Facebook ads are the best way to advertise no matter what you do in business. I know you have potential for greatness that can be tapped into. With a solid plan, you can showcase your uniqueness to a targeted audience through the Facebook Ad Manager.

Let’s talk about some commonly made mistakes and what you can do to avoid and fix them.


Ad Mistake #1: You’re not using pixels

If you don’t know what pixels are, don’t fret, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Pixels are a tracking code attached to your website to follow where your visitors browse your website and where they go afterward. This is a remarkable tool because it allows you to track very detailed data and target your Facebook ads to your ideal customer. Read more about Why you need Facebook Pixels.

Ad Mistake #2: You don’t run ad tests

Even prior to online marketing, focus groups have been a key PR tool for understanding and targeting audiences. When you are designing Facebook ads, it’s important to test which audiences are going to be most receptive. You should run a 3-day ad test before you proceed.

Ad Mistake #3: You push the “Boost” button

Always design your ads in the Ad Manager. We want your business’s image to truly reflect what greatness you have to offer. Hastily clicking the “Boost” button is like shooting in the dark and is a money waste. Don’t you want control of your audience and design? Reaching more people doesn’t mean much when those people aren’t your target audience.

I want to help you avoid these mistakes and make your Facebook ad campaign run smoothly. Like KRose Marketing on Facebook for more advice like this. You have the capacity to grow your business and reach your ideal customer. If you want to talk one-on-one feel free to schedule a 15-minute consultation call with me.

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