You’ve heard me harp over and over about how you need an email list. If social media disappeared today, how would you continue to connect with your customers? Emails are the best way to connect with your dream client once you have that dream client nailed down to a tee.

Facebook and email can work together and build your following even more.

Your dream clients are those who have gladly raised their hands and said, “I want to hear from you, I want to know what you have going on within your business.” How do we find those people though? It’s actually quite simple. If you have a website, install Facebook Pixel to your website. These tiny little pieces of code will follow potential clients around your website and see where they are going and track what they are viewing most.  

bruce-mars-585709-unsplash.jpgFacebook will be tracking these potential customers or clients and keeping the data for you. By recording this data, you will know who is viewing your website and what they are looking for. On every Facebook newsfeed the second post is an ad by a company or product you likely recently viewed. How? They’re using Facebook pixels. This helps you target people for your Facebook ads, take those ads to direct your client straight to your email opt-in to grow your email list. Create an ad with a call-to-action, asking your ideal client or customer to subscribe to something you know they just can’t live without. Provide value to them and they’ll be checking your social media platforms and their emails daily waiting on more valuable content from you. Give, give, give, then sell!

It might sound complicated, but it’s actually super easy to embed a Facebook Pixel on onto your website and will save you so much hassle when developing your Facebook ads and email list.

While posting good content and following Facebook algorithms is very important, Facebook itself loves ads and will make sure your followers see it. You can even share an ad for a small amount of money — even $1 a day or less.

Take advantage of the social media’s great uses and grow that crucial email list. Your dream client is out there waiting on you.

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