Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses, and reaching that ideal customer. Did you know there are more users on Instagram than on any other social media platform, except for Facebook? It’s not very far behind either, and it is growing in popularity very quickly. So if you’re not using it, you need to be. A well designed, and informative Instagram business profile is vital for any business. It is the first impression you leave on potential followers. It will determine if they decide to hit that follow button, or don’t hit it. 

To avoid any follower clicking out and deciding not to follow you, (we don’t want that to happen) make sure your Instagram profile has these 4 components:

1. Branding Profile Picture

When a potential follower is looking through hashtags, stories, or searching your name, make it easy for them to find you! Logos work wonderfully for an Instagram profile because it is branding, and followers can instantly recognize your business.

2. Interesting and Informative in Your Short Bio

This is not your mission statement. Now I don’t know about you, but most mission statements are boring! You don’t want your bio to be boring, because it can decide if you gain a new follower or not. The key to this is to be informative, comforting (how are you going to solve their problem), and what they can expect from you!

3. Ways To Contact You

When a follower looks at your profile, they should have three different avenues to get in contact with you and your business. 1) Website, LinkTree, opt-in link. 2) Email address 3) Physical address (especially if you operate an in-person business) 5) Business hours. When all of these things are included, they don’t have to question or search how to contact you.

4. Cohesive Photos (Going Along With Your Brand)

Choosing a theme for your Instagram profile should be a natural extension of what your business is all about! Doing this will help your page look branded, and your feed focused so people can know and expect the type of content they will see by following along. Like I said earlier, your Instagram profile leaves the first impression! So make sure this ‘potential follower’ looking at your profile can gain everything they need to know about your business, what they can expect, and a reason to follow you just from your first nine photos they see laid out.

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