Email funneling can be tough to navigate but it is the next step in your email marketing journey!

After you have your email list built and you’re ready to start an email campaign, it’s now time to discuss email sales funnels. 


An email sales funnel is a series of emails with the plan of nurturing a relationship with an email subscriber, educating a prospective client about the benefits of your service/product, and encouraging them to make a purchase. 


Email funnels can simply be a series of back-to-back emails, but can be more strategic with a marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign. 


Before you get started there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:


    • WHO are you targeting 
      • You need to know who your ideal client is in order to talk directly to them. 
    • What are you telling those people 
      • What is the message you are communicating? 


  • Why are you telling them? 


    • Why do they need to know your message? 


Getting started with your first sales funnel is always the hardest. After you’ve done it a few times, it will get much easier. Here are the very basics to starting your first email sales funnel. 




First Email: Provide Value 

  • In your first email of a funnel you should provide something valuable like a free download. That freebie begins your relationship with each email subscriber. You are establishing yourself as trustworthy and an expert. 


Second Email: Show you are an authority

  • You want your readers to learn they can trust you through this email funnel. Show them why you are an expert, whether that’s telling a story about your education, sharing reviews, or linking them to articles where you are mentioned. If you don’t have much to show just yet, don’t worry. These things take time. You can still demonstrate how knowledgeable you are before you’ve made it on the map. 


Third Email: Call-to-Action

  • After you’ve demonstrated you’re an expert and provided value, now it’s time to tell your reader what it is you want from them. If you want them to follow you on social media, tell them. If you want them to check out your new product, tell them. Limit these to 500-1000 words. You don’t want to overload them or oversell. 


After you’ve completed your first email sales funnel, you should be ready to dive deeper with the next one. Overtime you’ll establish a good template that you can adjust as changes happen within your business. 

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