I talk a lot about there being room for all of us in the marketplace. Each of us have different strengths. You have an original personality. Different things make you laugh, different things make you cry. Not even identical twins are 100 percent the same. If people were identical in their actions and thought processes, there would be no need for more than one person. Some of us are more creative thinkers, some are more analytical, others are scientific, and so on. We all bring an individual set of skills and talents to the table.

When we accept that everyone can thrive and stop seeing others as the competition, now you can think about specifically what strengths you bring to the marketplace. You all know I love the phrase, “Repel as many people as you attract.” It’s OK, and even necessary to scare some people off. You only want to serve those who are perfectly fit for what you offer. This means you need to be very specific about what it is that you do offer. You have to know who your products best serve, not just who you want to work with.

I want people to raise their hand and say, “I love everything KRose puts out,” or I want to repel them enough that they don’t want to like our page. Life gets really complicated in your business when you attract a bunch of wishy-washy people. Those are the people who might not be able to afford your products/services and are looking for discounts. Those are the people who don’t completely trust your work and are getting bids from many different businesses to find the best price.

I knew that I had found a great niche within agriculture when I began to see this was a very viable slice of the industry. People started to trust us and we produced more and more quality content. My second year in the business, Spring of 2017, four different magazines interviewed us and published articles on what we were doing.  

Finding the right niche in business - KRose Company

Marketing cattle wasn’t a new concept, but marketing cattle using social media was pretty much unheard of when I first started. I was using my specific skills to market cattle in a different and new way using uncommon methods. I still have plenty of “competition” in cattle marketing, but nobody does specifically what I started with KRose Cattle Company.

You want to be so bold and so direct in your copy and content that people are either on your bandwagon or they’re not. You don’t want the people jumping on the sides of the bandwagon or trying to hop off. Everyone should be on board and loving it. It’s OK to leave people behind when they aren’t helping you further your business. I know it seems hard now, but you will grow more comfortable as you see the benefits to your company’s growth.

With both the KRose Cattle Company and KRose Marketing and Consulting, I think I’ve definitely done that. I’m fortunate to naturally have a bold and outgoing personality. That alone repels some people. We talk about some things that some business owners aren’t comfortable with. We have talked a lot about loneliness because it’s something I personally have dealt with. As a business owner I am spending many mornings, afternoons, and evenings alone — working, turning down invitations, and feeling very isolated. Winters are especially hard with shorter days and activity limiting weather. If you don’t feel lonely in your business, some of our content isn’t going to resonate with you. And that’s OK! Good on ya for not being lonely.

In order to find your niche, you first need to nail down that ideal customer, that one person who you can envision walking through the door who is perfect for you to serve. You should know everything about them — from their clothes to their shoes to whether or not they are carrying a purse. Do they have kids? What’s their income level? Are they married? The list goes on and on.

I can picture my ideal customer for the cattle company side and I can picture my ideal customer for the marketing side. I can picture the ideal customer for the Acceleration Nation. These are three different types of people. My ideal customer on the cattle company side might be repelled by the Acceleration Nation. No problem! We have plenty other ideal clients who want to work with us and we want to work with them.

Finding the right niche - KRose Company

To find your niche, you have to become the expert. How do you do that? You share valuable information that can’t be ignored. You have to out hustle and out work everyone else. You aren’t going to be the loudest or most shiny in the marketplace. You won’t be the smartest person in the room or the one with the most experience. But hustle comes from the heart and you can’t out-hustle everyone, you can only do your very best.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in business. You might not be the smartest, richest, or most well-educated in your niche. But if you hustle your heart out and become the expert by providing quality content and not constantly trying to sell, customers will flock to you.

Once you’ve become the expert, you know your ideal customer, and repel as many as you attract, soon enough you’ll find the sweet spot in your niche, start making profits, gain a positive reputation and continue to grow from there.

Find my personal profile on Instagram @rose.karoline to follow my journey and get to know me better.

Finding the right niche in business - KRose Company


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Finding the right niche in business - KRose Marketing