I’m a big believer in the big three. I do three goals every day, but I also have three goals every month, every quarter, and every 6 months. I encourage my team to do the same. Recently we came up with company goals for one month, three months, and six months.

Setting goals is important whether you are a small business owner or not. In order to achieve results of any sort, you have to map them out and give them a time frame. My team has encouraged me to share my personal and professional goals with our audience so you can have an idea of where to get started on your own lists.

My personal goals

Become debt free

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

I have a handful of student loan debt, some credit card debt from when I first started my business, a little bit of medical debt, vehicle loans, and a cattle loan. I’m a believer in the Dave Ramsey principle and I know as a business owner if I can take care of my personal finances, I will have more freedom in the business. The first step is to save $1,000 and I have that done.

The next step would be to pay my debts from smallest to largest. I paid off ten debts over the summer and two in the month of September. I’ll be paying off about $20,000 of debt before December. Although the Dave Ramsey program only recommends having $1,000 in savings, I think it would be good to have $5,000. I think this would give the business room to grow and give me freedom to sit back and let things come as they are.

Decrease my body fat percentage

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

My entire life I have struggled with my weight. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ size. I have always been very athletically built and have had a very strong body. When I first became sick, my medications caused me to rapidly gain weight right after high school.

When I went into college I was probably at my highest weight and in my sophomore year I lost about 50 pounds. I kept the weight off all through college. After college, my meds got switched up a little bit more to see if I had lupus and that caused me to gain more weight, which I wasn’t happy with.

Now, I’m working to decrease my body fat percentage by about 10 percent. I’m going to go until I’m in the range of a healthy body fat percentage. I expect to hit this goal in about February 2019, so I’m taking it one step at a time. I know how I eat will look different when I’m traveling. I’m expecting that and know to adjust based on the environment on the road.

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Run a half marathon

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

I was hoping to get that done this year. I don’t think it’s going to happen so I’m hoping I can start training early next spring and run a half marathon early summer of next year.

Why do I think it’s important to run a half marathon? I think it’s really important to set up a hard goal. The most I’ve ever run is 12 miles and half marathons are 12.1 miles. I love the idea of pushing myself and setting a goal outside my comfort zone. I’m competitive so I like the idea of racing. I like goals that take some work. It’s not something I can go out tomorrow and easily accomplish or accomplish well. It’s something that by losing some body fat percentage, I will open some doors to train better. I work with a great trainer Sarah Keller who will be able to help me accomplish that goal. Hopefully by the time I am 27, I will have run a half marathon.


My business goals  

Write a book

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

The idea for this sparked only a few months ago and has grown into an amazing and exciting project I’m really proud of. I came up with some areas of focus and have been recording sections for the past couple months. Once everything is written, my team and I will continue editing and tweaking the format until we are very happy with the results. By December 31 of this year, my goal is to have the first draft of the book completed. I’m excited to say we are making real headway on this goal and I can’t wait for you to have the chance to read it!

Start a Podcast

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

This is another crazy idea I had a few months ago when I polled the KRose Marketing Group to see what type of media they most prefer. Overwhelming the response was podcasts. Obviously we are going to continue with the blog and other projects, but we have been brainstorming and preparing to present a fun, educational podcast where listeners can learn from our experience and our mistakes.

So many of you are hustlers and on the go 24/7. You might not always have that extra 15 minutes to read through a blog. But you can download a podcast and listen to it on your way to your next appointment, while you get ready in the morning, or while you’re cooking dinner. The great thing about podcasts is the ability to consume them while completing another task. I don’t always recommend multi-tasking, but it seems to work well when listening to a podcast and completing undistracting tasks.

A group coaching concept & grow the Acceleration Nation

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

We really want to build a group coaching environment — both in person where business members come together, but also in the KRose Acceleration Nation. We want to focus on meeting members where they are at, giving them the tools to grow their business, and serving them in a group capacity. It’s so important for people to get together to increase their skills and knowledge.

It greatly helps when small business owners can build off each other, lift each other up and hold each other accountable. In the next year we hope to have more group coaching, both locally in the Bozeman and Helena area, but also online.

Now we are really accountable to these goals! (Not that we weren’t already). You can watch us on Instagram and Facebook as we move toward these. We encourage you to join in and see what we are doing. What are your three personal and professional goals?