Facebook business pages are one of the best ways to reach your ideal client. We are confident about the power of Facebook from our years working to promote our customers on their business pages.

When a consumer is looking for information about a business, they are going to pull out their phones and Google your company or the services you offer that they are looking for. When you have a Facebook business page, it will be one of the first search results. If you don’t have a page, you are missing out on a big opportunity! But just having a business page isn’t enough, either. You need to be running your social media with purposeful strategy, while keeping safe, and staying up-to-date on changes to the algorithm.

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, we get it! Don’t worry. That’s why we are here. We have done the years of training and continue to study what is new with Facebook so you don’t have to.

Top 10 Facebook Tips

1.) Show up for your followers (be consistent)
People need to see your content 7-12 times before they’ll consider purchasing. If you share a blog post just once, you’re not going to get the readership you want. You can share the same content in different forms.
2.) Post content that leads to movement
You want people to do more than just ‘like’ your posts. They should be commenting, sharing, and having meaningful conversations with you. Ask for recommendations that you actually need. Provide calls to action and ask for follow through. One great way to call your audience to action is through Live Video.
3.) Give your audience a taste of the pie, leaving them wanting more.
In order to cultivate community, we also need to get people to ask us questions. Think about what you are posting on your business page and group. Do you have posts that encourage this type of engagement?
4.) Provide Value (Give, Give, Give, Sell)
Go look at your last 5 Facebook posts. At least four of those posts should be providing value. You can make your customer’s lives better just by sharing your knowledge. People who follow you on Facebook get really irritated when all they see are sales posts. You followers know what you sell, you don’t have to tell them over and over. Share your zone of genius and those interested will come to learn. 
5.) Page visitors should be able to scroll through pages & pages of content
It’s never a great sign when you visit a Facebook business page that has little to no content. It’s hard to trust that business when you can’t find much out about them. This is another reason you should be posting daily or close to it. If your last post was in 2017, a newcomer to your page might think your business isn’t active, or they won’t trust you. Remember how important it is for your audience to know, like and trust you.  
6.) Don't touch the BOOST post button.
If one of your posts is doing well, Facebook will tempt you with that “BOOST POST” button. Don’t press it! If you’d like more people to see your successful post, run it through Facebook Ad’s Manager. You can select an already created post to do this. This way you can target those you want to see the post.
7.) Re-purpose your content
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you post on your page. Each of your followers learn in different ways. Some of them make live videos, others may love reading blog posts. Use that to your advantage! Take a live video and turn the information into several pieces of content. This way your followers can learn in the way they prefer, and you have content to post on your page.
8.) Upload videos directly to Facebook.
The Facebook Algorithm loves videos. Videos seem to create a lot of engagement and followers love to see them. BUT they must be uploaded directly to Facebook. YouTube links. Vimeo links, or whatever video platform you chose to use will not be successful. They are actually Facebook’s least favorite thing and rarely show up in a follower’s news feed.
9.) Track your stats
How do you know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you started? Start tracking your Facebook stats today! You can easily do this by writing them down, or throwing the numbers into an Excel sheet. This way you can know which months you did well, review your content, and keep growing your page.
10.) Get the Facebook Business Manager
When your Facebook page is connected to your personal page, it’s easy to get drawn into your personal life and lose all productivity. You might be on Facebook, but are you really on Facebook for business? When you switch your page to Business.Facebook, it removes your page from the left margin. Now when you are on your business page, you are strictly working on your business! It’s a matter of work-life balance. Along with increased productivity, the Facebook Business Manager offers you more options for understanding your business page by using the stats and analytics feature, and it increases your page security.   

Here is The Answer to your “Where do I start!?” questions

Facebook Business Bundle

  • Social Media Captions for easy copy & paste posts
  • Facebook Audit to better your page for your followers
  • Exclusive training with never before heard tips from a social media expert (Me!) 
  • Content Calendar template to relieve the stress of creating content and schedule out your month

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I have learned an incredible amount about algorithms and your reach from KRose Marketing and Consulting! I used to think the amount of people that “liked” your page had matter but it is all about the reach
KRose Marketing
“I have learned an incredible amount about algorithms and your reach from KRose Marketing and Consulting! I used to think the amount of people that “liked” your page had matter but it is all about the reach”
KRose Marketing

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