video is the perfect place to connect with them because you are able to reach them from wherever you are located, tell them valuable information and give them a reason to know, like and trust you. It’s easy to say, “Do live video”, but I haven’t seen a lot of people actually showing you how. In this blog post I’m going to give you the inside information on the tools, lighting and programs we use, how we download live video when it’s done, how we repurpose it and more, so that you can make the best use of your live video as possible.


Use Proper Tools

There are many options available for doing live video, but we recommend using a third party program. We use E-Camm Live, which is a live program where you can schedule future Facebook Lives on any of the profiles, groups, or pages you run. You can put in a title, schedule it in advance, or go live at the spur of the moment. You can see the likes, comments and who is jumping on to watch. The image the audience sees is mirrored so if you hold something up for the viewers, they can read it as well. This is a huge benefit because other tools, such as your cell phone, don’t have that feature. I personally prefer to use my Mac’s camera, rather than my iPhone. I love this program and use it for every live video I share. You can download it for a free trial before a one-time $29.99 fee. In my experience it has been worth every penny.

I use a standard background when I’m recording and it’s important our viewers are able to read what is behind me. Some of you might set up your phone on a tripod and record from there, whereas others might try walking and talking, which I don’t recommend as you might give your viewers motion sickness. Make sure when you do live video that there is a place for your phone and that you can have great sound. Mac has phenomenal sound, but when I’m not by my computer and need to use my phone, I have a microphone I hook to my shirt that plugs into my phone.

Have stellar lighting


When you go live on Facebook, you need adequate lighting. It will make you pop on screen, which is really important. You can always tell when a video is in poor lighting because the speaker will either be blown out white or hidden in shade. We don’t want you looking like an anonymous news source, so let’s get you some good lighting. I’m a big fan and supporter of Chalene Johnson, who talks about lighting on her podcast. One of the first lessons I watched of hers was about doing live video.

I personally have played around with lighting for quite some time. I’ve tried lamps and the do-it-yourself versions. But finally I gave in and bought one of the Halo Lamps from Amazon. It’s been a lifesaver. You can change the brightness on the very bottom depending on the natural lighting from the sun. I can make it brighter or dimmer to accommodate to the time of day and amount of natural light that comes in. The quality of my live videos has increased substantially, giving them a more professional appearance. The Halo Ring Light is a bit of an investment, ringing in at $229 on Amazon. But it is worth the investment, lighting up an entire room, not just a certain portion of it, and making you pop on camera. I use it for live and recorded videos.

When I do live videos on my phone, I have the LuMee Case, which lights up, similarly to the Halo Ring Light, but smaller scale. When I want to do a live video and don’t have my stage corner near, I can still have great, soft lighting, which is so incredibly valuable.

Engage with your audience

Make sure you always use calls-to-action in your Live Video titles. Introduce yourself and thank your audience for watching. Make sure to engage with people as they get on and when they comment. They are taking time out of their day to watch you live, so make sure to thank them for giving you that time. Feel free to ask questions during your video and respond to any of their answers. We talk a lot about engaging with your customers on a past blog post titled Engagement that Matters.

Repurpose your finished video


Once you have completed a live video, there are a few ways to valuably use that information. First, immediately download the content. As soon as I finish a live video, it is shared in the KRose Marketing Group so that members can catch the video if they missed it live. Next we upload it to the Dropbox for Training Videos and so we can post it on Instagram. You want to post on Instagram to “tease” your audience about what you talked about on Facebook and to draw them to your Facebook page. We put it in the Training Videos so we can repurpose the content. You shouldn’t just use a live video as solely a live video. You can use it as blog material, pull quotes from it, use it on Instagram stories and more. We have a phenomenal plan with ours where each live video is repurposed in probably four ways by my team members. If you put all that time and effort into the video, make sure it is being repurposed wisely.

Talk about what you know

A lot of people understand why Live Video is important, but don’t know what to talk about if they do go live. If you still aren’t sure what to talk about, feel free to schedule a 15-minute consultation call with me. Once you know what you’re going to talk about, build an outline and talk about areas in which you are an expert. You can have notes pulled up on your computer screen and it will look like you are looking directly at the camera, which is where you should be looking. Nobody will be able to tell you are reading unless you write it all out and try to read word-for-word. Have an idea of what you’re going to talk about, but don’t be mechanical. Think about that zone of genius area where you are proficient.

You don’t have to start by eating the whole elephant at once, so to speak. Take it one bite at a time. Break down one tough part of your business at a time. The more that you give, the more your followers will grow to know, like, and trust you. Immediately people want to put up stop signs because they are afraid people will rip off their business, but this is just not true. Stinginess breeds stinginess and if you aren’t giving much away in a live video, people aren’t going to want to continue viewing your live videos. But if you give material that people are going to find valuable, they will begin to develop that know, like and trust philosophy with you. They are going to love watching and seeing a part of your business, knowing you are the real deal.

I hope this information encourages you to do that Facebook Live Video you have been putting off. You don’t need to be perfect and your audience doesn’t want or expect that. Be you and share what you know. It’s our passion to help small business owners and see them transform their business to become more successful. Check out Our Services to learn more about our passion at KRose Marketing and Consulting.

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