Dear Hustler,

We just got through our first week of the new year, which is often a time to reflect on our goals and ambitions. This is the season when many people have set resolutions in hopes of bettering themselves and improving their lives. If you’re reading this blog, I can bet you are one of these ambitious hustlers. You are someone who makes personal sacrifices in order to provide for your family and move your ambitions forward. I know you want to make improvements in your life and in how you run your business. I want to show you a few ways to do just that. You have so much in store for the future of your business. I want to help you channel your ambitions into a focused, obtainable format so that you can live the life you desire.


I admire you and your passions. Whether you are in the dreaming, creative, planning or execution stage of your business, I want to share some advice that could help you wherever you stand today. I believe in you and want you to succeed. Small business is vital to our nation. Despite its significance, more than 90 percent of small businesses fail. Don’t let that get you down. I want to be there from the start, throughout the race, and across the finish line, as you set and reach your business goals this year.

chang-duong-372839-unsplash.jpgFirst, I encourage you to define your business goals. Download our Free Monthly Success Guide, which is a great way to set and monitor specific goals. It will help you stay organized as you implement positive changes in your business plans this year. We will have a new redesigned success guide rolling out soon, so stay tuned.

I also recommend you check out the Chalkboard Method, which Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson over at Being Boss shared as the number one tool they use to manifest what they want. They got the idea over at Braid Creative. Being Boss is about knowing that no matter how different our own paths look, we’re in it together. They are a great source to follow and look up to as successful independent business owners. On their weekly podcast they share practical business advice along with inspiring tips for living well.

rawpixel-574838-unsplash.jpgIn order to utilize the chalkboard method, you will need a poster board, dry-erase board, or – you guessed it – chalkboard, and the appropriate markers or chalk. This visual goal-setting system is simply making goals and space for them. Check out Being Boss Episode #79 for more of the back story and details.

We wish you the best this year and want to help you get off to a great start. The KRose Marketing and Consulting Facebook Community is a great space to ask questions, give feedback, and participate in discussion with fellow entrepreneurs. Download our Social Media Tool Kit to manage your social media goals.


Wishing you the best,


Karoline Rose and The KRose Team