Book Review: Eat Cake. Be Brave.

Book Review: Eat Cake. Be Brave.

I just finished listening to Eat cake. Be Brave. By Melissa Radke and let me tell you, I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed her realness and honesty about how her life really is. She didn’t sugar coat a thing.

When we set out to write a book and influence people, it’s important that we talk about the imperfections along with the triumphs. We live in an Instagram-pretty world and a lot of people compare their first chapter to someone else’s  20th or 30th chapter. I find myself doing this. I’m really guilty of comparing myself to a lot of small business owners who are in their 30s and wondering why I’m not there yet. Why have I not made it to the point where they’ve made it?!

We find our self in this comparative nature and it can be so frustrating. in the book, Melissa talked about how in her videos she is hilarious and entertaining. She shares about her marriage and kids on video. But behind the scenes at home it’s not always perfect. It’s important to realize imperfection shows us our true self, and we need to be more honest about that.

I loved how just one day she woke and decided she was going to be brave. This is very much like my personality — to change the game right in the middle of it. It’s important to know that you have the ability to change something you don’t like. If you are not happy with the decisions you’re making, then you can change it.

She talks about working with experts. I think that is critical because we can get into this funnel where we say we’re going to do something and don’t follow through and/or don’t have a good support system. Melissa thought a lot was going to change when she turned 40, but nothing happened. So when she turned 40, she decided she was going to be brave. I absolutely love that she made a decision and pulled through. It certainly wasn’t easy, but well worth it.

Whenever I listen to a book, I end up reading a lot about it. I listen to about 3-5 books a month and enjoy researching. Some people have said they thought about cake the whole time they read or listened to the book. But thankfully, I didn’t have that problem.

I really loved the message: here’s the bravery, here’s the courage, here’s the cake, but not the healthy cake like carrot.

I highly recommend this book. She’s hilarious. I think it’s much better when you listen to it because she adds even more personality. She goes through highs and lows in the book and she talks about all of them. She does incredible things and hard things. Her family is going to start a reality TV show and she had to make the decision about showing her kids on reality TV. This is a circumstance I wouldn’t imagine encountering, but I learned so much through her perspective. All throughout the book I found myself laughing, relating, and wanting to be brave.


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The Power Behind Words – Building a Consistent Vocabulary

The Power Behind Words – Building a Consistent Vocabulary

The words we use and how we use them is extremely important for branding. Writing style and the vocabulary used display a company’s personality and purpose. You need to use the same style of writing throughout all platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, your website, emails, and everything in between.

The Power Behind Words - KRose Marketing

It’s important to use consistent language for a variety of reasons. When you’re targeting new customers, you should be describing your products and services the same way across the board. If you offer a free product or upgrade you need to call it the same phrase each time. If you refer to it as an opt-in, bonus deal, free upgrade, and a special deal in various postings, you’re going to confuse your ideal customer. It will, at the very least, make the process much longer for the reader.

Using a consistent vocabulary benefits your business by:

  • Helping potential customers fully understand what you have to offer
  • Preventing frustration and wasted time for your potential customer
  • Allows ease in engagement

How we utilize consistent vocabulary

For me and the KRose team, we decided early on that using a consistent vocabulary was important to us. I have a writing assistant and several of my team members write from my viewpoint. We created a pool of words we use often and we make sure to use those when we post anything from the KRose Company, both for KRose Marketing & Consulting and KRose Cattle Company.

The Power Behind Words - KRose Marketing

Everything you read from us should sound like it’s coming from me, even when it technically isn’t.
Something I have done often is record myself talking and send that file to my writer or another team member. Even though the content is edited for readability, it still always sounds like me because it came straight from my words.

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Your turn

If you don’t have a vocabulary bank with your business already, I recommend you do that right away. Even if you don’t have any team members and you write everything for your business, this is still important. You might hire someone down the road and you want your message to always remain consistent.

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Create Captivating Copy

Create Captivating Copy

A look into developing clean copy from our team writer

We are breaking the fourth wall with this post and it makes me a little nervous. You see, often writers prefer being behind-the-scenes away from the spotlight. One of the many great things about working for KRose Marketing & Consulting is that our boss (Karoline Rose) pushes us to try things outside our comfort zone.

So here we go…

My name is Natasha Bodily and I’m the writing assistant for KRose Marketing & Consulting. I write the majority of the content you read on this blog, but it comes straight from the spoken words of Karoline and represents her knowledge. For this post, I decided to get a little more personal to explain briefly how I have learned to write great copy and a few quick tips.

Initially this blog post was going to be another “How-To” type list. We decided to switch from that model — at least for this post — in order to give you a deeper look into some of the ways to develop your copywriting skills.

If you are a business owner in a position to hire someone skilled in writing — do it! You can learn some basics to writing copy even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. But it’s definitely easier and more efficient to hire someone who is an experienced writer.

As with any skill, the best way to get better is to do it often. For me, writing has always been my #1 passion. When someone asks who I am or what I do, I’ll include “writer” in the description. I started writing short stories and poetry in elementary school. I further developed creative writing skills in high school and eventually got a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. While I was in college, I worked at my university’s newspaper, where I gained the bulk of my copywriting skills. When you have to meet a deadline and fill space on a page, you just do it. You write what needs to be written and learn how to most effectively communicate a message.

After college, I worked at a local newspaper for a couple years, but eventually moved out of state and realized I didn’t want to go back to the newspaper industry. Serendipitously I found this opportunity to write creatively for KRose and jumped on it. Although the content and style of writing is quite different, my background prepared me to be able to take loads of information and organize it in a way that will make sense to readers.

Headlines used to be one of the most difficult parts of writing for me. You have to make a short statement that clearly describes what the reader is about to see. When you are working on a blog post or an email headline, consider the U’s.

A headline needs to be: Useful, Urgent, Unique, and Ultra-Specific. Ask yourself: What is this piece about? Who is it speaking to? What makes it newsworthy? How can you describe it in less than 70 characters?


I rarely write a headline before completing the piece. Often what I am writing will evolve and take different form based on how the workflow maps out. It’s much easier to answer the above questions when you have a finished article. There is only one reason someone will click your link and read any of the copy. That reason is a well-written headline. You should spend more of your time considering the headline than writing the piece.

Headlines are super important, but only one aspect of writing copy. We will be tackling websites and copy in April, so stay tuned for even more insights into how you can create great copy for you business’s blog, website, emails, and social media posts. You will learn how to beat writer’s block, how to prepare for a blog post, and much more. Organization is key to all of these topics. Check out our blog about Becoming an Organization Master and use the advice as you develop your copywriting plans. Like KRose Marketing on Facebook to share insights, tips, questions, answers and offer support with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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