Be social on social media in 2019

Be social on social media in 2019

We all know how important social media is for our businesses, but it’s also crucial to remember what these platforms are for: being social. 

It’s easy to get caught up in how many posts you need to schedule and the content of those posts, but you also need to take time to actively engage with your followers and those you follow. This is a fine line to walk, and I recommend scheduling out time to be social. Scrolling your newsfeed for hours doesn’t count. Take dedicated time to see what is being shared, comment on posts that spark an interest, react to your friends and followers, and share content that you enjoy. If you’re having a hard time getting started, make a little bullet point list of how many likes, comments, and shares you are going to complete in your set time frame. 

Think about Facebook like it’s a person. What is important to Facebook? They want users to stay on the platform for a long time. They want us liking, commenting, sharing, messaging, which of course causes us to stay on the platform while we engage and socialize.

We all know I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I spend about 10-15 hours a week researching and figuring out what is and isn’t working. I’ve told you about the ever-changing algorithm. The scary word that really isn’t that scary once you understand it. Facebook is prioritizing what you see in your newsfeed. If we are going to successfully socialize on the platform, we might as well be tailoring our own newsfeeds to show us content that is engaging for us as people, not just business owners. 

Once you’ve gotten in a good socializing rhythm, I can guarantee you will start to develop a better understanding of what you need to be posting to encourage engagement and cultivate community.

What always catches your eye? Let me guess, Live Video and Video. We are a generation of visual learners. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped my newsfeed scrolling to watch a video. The action catches your eye and the content keeps you watching. Facebook also loves Live video. I know it’s hard to get started, but once you’ve done three live videos, those nerves are going to wash away. You might even surprise yourself and start looking forward to it!

Being social on social media

You don’t have to have perfect hair and makeup and a flawless script to go live. You don’t even have to show your face at first. If you have a trade by hand, you could film your hands. You could go live and show your studio or your office. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Your followers like to see real life, and real life isn’t perfect. Be your true, natural self and engage in a way that you would with a close friend.

If you feel like you are doing everything right and still not getting engagement, let me ask you, are you asking for engagement? As often as you possibly can,, you should be asking for responses. Instead of posting, “Look at my cool new office set up,” ask “What makes your workflow better? For me, I set up my office like this.” If you are just showing and not asking, you’re far less likely to get engagement. 

I get it, Facebook can be overwhelming in many ways. But it is an incredible gift we must take advantage of. I have friends across the country whose children I’m watching grow up. I wouldn’t have that opportunity without Facebook. As business owners, Facebook is invaluable. You might have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, too. Try to find what you love and focus on that. Remember why you are posting and develop a system that allows you to enjoy your time on the platform.

Facebook could disappear tomorrow, it’s rented space. Seize the opportunity while we still have it to be social and utilize the great power and tools at our disposal. When you serve your audience well, they will want to engage with you.

Let’s get social on social media in 2019.

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What’s hot and what’s not in the marketplace

What’s hot and what’s not in the marketplace

The marketplace is full of programs, platforms, and systems. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. I wanted to tell you what I see is working in the marketplace and what is not working so you have the best tools to move your business forward. We test out and research these tools in order to cut out the busy work for you.

What’s working

Instagram Stories

I know it can be challenging to fit Instagram stories in throughout your day. But I want to strongly encourage you to make a habit. Tell yourself in the morning to do some Instagram stories. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, if your makeup is done or if you’re in beautiful clothes. Your audience wants to see you.

They want to see you behind the scenes, making breakfast, lunch, walking out to your car. They don’t care if you have a messy table. They are tired of perfection. Instagram stories gives them the behind the scenes look and they become really invested in your life.

The key with having your audience invested in your life is when you start to market a program, service or product. They really want to purchase from you because they feel connected with you. They know what books you’re reading, what bible studies you may be doing, what makeup you’re putting on your face, and more.

When you show your audience the behind the scenes on Instagram stories, they see the true you.

If you’re not using instagram stories, I highly recommend you start. It’s really important that you’re consistent. Try to do a couple everyday, just to get in the habit. I can promise you it doesn’t matter what you look like. Your audience wants you to share really valuable content. The more people watch your stories, the more they’re going to see your newsfeed, and the more they’re going to buy into what you’re selling


On Pinterest, posts can last for four months or longer. In contrast, on Instagram and Facebook, if we don’t get engagement in the first hour or so, the content is kind of down the river. On Pinterest, something we pin today can still be seen actively in four months. Maybe even longer.

It’s really important to start utilizing Pinterest and pinning regularly. View it as a search engine, not as a social media platform. You want to think of your Pinterest board as a magazine for your company. When you’re picturing your ideal customer, what else is important to them? On the KRose Pinterest board, we talk about coffee. We talk about organization, how I get ready to travel, what our office looks like. We talk about healthy meals on the go, quotes that inspire us, marketing tips, and style because to our ideal customer, all of that is important. We can hit on all of those topics on Pinterest and still reach our ideal customer.

If you’re not utilizing Pinterest, I strongly encourage that you utilize it. Again, it has to be consistent just like any other platform. You need to make sure you are pinning regularly, and you are engaging with your customers on Pinterest. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest if you’re not already.

Really good quality photos and stock photos

You have to collect and stockpile as many pictures and stock photos to use on Instagram and Facebook as you can. The trend is moving away from graphics.

I really encourage you if you’re not using stock photos, or if you’re not working with a photographer, that it’s time.

We supply our Acceleration Nation with stock photos, which like popsicles, American flags, and fireworks in July. If you’re not jumping on the stock photo bandwagon, I really think it’s important that you do. And make sure you’re getting some pictures of yourself.

Going out of style


I know that Twitter can be used to advocate in agriculture. I’ve seen its usefulness during the tornado and hurricane season in sharing really valuable information. But I just am not seeing Twitter being a great place for reaching our ideal customer. I’m seeing it being customer versus customer. You have to remember, you need to spend time on platforms and nail platforms that are where your customers hang out.

IGTV- Instagram’s TV platform

They tried to compare it to YouTube, I don’t think it worked. I’ve done a couple polls with our audience and I’ve asked some other people. People are not watching it. People forget the feature is there. They have not done a very good job marketing it. I think the way the videos have to be is really hard to upload. They have to be a certain length, they have to be a certain size. I think that’s really difficult. You can’t tag or share the video to Facebook. I still think YouTube is going to be king for sharing video content.

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Answering your FAQs

Answering your FAQs

We love when our community asks us questions. We wanted to put some of the most asked questions in one spot for your convenience.

What does a valuable opt-in (freebie) do for my business?

Utilizing a valuable opt-in allows you to turn followers into paying customers by getting them off Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest and giving them a second touch point of contact. Opt-ins give you security by getting people on your email list in case social media were ever to disappear. We are renting our spot on social media; we do not own those followers. When we can get followers off of social media and onto our email list, it takes your relationship to the next level. The know, like, and trust factor is stronger, but also they now are on the email list that I own. A valuable opt-in offers a solution to a pain point of your ideal customer. It allows them to go from follower to being on your email list, which improves the relationship you have, and makes it more likely they will become an ideal customer.


What does a valuable freebie look like?

This answer is really specific to you and your business. Valuable freebies should have actionable items that your ideal customer can do in the next 30 minutes to move their business forward. The biggest hangup I see is that most business owners use too wide of a range on their ideal customer. Instead of envisioning one person walking into a room, they are either looking at who they’re currently serving or they’re looking at a crowd of people. To make a valuable opt-in, you need to envision one person walking into the room. This is the person who your products/services are best suited for, who may not be the person you are working with today. So who are your products best suited for? The reason we narrow that down so specifically — by age, gender, income, family life, hobbies, etc. — is because what you provide in value to a single mom who is 40 and makes $40K a year is vastly different from what you’d supply a recent college graduate in their early 20s who is recently married with no kids and makes $100K a year. A valuable freebie needs to be something actionable you can give your customer that solves an immediate pain point, something that is keeping them up at night. If you don’t have your ideal customer nailed down, it’s very hard to give a valuable freebie to them. One of our most popular opt-ins is the monthly success guide

How do service-based businesses grow when the service you provide relies specifically on you?

I’m a big believer that we can no longer only trade hours for time. When you’re in a service based industry, you have to outsource. You might not outsource the thing only you can do, but there are a lot of things that someone else can do for you. Someone else can answer the phone, send emails, or post on social media. Someone else can package your product, proofread your product, ask for testimonials, all of these things. If someone else can’t do those, if you’re running all the aspects of your business, someone else can clean your house, do your laundry, cook your meals, watch your kids. It’s very tough to get ahead and to have a booming, successful business when you’re simply trying to trade hours for time. What I encourage my customers to do is to look into affiliate income — income that works while they sleep. Share products you love and get an income from that or join a tribe that helps generate an income. Think about the “one to many method.” How can you change your protocol from one to many? Finally, I recommend doubling your prices. If you feel like you’re running out of time in the day, your prices are certainly not high enough.

FAQs - KRose Marketing

How personal should I get with my business social media to show ‘behind the scenes’?

I say this is the comfort level question. How comfortable are you showing the behind the scenes? I want to remind you is the more your customers know, like, and trust you, the more they see your flaws, the better your business will be. I don’t mean you need to go online tomorrow and post every flaw you have for the world. I don’t recommend that, but your audience wants to know you’re human and you don’t have it all together because that is relatable. Perfection is not obtainable or relatable. When you can show your followers the human side of your business, they will love it. It also allows them to know your “Why.” Why are you doing what you’re doing? If they believe in your “Why” they are going to buy in to your service or product ten times quicker.

How much should I price my product/service?

I can almost guarantee your price is too low. I would like you to double your price tomorrow and see what happens. I discourage you from comparing your prices to your competitors because everyone’s life is very different. I want you to take the hours in the month you want to work. If you want to work 4 days a week and you want to put in 8 hours a day, that is 32 hours a week, and 128 hours in the month. If you want to get paid $55/an hour you can’t just stop there. Now you need to find out the overhead costs — do you have an office? Do you use printer ink? Do you use Active Campaign? Do you have LeadPages? Do you have a designer? Do you use fuel to get to the meetings? Then you have to think about everybody on your team who is going to be interacting with this project. Do you have an onboarding meeting? Do you have a bidding process? Do you have In person meetings? Do you have someone who is reaching out about testimonials? Do you have someone who is going to proofread the work? You need to add up all those hours and calculate in all the fixed-cost expenses for running your business. Figure out how much that all costs per hour in your ideal month. Then you need to add on a profit – 10, 20, 30 percent profit margin. Lastly, you need to add on things you’re not thinking about today. Are you traveling to meet with them? Do you have to stay overnight in a hotel? Add that up. That’s how you price your product and service.

The biggest mistake I see small business owners make is pricing their product at what they want to make in their pocket at the end of the day. But what they forget about is the email service, website, time, bidding process, meetings, the email asking for a testimonial, the design program they’re using. You’ll never be able to scale your business the way you want to because you’ll always be playing catch up. Talent and demand also plays a role in pricing. Your prices are not high enough if you have higher than a 50 percent success rate on your bids. If you get more than 50% of the bids you sent out, you need to raise your prices.

What’s the difference between a Facebook page vs Facebook group?

A Facebook group is more intimate than a Facebook page, but you should start out with a page first. Groups allow you to cultivate more community and welcome new members. We like to see it as the next level. Our page is the first level — let’s get to know KRose — and our KRose Marketing Group is the next level. The beautiful part about a Facebook business page is that you can run Facebook ads. I think every business owner should utilize Facebook ads. You can reach people who are not already following your page. If you have a group, I recommend your group be private because you want to open the doors for people to ask tough questions, and if it’s public, they won’t. On the other hand, in a private group, you’re not reaching new customers, but just preaching to the choir. As a business, it’s really important we are growing. The nice thing about Facebook pages is that you can reach new customers, run ads, and it gives you more scheduling options. I highly recommend every business owner have a Facebook business page. I know Facebook has been cracking down even more than normal on people who are selling on their personal page. If you’re going to have a group, you should post in it frequently. It’s a lot more work than most people realize or are prepared for. It doesn’t do you any good if you just have a Facebook group but aren’t cultivating that community by asking questions and reaching out. Invest time in a page first, then move onto creating a group.

Frequently asked questions - KRose Marketing
How to price products & services - KRose Marketing
Value in opt ins & freebies - KRose Marketing


Frequently asked questions - KRose Marketing
Answering your FAQs
What Every Business Instagram Profile Needs

What Every Business Instagram Profile Needs

Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses, and reaching that ideal customer. Did you know there are more users on Instagram than on any other social media platform, except for Facebook? It’s not very far behind either, and it is growing in popularity very quickly. So if you’re not using it, you need to be. A well designed, and informative Instagram business profile is vital for any business. It is the first impression you leave on potential followers. It will determine if they decide to hit that follow button, or don’t hit it. 

To avoid any follower clicking out and deciding not to follow you, (we don’t want that to happen) make sure your Instagram profile has these 4 components:

1. Branding Profile Picture

When a potential follower is looking through hashtags, stories, or searching your name, make it easy for them to find you! Logos work wonderfully for an Instagram profile because it is branding, and followers can instantly recognize your business.

2. Interesting and Informative in Your Short Bio

This is not your mission statement. Now I don’t know about you, but most mission statements are boring! You don’t want your bio to be boring, because it can decide if you gain a new follower or not. The key to this is to be informative, comforting (how are you going to solve their problem), and what they can expect from you!

3. Ways To Contact You

When a follower looks at your profile, they should have three different avenues to get in contact with you and your business. 1) Website, LinkTree, opt-in link. 2) Email address 3) Physical address (especially if you operate an in-person business) 5) Business hours. When all of these things are included, they don’t have to question or search how to contact you.

4. Cohesive Photos (Going Along With Your Brand)

Choosing a theme for your Instagram profile should be a natural extension of what your business is all about! Doing this will help your page look branded, and your feed focused so people can know and expect the type of content they will see by following along. Like I said earlier, your Instagram profile leaves the first impression! So make sure this ‘potential follower’ looking at your profile can gain everything they need to know about your business, what they can expect, and a reason to follow you just from your first nine photos they see laid out.

Stay up to date with the latest changes on Instagram, and follow us @krosecompany. Don’t forget to download our social media toolkit to get tips to market your business on Instagram and Facebook!


Why I Hate Facebook

Why I Hate Facebook

I want you all to know it is absolutely OK if you get sick and tired of Facebook. Yes, it’s one of the best places to market for your business, which means you have to be on it almost daily. Of course it’s OK to wish social media was different. It’s fine to wish social media was actually more social. Don’t feel bad if you get tired of the endless game to achieve engagement and get likes, when it really doesn’t matter all that much. I wanted to tell you the reasons why I hate Facebook, but have learned to utilize its strengths.

We forget to be social

We use Facebook for Business over at KRose Company and it has been the best source of advertising and the number one thing that moves us forward. I’d even consider myself a Facebook expert at this point. I’ve given lectures and workshops on it, and I use it everyday. But Facebook is supposed to be a social media platform. But I think we often forget or misconstrue the social aspect.

When was the last time you went to a friend’s profile and posted that you were thinking about them and hope they have a great day — for no reason — not because it’s their birthday or something major happened, but just because you’re thinking of them? When was the last time you didn’t stop to think, “What will people think I share this?”, and just shared what mattered to you anyway?

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool. I’ve been blessed to visit five continents already in my lifetime and I can share my travels with my family and friends online. I can also keep up with the people I met all over the world without handwriting them letters or sending them emails. They know exactly what I’m doing on a week to week basis. They can watch the success of my company. They can watch my extended family grow. They can watch as I move on from college to my career and eventually when I start a family. They can do that all from a click of a button. Facebook has given us something no other platform has given. But we get so wrapped up in every like and comment, that we forget what’s important in life. We should be sharing what is true to us.

Take some time to be social and engage. Ask questions, tell your friends you care about them, stay in touch for the sake of friendship, and use Facebook for its true purpose: fostering relationships.


It can be addictive

Facebook has been proven to trigger addictive natures of people. We get a natural high every time we get a notification for a like or comment. We get an even better natural high when a message or new friend request comes in. 

Many people begin to measure their self worth based on how many likes their profile picture gets or how many Facebook friends they have. The truth is, though, the best friendships and relationships are not seen on the platform.

Facebook gives us endorphins that are addictive, leading us to constantly check our newsfeeds and notifications. We tie so much worth into likes. People scroll through Facebook without being fully conscious of what we are doing. Stop putting self worth into likes. If you like the picture, post it. If you enjoyed the video, share it. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it or how many likes it gets. It matters if you like it and if you care about it.


Facebook is a time sucker

I know that it’s important to keep up with social media to run a successful business, and to post often. In the KRose Marketing Group (which you should join, by the way), we post five times a day. But I promise you, we definitely don’t physically post five times a day in real time. We schedule those posts through Buffer and step away. I strongly discourage people to have their notifications turned on. Every time your phone lights up, you lose attention span for whatever it is you’re working on. When you get to your phone, it will be fine. Don’t allow your phone to light up every time someone likes your picture. You’re just feeding a bad habit.


It creates a comparison game

I hate this so much. I hate when small businesses that are starting out will say “I don’t know why my business is not like yours.” My heart breaks for them. I have spent three long, hard years hustling away and I have lied to them on social media. I have not told them the rough parts. The nights I cried and wanted to quit. The exhausting all-nighters I’ve pulled working on projects, and the weekends I’ve missed hanging out with my friends. I don’t post about the social life I’ve left in ruins.

Social media is a highlight reel. On Facebook it’s ridiculously easy to compare our beginning to someone’s present. Remember you’re at a different stage. You have different goals. Success looks different to you. Stop comparing. The only person you can be better than is your earlier self. Are you a better person today than you were yesterday?

Yes, I believe in role models. Who do you want to be like because of their character, not because of what their business looks like, but because of how they’re serving the world and how they’re helping people become better?


You cannot compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel. It’s easy to think you’re the only one who doesn’t have their life together when all you see is the wonderful moments your friends and family are sharing. You never know what is going on behind the scenes and nobody’s life is as picturesque as they make it appear.

The only thing we know is our own, personal story. If everyone threw their problems into a pile, you’d run and grab your own out. We are given our particular friends, family, and relationships for a reason. Those things they share on social media are the highlights. It’s not the everyday, real life. Remember, we can be happy for someone without feeling jealous. Don’t get caught up in the lies. Use Facebook to be social and foster your most genuine relationships. Use it to build your business and to share your life with an online scrapbook.

Listen to the Success Defined with KRose podcast and be inspired. Success looks different for everyone. Let’s find out what it looks like for you and what tools you need to develop in order to achieve it.

5 Secrets to Unleashing the Power of your Facebook Business Page

5 Secrets to Unleashing the Power of your Facebook Business Page

By: Karoline Rose

Facebook business is an amazing program for reaching paying customers, and the best part is it’s FREE!

 The abilities this software has are so useful for a small business owner working hard to reach lots of potential customers while keeping the cost down!

So after you get your business page created, here are some of my favorite tools I use when I am working behind the scenes on the KRose Company pages.

Schedule or Draft a Post

If you’re wanting to plan ahead for a busy day or especially a holiday, scheduling posts on Facebook Business is an amazing tool. You can schedule a post to go out two hours from then, or three months in advance. By using this feature you can always be there for your followers, even if you’re really ‘not there’. With this feature you can also draft a post. After a crazy brainstorming session and you have tons of post ideas but don’t know exactly when you want to post them, go ahead create them and then save them as a draft! This way you can go back and edit them, but your thoughts are already on “paper”!


Edit Photos on Facebook

I absolutely love this feature because it really helps you out if you’re in a bind or a hurry. If you  upload a photo to post and it needs a little bit of editing, you can do it right there! You can crop, filter, or even add text to a photo. There are various options, and this feature helps you avoid opening another program. Who doesn’t love a time saver like that?


Find Out Where Your Likes Come From

Ever wonder how people land on your page? Or how successful your page’s ads are? Well this tool gives you an inside look where you page likes are coming from. It breaks it down by ads, page suggestions, news feed, searches, etc. This way you can narrow down where your page gets the most likes. Go to your Facebook business page > Insights > Likes (left menu)> Where Your Page Likes Happened.

Know When Your Fans Are Online

How frustrating is it when you create an awesome post, but it only gets like two likes? I know! It’s infuriating! So next time when you create that post, make sure to post when a good portion of your fans are online. How do you figure that out? Facebook business will tell you! Go to your Facebook business page > Insights > Post (left menu)> When Fans Are Online.


Know Which Posts Work For You and Your Followers

Figure out what ‘post types’ work best for your audience by clicking Insights>Posts>Post Type (Top Center). This feature can really show you the power of videos and photos in the Facebook news feed because of their large reach! You can also look at engagement stats (number of times a fan comments, shares, likes a post) and narrow down what type of posts your followers engage really well with. Go take a look at your stats, know what type of posts are doing well, and use that to your advantage!

The tools that Facebook business entails are vast and I can’t mention them all! There are so many different features and tiny details and it all depends on what your business’s main purpose is, and how you determine to utilize the stats and features. I didn’t cover all the tools, but I covered some of my favorite that I hope you can use!

We’d love for you to share your Facebook Business page in the comments and we will come check it out. Keep everything organized with our Social Media Toolkit.