The Secret to Digital Marketing in the Ag Industry

The Secret to Digital Marketing in the Ag Industry

If you follow us at KRose Marketing and Consulting or KRose Cattle Company, you might know I started my first business, KRose Cattle Company, in 2015. I knew my passion was in agriculture – cattle in particular. When I graduated from MSU, I decided to become my own boss. Over time I realized the huge need for digital marketing in the agricultural industry and I wanted to help fill that need. I started KRose Marketing and Consulting as a result.


Now we run dozens of social media pages, several websites, and consult for numerous businesses as well. We have logo, web and print design services, photography & videography, email marketing and production sale marketing. Through this whirlwind process, I’ve discovered some of the secrets behind successfully running digital marketing campaigns. Most of this information I’m about to share has been covered throughout our website. But I wanted to created an easy to digest reference guide for you. Here are some of the key points you need to be successful in your digital marketing.

Use Facebook to grow your email list


  • Create an ad with a call-to-action asking your customer or client to subscribe to something
  • Give, Give, Give, Sell. Quit constantly selling and provide value to your followers.
  • Embed Facebook Pixels, which receive data that will help you create ads to target exact people visiting your site

Facebook Safety

  • Facebook business pages should only ever have one administrator
  • Keep track of where you are logged in
  • Make your password more difficult
  • Pick your top 3 to 5 trusted contacts
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Don’t use Facebook to login to other sites
  • Turn off the microphone
  • Don’t participate in chain messages

Conquering the Facebook Algorithm

  • Go live on Facebook
  • Focus on percentages, not likes
  • Be interesting and informative
  • Be authentic
  • Don’t use click-bait
  • Read more about Cracking the Facebook Algorithm

Go Live on Facebook

  • Have adequate lighting
  • Use calls-to-action, introduce yourself and thank your audience
  • Ask questions and respond to answers
  • Talk about what you know
  • Download video immediately after streaming for repurposing


  • Post live and regular videos, in combination with pictures, texts and links
  • Call-to-action
  • Ignore page likes
  • Differentiate content between social mediums
  • Be consistent
  • Know your ideal customer

Facebook Ads

  • Set a budget
  • Focus on a goal
    • i.e. increase traffic to your website through Facebook
  • Use pixels
  • Run ad test
  • Don’t hit that “boost” button
  • Narrow your target

Turn followers into customers

  • Know, like, and trust factor
  • Provide value (remember: give, give, give, sell)
  • Repel as many people as you attract
  • Turn a cold audience to a warm audience (get people on your email list)

Email Marketing

  • Build email list
    • Have an opt-in
  • Use an email list server
  • Landing page

To continue on your path to business success, download our free Monthly Success Guide.

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Livestock Marketing in a Changing World

Livestock Marketing in a Changing World

The world is constantly changing, and with it, we have to adapt to survive. In the cattle and ranching industry, this means taking advantage of the growing opportunities in the livestock online marketing world. It will be a beneficial transition when done correctly. We want to help you take advantage of these changes, rather than feel intimidated. We know you have what it takes to grow your business successfully.

Marketing in agriculture has taken a completely new direction from the past. Today, people can Google you and follow you on Facebook in seconds. Visibility is easier to obtain and your chances of reaching a broader audience are increasing. Keeping up with the transitions can be smooth if you can adapt to the following four marketing necessities:

laura-johnston-637062-unsplash.jpgUser friendly website

Websites are essential. When a potential client is interested in you, they will most likely search for your website. If you’re having a bull sale, for instance, your website needs to be functional for you and your sale. It needs to answer questions they might have. If at all possible, hire a web designer who has sales experience. Your website should showcase everything that makes your business special.

Social Media Presence

A potential client will also likely search for you on Facebook, which means you need to have a business page for them to find. You need to identify who your ideal customer is and talk directly to them. Narrow your area of expertise so people will associate your industry with you. You have a zone of genius and we want you to learn how to share that knowledge with your followers. You want to be tagged in posts relevant to your business, which means your brand identity must be strong. Social media is an ideal place to showcase your brand identity.


Videography & Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth even more. Hiring a photographer/ videographer who provides high-quality images and footage can bring your production sale to anyone with a Wi-Fi connection, which is pretty powerful. Live videos are the best thing you can do for your online presence and can be less professional. At a production sale, it would be smart to use both a photographer/videographer and your own Facebook Live videos. You can promote your brand while the sale is happening to a much wider audience than only those who can physically attend. You can use professional photos and videos for endless purposes including next year’s catalog and Facebook & Instagram content. Hiring a photographer is a good investment because it saves you headache and provides you with abundant online marketing material. You have captivating and exciting things going on that are worth capturing. Read more about how important it is to use live video on our blog: Face your Fears and go Live on Facebook.

allef-vinicius-180699-unsplash.jpgStand out

When you’re planning your next bull sale (or any other event), consider what sets you apart from the crowd. There may be other operations with similar qualities and features as yours, but there is something about you that makes you unique. Find out exactly what that is and become a go-to expert. You want people to think of you when they are looking to purchase. After working in this industry for several years now, I can promise you your ideal customer is on Facebook. It’s up to you to find out exactly who they are, what they need, and how you can help them.

I hope you found those introductory concepts to online marketing useful. If you ever have questions, shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Get organized this month with our Free Success Guide. I can’t tell you how helpful it is in keeping on top of my own To-Do list.

It’s our passion to help equip you with the necessary tools to be successful in business. Check out the services we offer. We share some of our recent projects so you can see what our services can look like for you. We want to keep you ahead of the game.

Bull Sale Coverage – Split Diamond Ranch

Bull Sale Coverage – Split Diamond Ranch

This year got off to a fast start as we worked with Split Diamond Ranch to launch a new website, video bulls and promote their production sale. Now that we’ve caught back up after the hectic sale season, we are excited to share some of our photos from the 2017 Split Diamond Bull Sale with you. It was a busy day, but also a great way to celebrate all of the hard work that went into preparing for the sale.

The KRose team traveled to the Beaverhead Livestock Auction in Dillon, Montana on March 2nd and spent the day providing complete coverage of the sale. While Laney ran around with her camera in hand, Karoline was broadcasting the sale on Facebook Live and placing bids for KRose Cattle customers that couldn’t make it. We consider it an honor to work with people like the Buckner family and to be involved in making their production sale a success.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the new Split Diamond website. It has all the information on their ranch and herd with a semen for sale page coming soon! Once it’s finished, customers will be able to purchase semen directly off of their website. Stay tuned to see it once it’s launched!


We loved spending the day with Split Diamond Ranch! If you are interested in any of the services we have to offer, please send us a message and lets get started!

Bull Sale Coverage – Sitz Angus

Bull Sale Coverage – Sitz Angus

One of our favorite things that we do here at KRose Marketing and Consulting is work with our seedstock clients to provide coverage on the day of the sale. We had the honor of working Sitz Angus Ranch at their 15th Annual Spring Production Sale in Dillon, Montana. We arrived Tuesday night for dinner, followed by the sale on Wednesday. The KRose team can typically be spotted running around with a camera in hand, or you might find Karoline holding up a number while bidding for customers that can’t be at the sale.

We provided a full day of coverage that included taking photos and videos, streaming a Facebook to thousands of viewers across the nation, and buying bulls on order for our KRose Cattle Company customers. The days leading up to the sale were also busy as we worked to complete their brand new website. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look! We’d love to hear what you think. But first, take a look at some of our favorite shots from the Sitz Angus sale!

Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017 Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017
Sitz Angus Bull Sale 2017

We loved getting to spend the day at Sitz Angus Ranch offering complete coverage of their sale. If you are interested in having the KRose team cover your sale, view the packages we offer.

Setting a Facebook Ad Budget

Setting a Facebook Ad Budget

What can you expect from your hard-earned money when it comes to Facebook Ads?

The most important starting place is to set a goal for your Facebook Ads. Have you thought about why you are advertising? What is it that you want to achieve from your ads?

An example goal would be that you want to increase traffic to your website from Facebook.

Facebook Ads are such an integral part of doing business these days. The reach that social media extends to is larger than you could ever imagine. More than one billion people are active on Facebook. Compare that thought to how many people are still reading the newspaper ads.

This is why it is important for us to go over setting a budget because that hard-earned money you pour into Facebook Ads is going to have an incredible result.

We have attached a few examples from some of our former ads.

As you can see, it cost 26 cents per link click. The link we are sending our customers to is a catalog for a production sale.

We know it is going to cost you 26 cents to send someone to your catalog. How many people are you wanting to send to your catalog? 1000? 2000? 10,000 people?

When designing your budget, you’ll need to know how much it takes to reach your goal.

Here is another example: this one is costing us half a cent per engagement so maybe you want 100,000 people to engage with this post. We know that you need to spend $500 on your Facebook Ads in order to reach that target audience goal.


Facebook Ads are not one size fits all, so don’t take these examples and feel like you aren’t doing something right if these are not the results you are getting.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads over the past few years, which is why we want to take what we have learned and help you budget your money correctly. You can use a three day Facebook Ad test to find out your conversion rate so you see exactly what your money is pouring into.

Click here to watch a video of Karoline explaining why the three day Facebook Ad test is so vital.