3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Small business owners are constantly making choices in their journey. It’s inevitable along the way you will make some mistakes. I’ve made plenty and I see other people making preventable mistakes on a regular basis. As we roll out KRose Small Business Accelerator, I wanted to talk about three of the mistakes I see small business owners make so you can avoid them.

They compare

I hear and see this a lot in my journey. I’m guilty of it all the time. It’s so easy with social media to compare our start with someone who has been in business for a long time. The real you is not an accident. Where you’re at, what you’re doing is on purpose and there is a plan for you in your journey. If you get caught up in the comparison game, you’re never going to be satisfied. You’ll always be disappointed. I want to let you know it’s completely OK to unfollow someone on Instagram, unfriend someone on Facebook or unsubscribe from an email list if it is causing you internal doubt. I struggle with this too. I’ll see people on social media and ask myself why am I not at that point? Why is my business not making that kind of money? Why do I not have the same time freedom as them? But then I’ll find out they started their business 12 years ago and I have to remember I’m only 3 years in, I shouldn’t  be at the same level they’re at. They’ve been hustling for 12 years. I want to remind you comparison is the thief of joy. If you struggle with comparison it will really hinder your business. If you find yourself comparing I give you permission to unfriend, unfollow, unsubscribe.

They use bad social media practices

Cold messaging. I don’t know why this is still a common practice. If you send someone a message and you haven’t talked to them in years, they’re not going to want to purchase from you. It is so important to stay up-to-date on social media practices. If you feel slimy doing it, don’t do it. People will purchase from you because they like you and want to do business with you. I’m not sure if you’re overwhelmed with social media, but it can be very overwhelming. I’m blessed with an incredible, expanding team. (You will see in June we are getting some new team members!) But I still spend 10-15 hours a week learning social media practices. The Instagram game just changed. If you’re on Instagram and haven’t joined Acceleration Nation, I highly recommend it. I’ve been studying Instagram’s evolvement this week and we’re going to completely change our plan for June.

They stop educating themselves

I listen to about 3-4 hours of podcasts 7 days a week and watch probably 2 webinars a week. If you’re going to be a small business owner in this changing world you either have to do what I do and spend hours watching webinars, listening to podcasts, and reading books. Or you can find someone you trust to listen to their research of the changes. You need to be up to date. Find someone who is teaching and can educate you. If you don’t have time because you are working a 9-5 and hustling your business in your free time, it’s OK! If you’re thinking, “3-4 podcasts a day? I don’t have time for that.” That’s OK! But find somebody who is doing those things and listen to them.

It is my mission to help small business owners succeed. Part of reaching success is overcoming avoiding the pitfalls that might slow you down along the way. Remember to sign up for our brand new membership website KRose Small Business Accelerator and become part of the Acceleration Nation!

Join KRose Marketing Acceleration Nation to Transform your Small Business

Join KRose Marketing Acceleration Nation to Transform your Small Business

I want to talk to you about something I’m very excited about and have started to see that excitement grow with participating small businesses. I think you’ll be amped about it, too. Recently my team and I were brainstorming ways we could serve small businesses better and came up with the KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator, which is our new membership site. Upon joining, you will be part of the KRose Acceleration Nation, your newfound ‘tribe’. You will learn how to speak to your ideal customer, take the leap from side-hustle to full-time career and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow your business with actionable items you can begin applying now.

When you join KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator, you will be able to participate in three monthly marketing strategy trainings. You will receive a set of stock photos you can use each month for beautiful social security media images and you will be surrounded by a support team of hustlers like yourself.

I want you to be part of the minority of small businesses who actually make it. I want you to get your creative juices flowing about how you can solve your ideal customers’ pain points. I honestly think there is room for everyone in the marketplace. I believe the more creative energy going around, the better. It makes me happy to see other business people succeed. I thought, what better way to encourage other small business success than to start a program like this one?

If you are exhausted from feeling like you’re working dozens of jobs with no time to breathe, you are going to love the KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator. I know you are ready to learn high-level marketing skills you can master now to accelerate your business and I want you to be a member of our tribe.

Join the KRose Marketing Group if you haven’t already. This is another place to surround yourself with other hustling small business owners who want you to thrive.

April Monthly Recap

April Monthly Recap

April was the month of the website here at KRose Marketing & Consulting. We first blogged about Picking your Programs and recommended utilizing WordPress, GoDaddy, and SquareSpace. Next we discussed Six Crucial Web Pages Every Site Needs, which includes your Home, About, Services/Products, Success Stories/Testimonials, Blog, and Contact pages.

If you missed our Website Cheatsheet, a checklist for all the crucial website components every successful business has, download it now.

First impressions are important, which is why your homepage should have Short & Sweet Copy, rather than a bunch of text and information. Yes, you want your website to be the homebase for all things to do with your business. But you shouldn’t be able to find all that info straight off the home page. Make your homepage very simple and easy to navigate. Throughout the website disperse the information in a way that is easy to find, but doesn’t look bulky.

Next we tackled the concept of writer’s block, which every writer can understand. There isn’t a magic solution to curing writer’s block, but we’ve come up with some steps in which you can overcome the obstacle. This includes letting the juices flow, scheduling a time and place to work, and reviewing previous successes. Read more about Beating Writer’s Block and Churning out Creative Content.

After sharing those tips, we delved into How to Create Captivating Copy. We recommend breaking up the information, getting to the point & providing a solution, and being conversational.

Although there are many tips you can follow to build your own website, we also brought up the possibility of Hiring a Web Designer with Sales Experience. If you have the option to hire out, this is one of the best places to do so. A web designer with experience in advertising and sales understands how to build a website that leads customers to purchasing. A beautiful website might be nice to look at, but if it doesn’t lead your viewers to buying, at the end of the day it’s virtually worthless.

Finally, we talked about how to Solve your Audiences Annoyances, a task each business owner should constantly be considering. You must identify the annoyance, analyze it and find the standards surrounding it. Next you’ll develop numerous standards, choose the best solution, and implement it. Business owners who have mastered this skill are always successful.

We had the opportunity to create a really fun logo for Camo Cattle Company based out of the Manitoba Province of Canada. Logos are some of our favorite projects as we can take someone else’s passion (like camouflage), combined with our own creativity, to develop something both ourselves and the client love.

Putting our advice to work, we were able to build a website for Lick Creek Meats. We had a blast working with the incredible Jennifer Sansom who runs the business with her two children, almost exclusively, hiring little outside help. She started noticing other mothers who wanted to know exactly where their meat came from and decided to create her company to solve that problem (AKA annoyance).


Our fearless girl boss Karoline Rose was aptly awarded the Young Careerist Award at the Bozeman Business & Professional Women’s Honors Event. We knew she had it in the bag, but Karoline was surprised and honored to be recognized.

“I was very honored to be chosen for the Young Careerist of the Year award. It was amazing to be recognized for making a difference and creating progress in agriculture. This feels like another step in the right direction. We are changing the game and trailblazing social media marketing in agriculture to make the industry better.”

We are excited for all we have in store for you this May. Not only are there some really cool announcements on the horizon, but we are about to get pretty personal on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for news about the KRose Acceleration Nation. Soon you will understand why the business was started in the first place, how to run a small business in rural America, why we hate Facebook, and more. If you aren’t a member of the KRose Marketing Group on Facebook, jump on board now to share insights and build support with other like-minded entrepreneurs.


Sign up for our Small Business Accelerator Challenge to receive daily actionable items to apply in each aspect of your business.

Solve your Audience’s Annoyances with these 5 Steps

Solve your Audience’s Annoyances with these 5 Steps

There is one huge element of business ownership that is arguably the key to success.

The most successful business owners are those who have found their audience’s pinpoint annoyance(s) and have found a way to provide a convenient, prompt, and cost effective solution.

In order to solve a customer’s annoyance, the first step is to identify the annoyance(s). Being the first step, this one is crucial. So, how do you identify an annoyance? You ask the right questions and use critical observation. When asking questions, set yourself and business aside at first. You don’t want to bias or influence your audience members’ answers.

The next step is to analyze the annoyance (or annoyances). How serious is the issue? Is a specific situation required for the annoyance to be present? What are the causes and can you rule any of them out? Has it gotten better or worse? Does it affect other people or other situations?

Once you’ve analyzed the problems, now you must identify the standards surrounding the annoyance. This is when you figure out how your audience makes decisions. Here, you can develop decision criteria and figure out which independent standards can be used.

Now that you have independent standards defined, you can move on to develop numerous solutions. At this point, you can evaluate countless situations and create pros & cons lists for each. Try to avoid bias and don’t look for the solution you want to provide, but for the solutions that will serve your audience best. Don’t stop at the first solution you encounter.

Having a list of solutions, now you can choose the best solution. Using the standards you developed in the third step, you can develop a support base to guarantee you can carry out your solution plan. Brace yourself for problems that might arise and have alternative solutions at hand.

Top business owners follow these steps and work hard to provide their solution(s). It takes planning and organization, but delivers high quality, creative results.

Check out our Website Cheatsheet, which guides you through building a website that provides solutions to your customer’s annoyances and leads them to purchase. Join the KRose Marketing Group on Facebook where like-minded entrepreneurs share insights, ask and answer questions, and most importantly provide support for each other.

Sign up for our Small Business Accelerator Challenge to receive daily actionable items to apply in each aspect of your business.

Web Design with Sales in Mind

Web Design with Sales in Mind

Why You Should Hire a Web Designer with Sales Experience

When you are building a business, there are certain areas you should likely hire out. One position you should highly consider hiring is a web designer who has experience in sales and/or advertising. As we’ve talked about before, your website is crucial for your business and should lead people to purchase. A beautiful website is great, but if it doesn’t easily help visitors find your products/services, it’s not doing you much good.

A web designer with a sales background will thoroughly evaluate your business and products/services to help you reach your goals with the website. First, you have to figure out specifically what your goals are. We’ll give you a hint: sell your products/services. Of course your particular business will have its own individual needs, and a sales expert web designer will be able to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations.

In today’s ever-changing technological era, a web designer is also a forever-student. They are keeping up with the latest advances in technology and know how to build websites to adapt to newer developments. A lot of web designers today take online classes rather than studying at a university or college because often-times educators in those arenas are not completely up-to-date. You can rest assured a professional web designer will build your site using the latest technologies, following the most recent trends to help you reach the highest level of success.

While you work with your web designer, or as you build a plan to hire one, keep track of your progress with our Website Cheatsheet. Join the KRose Marketing Group on Facebook where entrepreneurs like yourself gather together to bounce ideas off one another, ask and answer questions, and most importantly provide support.

Sign up for our Small Business Accelerator Challenge to receive daily actionable items to apply in each aspect of your business.

Writing Copy for the Web

Writing Copy for the Web

A couple weeks ago we started talking about How to Create Captivating Copy and just earlier this week we tackled Beating Writer’s Block. Writing copy is super important for online marketing, so we are glad you are here to learn more. Let’s talk about some ways you can write web content that attracts attention, looks great, and does it’s job: leads a customer to purchase.

Break it up

When it comes to writing for the web, you need to keep in mind that most people are skimming, rather than fully reading the content. It’s important to break the information up into small, easy to read, understandable chunks. You want to get the information to the reader before their eyes start to gloss over.

Get to the point & provide a solution

Ask yourself: Do you have what the reader wants and can they find the information quickly? Don’t think about writing for the web like writing for an English class. In an essay, you build up to your point, providing detailed research and information leading to a resolving conclusion at the end. When you’re writing for your website, you need to put the most important information at the top. Provide a solution to your customer’s pain points right away.

Be conversational


Nobody wants to read boring facts and voiceless information. If you know who your ideal customer is, you should know how to talk to them. Remember this with everything you write for your business online. If it doesn’t sound natural or realistic, scrap it and try again. Your content should speak directly to your customer in a style comfortable for them.

Keep track of your progress in building/maintaining your website with our Website Cheatsheet and join the KRose Marketing Group Facebook Community where like-minded entrepreneurs gather to share insights, ask questions, and support one another.

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