Love who you see in the mirror

Love who you see in the mirror

Since I was very young, I remember thinking there was something wrong with my body or areas that needed improvement. I woke up every morning feeling unsatisfied with my appearance since the first grade. I always thought I needed to lose weight in order to fit in. This was a spiral throughout elementary, middle, high school, and even into college where I always felt like my body wasn’t good enough and people would like me more if I lost weight.

My weight would fluctuate, I’d go on diets and get discouraged, then overeat — over and over again. I hated my “tree trunk” legs and could only see the flaws in my appearance. I was also very self conscious about having impetigo, a skin condition. I thought it was the only thing people would see when they looked at me.

Looking back, I believe I needed to be a bit curvier, especially when I was going through endocarditis. I wouldn’t have survived all the complications if I was very thin.

Grace has helped me finally push through self-loathing into knowing my body is powerful and strong. It put me through high school and college when my health was at its rockiest. It has handled seizures, strokes, and very thin blood, but is still high performing to this day.

Loving your reflection - KRose Marketing

My dialogue now is that I do not want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. For me, healthy is monitoring and regulating the thickness of my blood consistently. It means getting seven or eight hours of sleep and trusting my body when it tells me to slow down or eat differently.

I know body image issues are not unique to me. Almost every woman I’ve ever met has something about their body they don’t like. But I want to tell you right now that your body is more than good enough. I needed to learn to accept my body type and love everything it does to keep me going. Self-care is a term thrown around in the entrepreneur and business owner world, and the women’s world in general. I believe the first step to self care is thanking our bodies as they are. None of us will ever have the “perfect” body because perfect isn’t real. I hope you can look yourself in the mirror and truly accept how beautiful you are.

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Shaping Your Attitude Using Affirmations with Molly Painschab

Shaping Your Attitude Using Affirmations with Molly Painschab

 Molly has been a member of our Small Business Accelerator for a while now and she is an amazing counselor and coach. We thought it would be highly beneficial to get her perspective on shaping your attitude by using affirmations. Enjoy! 

From Molly Painschab:

I love mornings. LOVE. Love mornings.

I try not to be obnoxious about it. You won’t find me being overly chipper- but I do pride myself in beating the sun every morning. I get more done in those few hours of solitude than in any other. No distractions. Just me and my routine.

The alarm is set for 4am but my well-trained brain is usually awake by 3:50am. Dogs out, pets fed, dishes ran and a load of laundry in. Then it’s back upstairs to shower, dress, and do something with this crazy hair. Back downstairs to gather my things, leave a note for the family, and out the door if it is a workday. I do enjoy being at the office a full hour before I see my first client.

I have a good 15-minute drive when the weather is good, longer when it’s snowing or icy. It’s in those minutes that I mentally prepare for my day.


I am a person who truly enjoys what I do. As a therapist I am invited into client’s worlds to witness repair and healing as they recover from old wounds. As a coach I get to act as a tour guide on their journey to discovering who they really are, what they really want, and achieving goals that get them closer to their overall vision of life.

It’s safe to say that just because I like what I do, does NOT mean I am impervious to symptoms of burnout. It happens. To insulate myself and keep my mind right – I incorporate affirmations into my morning commute.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like “complicated”. If it is simple to add to my life- I’m in. So, when I think about affirmations, I like to keep them short and sassy, usually sticking to one or two that really work for me.

My personal favorite affirmations are: “Actually, I can!” and “Do it for science!”. These may seem silly to some, but when I use affirmations in place of negative self-talk my day is more productive, and I am less likely to be exhausted by the end of the workday.


If you have ever read don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, you may be familiar with the agreement: Be impeccable with your word. Words are powerful. They have value and weight according to our personal core beliefs and culture. Thoughts are unspoken words – and they can either be helpful or unhelpful in our lives.

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and, often, poor decisions. A client once phrased it as, “If I look at the world through sh*tty eyes, the world looks pretty sh*tty”. Amen.

Using an affirmation for self-encouragement results in a more positive feeling and usually results in the likelihood of making a helpful decision.


Practicing using affirmations is not a guarantee of a better life. It won’t affect the weather, acts of nature, or how other people treat you. Affirmations are for you, and you alone, to shape your attitude as you move through your day or into your future.

Affirmations build resilience. Have you noticed there are some sensitive souls walking the earth these days? Maybe you recognize this in yourself – taking words that were not meant for you, personally. Seeing offense in actions that have nothing to do with you. Practicing self-encouragement and providing yourself with emotional support armors you.

Affirmations motivate. Carefully crafted statements can provide momentum to keep you moving forward! Statements like “Progress, not perfection!” and “Just keep swimming!” stimulate our brains and keep us from getting stuck.

Finally, I find affirmations can be a part of my spirituality. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed or when I can’t immediately see a way through, I like to use thoughts such as “Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit!” or while breathing “In with the light, out with the dark”.  


Here are a few more you can try:


I know I can.

I trust in miracles.

I am not alone.

Feelings are not facts.

Expect nothing. Appreciate Everything.

Life is what I make it.

I never give up.

I stand up for my beliefs, morals, and values.

Patience, Kindness, Tolerance, Love.

I live in the moment, while learning from the past and preparing for the future.


What works for me or your friend – will not necessarily work for you. Have fun playing around and creating your own. Tailor them to your needs!



To visit Molly’s website Click Here!  



The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

Hello everyone! My name is Susan Fisher of 9 Energies, and I am here to explain to you what the 9 Natural Energies are and how they will guide you towards gaining a better understanding of yourself and your reality. I am so excited to share this with you all so, let’s dive in.

In 2002, as part of a Coaching and Leadership training program in California, I found out that I have Natural Energy 6.  Now what does that mean? It confirmed that it is natural for me to feel the energy of everything, in the moment, when I activate my body by expanding my rib cage by using my breath and the inter-costal muscles in my chest. My great gift is that I can make sense of that energy and help move people and communities progress toward what is most alive, important, and compelling. Understanding the natural strength available in my body was freeing. It explained what I love about myself, that few others ever seemed to understand. I felt compelled to learn everything I could about this interesting revelation.


I spent the next 17 years voraciously studying, identifying, and researching this human reality. I attended every workshop available on the subject, every event where people were being  shown and encouraged to connect with their Natural Energy, a process we call identification. I invited everyone I knew to experience their Natural Energy. My whole family was soon identified.  I dedicated myself to the study and research of this eye-opening understanding. The more I learned, the more I felt I had found my calling.  


Seventeen years of research and study has confirmed that; 

  1. There are nine regions in the body, each one uses a different set of bones, muscles, and tendons each of which when activated provide access to different information  
  2. One region is born active in our bodies, creating a specific way of interacting with the world, we call this your Natural Energy 
  3.  Learning to activate all of the regions creates a state-shift in consciousness that enables us to expand our awareness, activate our Cosmic Genius, build our compassion, improve our relationships and live happier lives. 


People of each Natural Energy have a specific facial structure, body shape, way of interacting with people, sensory experience, and a similar context of caring. There is a simple physical process, performed by a trained facilitator, used to determine which of the 9 Natural Energies is most active in your body.  


My husband Martin Fisher and I created 9 Energies Inc, a non-profit, in 2007 with a mission to research, identify, and teach the Natural Energies.  Since then we have identified over 7000 people from around the world. Everyone has a Natural Energy, it crosses race, culture, gender. It influences and explains your way of being. 


Through in-depth interviews and research we have developed very specific descriptions of each of the Natural Energies. The description of your Natural Energy should resonate very strongly with your understanding of your reality. Once your Natural Energy is identified you have a simple physical adjustment that you can make that enables you to reconnect to the physical activation of your Natural Energy, like expanding my chest does for me as a Natural Energy 6.  With regular practice, you can grow your power and gifts that come naturally to you through your body.


Learning to activate all the regions of your body is also possible.  This is a transformative process that changes and adds to your perception of reality with each activation.  Each adds access to information that you could not perceive prior. There is a state change that occurs when you learn to activate each region that is surprising, palpable, and transformational.


This knowledge is powerful when understood within community.  I recently met Karoline Rose, of KRose Marketing. She was speaking to the Bozeman Business and Professional Women’s  Association about marketing. I immediately recognized, by how she stood, interacted with others, spoke, and by the physical characteristics of her body that her active region was at the low back, down through the legs, Natural Energy 8.  Karoline’s competence and confidence made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was talking about. I decided to hire her to help with 9 Energies marketing.  


Knowing Karoline as Natural Energy 8, I knew that through experiences she would gain a deep understanding of our work.  I hired Karoline to teach me how to best market 9 Energies in the Bozeman Community. With each meeting Karoline’s understanding and confidence in me and 9 Energies grew.  After working together for a couple of months she had taken in enough information and understood the power of knowing about your physical nature, and she invited us to come and identify her team.


After working with all the members of the KRose team, we were able to talk about the strengths and skills associated with each person, relative to their role in the organization.  The Natural Energy 7 in the operations role will be continually looking to improve processes, looking for what needs to change, to provide the best possible outcomes for all. Working together with Karoline’s Natural Energy 8ness together they can create new ways of doing things that will be impactful, achievable, and practical.  The main sales role is Natural Energy 6, which will be able to understand and respond to what the client wants and needs while helping the client and KRose find the most efficient and alive path toward that solution, and Karoline knows that the Natural Energy 6 will need her 100% backing and support to help those solutions to be understood and put into action.  


Knowing which of her staff have Natural Energies 1-4 also helps Karoline know which of them need direct eye contact and put relationships high on the list of where to start an interaction. She has two staff with Natural Energy 2, without understanding their need for eye contact and their powerful ability to engage, Karoline might easily miss important information coming from the interaction with the Natural Energy 2’s on her staff.  This could ultimately lead to lower job satisfaction and misunderstandings without knowing what all parties need and offer in connection. Natural Energy 2s also need to keep moving, including movement and interaction in their jobs, not always being stuck behind a computer screen will provide even greater synergy and job satisfaction.


Karoline also knows what Natural Energies are missing in her organization. Understanding what Natural Energies are present is important, but understanding what is missing makes a big difference too, especially when looking at the big picture.  Karoline was very aware that her organization did not include Natural Energy 1,3 or 9 at that time. This gave her food for thought about how best to create opportunities to include these missing Natural Energies to create better balance in the organization.  She realized why they were not there, and began to consider ways to add the perspective of the other Natural Energies when they were needed. For example, both Natural Energy 1 and 3 are skilled at creating beauty – in the event that Karoline wanted to create more beauty in her marketing products, bringing in a 1 or 3 graphic designer could help add a fresh perspective on the design aesthetic. Considering adding a Natural Energy 9 to her advisory board might get her that bigger picture view of how to create ease and flow in her organization, and to understand the larger impact of taking on new projects, marketing directions and customers.


Identifying Karoline’s organization was the next step in our partnership.  My confidence and trust in Karoline grew, and hers in me. To truly develop the best marketing strategy possible for 9 Energies, Karoline and her team dove deeply into understanding what the 9 Energies are about and how they affect relationships, skills and gifts, and natural talents.  We are excited to continue to explore and understand how the Natural Energies of the staff at Krose Marketing affect and inform their operations and how they influence the development of 9 Energies’ marketing strategy. What Karoline and I are both confident about is that this is powerful information in relationships, in organizational development, and in leadership. We are excited to continue to explore the possibilities this presents for both of our organizations.


For more information on how to learn more and have a program tailored for your organization,  

Website: 9 Energies

Email: Susan.Fisher@9Energies  

Call: 406-577-6553.

Building Good Habits by Setting 3 Weekly Goals

Building Good Habits by Setting 3 Weekly Goals

Building good habits can be a lot easier said than done. We all know good habits are tough to form and easy to break but let’s start at the beginning, how to build good habits in life by setting weekly goals. Most of us have goals or dreams for what we wish to accomplish in the future but unless we develop good habits and set goals are dreams will remain just that, dreams. Whether you’re seeking a job promotion or planning to start your own business, there are steps you must take to accomplish your major goals. We recommend setting three smaller weekly goals to form good habits, which will, in turn, help you continually reach new goals. 


Let’s discuss the differences between goals and habits. A Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. A Habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. 


Goals are what you want to achieve. Habits are how you develop a routine to reach your goals. 

But can you start building good habits in life?

Goals alone are tricky and often ineffective. Studies show that just setting a goal can confuse our brains into feeling achievement, whether or not the goal is reached. This is why it’s crucial to form habits that will help you reach your goals, rather than just setting them. We recommend not publicly sharing your goals, as this also triggers the reward center in our brain. We want to trigger that response when the goals are actually reached. 


Business goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). Vague goals are nearly impossible to reach. Always make sure to hit these five points as you set your own goals. 


Good habits are difficult to develop but are tremendously effective in reaching goals. We believe goals and habits must go hand in hand. So, how can you start building good habits and keep them? 


Here at KRose, we embrace goals and good habits to move our business forward and improve each team member on an individual basis. We know it’s important to Balance Your Growth Personally and in Business.


For you, our reader, your goals are going to look different than ours. We are going to go over some examples to help you understand the process. Once you understand the process, you can start to develop these patterns for yourself. 


How to build good habits in life: Examples

Example 1:

Anna wants to achieve financial stability in her business but doesn’t know where to start. She’s in the early stages of her business and hasn’t made a profit yet. She needs to pay off student loan debt she acquired as an undergraduate. But she doesn’t see where there is room to grow her business and pay off her student debt. If we were to sit down with Anna, we would map out a weekly game plan she can follow. 


She decides in order to reach financial stability, she needs to keep a regular expenditure report (1), set and keep a budget (2), and pay off her debts (3). Anna sets up daily check-ins with an accountability partner to make sure she is staying on track. She details a weekly, monthly, and quarterly budget to make sure she isn’t overspending in any areas. Finally, Anna makes a realistic goal for how much money she can put toward her student debt each month. In order to reach her monthly goal, she breaks it down weekly to make sure she will have enough at the end of the month. 


Since it takes about 21 days to form a habit, it’s crucial Anna checks in with her accountability partner and follows her weekly goals. The great news is that before the end of the month, her goals become second nature. Now she has a game plan and realistic steps to achieve her long-term goals for financial stability. 


Example 2: 

Sarah runs a photography business and wants to take it to the next level through online marketing. She is starting out with a new Instagram page, but doesn’t know where to go from there. 


If we were to sit down with Sarah, we would ask her who her ideal customer is and where she thinks they are online. She realizes Instagram is a good start, but she also needs to maintain a Facebook business page, a Pinterest page, and an email list. 


In order to reach these goals, she needs to develop content creation and posting habits to keep each page flourishing. Every week Sarah is going to lay out what images she will share on each platform, and detail what message she is trying to share. She is going to schedule Facebook posts, create pins, and gather emails through opt-ins. 


Since Sarah’s goals will change over time, she is starting out with improving her Instagram profile (1). We would have her read and implement the advice on What Every Business Instagram Profile Needs. Before she can send out emails, she needs to build that email list (2). She already has enough content to repurpose for a good Facebook start and to create pins for Pinterest (3).  


After she builds her social media following and email list, we would then encourage Sarah to start creating Facebook Ads and developing email marketing campaigns. We know that within a month of following through on her original weekly goals, she will have developed the necessary habits to continually improve her online presence. 


Example 3: 

Mary has a side-hustle making and selling homemade crafts. As a mother of three, she has a busy schedule and not a lot of downtime. She wants to find ways to continue creating her homemade crafts, while improving her customer service and raising her children all at the same time. 


In order to keep her inventory growing, Mary decides she needs to create three crafts weekly. She schedules her craft time while her children are in school in the mornings. Before they return home, she is going to respond to all customer service messages. For her schedule, once the children are home from school, there won’t be as much time to respond to customers. When messages come in, she quickly jots down their name for her list to contact the next day while her children are in school. 


Not all goals are business-oriented. Mary wants to spend quality time with her kids as often as possible. For her, it’s important to read with each child for at least twenty minutes a day. Her goal to read for one hour a day is just as important to her as selling her crafts. Of course, it won’t be easy, and she’ll have those days when unexpected problems arise. But overtime Mary is developing the habits she needs to carry out her goals as realistically as possible. 


As you can see from these examples, every person’s goals look differently and are obtained through different methods. When we ask ourselves how to start building good habits in life, often we have a big end goal but need to break it down into smaller goals. After landing on what your smaller goals are, you can see what daily and weekly habits you need to form to reach those small goals. Over time as the habits develop, your ability to reach these goals grows exponentially.


Reaching goals and building good habits can feel overwhelming at first. It’s important to Let Little Moments Fuel You and to give yourself credit for the things you’re doing right. 


Let us know in the comments what your weekly goals are, and how you are developing good habits to reach them. 

Personal and professional goals from a CEO

Personal and professional goals from a CEO

I’m a big believer in the big three. I do three goals every day, but I also have three goals every month, every quarter, and every 6 months. I encourage my team to do the same. Recently we came up with company goals for one month, three months, and six months.

Setting goals is important whether you are a small business owner or not. In order to achieve results of any sort, you have to map them out and give them a time frame. My team has encouraged me to share my personal and professional goals with our audience so you can have an idea of where to get started on your own lists.

My personal goals

Become debt free

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

I have a handful of student loan debt, some credit card debt from when I first started my business, a little bit of medical debt, vehicle loans, and a cattle loan. I’m a believer in the Dave Ramsey principle and I know as a business owner if I can take care of my personal finances, I will have more freedom in the business. The first step is to save $1,000 and I have that done.

The next step would be to pay my debts from smallest to largest. I paid off ten debts over the summer and two in the month of September. I’ll be paying off about $20,000 of debt before December. Although the Dave Ramsey program only recommends having $1,000 in savings, I think it would be good to have $5,000. I think this would give the business room to grow and give me freedom to sit back and let things come as they are.

Decrease my body fat percentage

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

My entire life I have struggled with my weight. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ size. I have always been very athletically built and have had a very strong body. When I first became sick, my medications caused me to rapidly gain weight right after high school.

When I went into college I was probably at my highest weight and in my sophomore year I lost about 50 pounds. I kept the weight off all through college. After college, my meds got switched up a little bit more to see if I had lupus and that caused me to gain more weight, which I wasn’t happy with.

Now, I’m working to decrease my body fat percentage by about 10 percent. I’m going to go until I’m in the range of a healthy body fat percentage. I expect to hit this goal in about February 2019, so I’m taking it one step at a time. I know how I eat will look different when I’m traveling. I’m expecting that and know to adjust based on the environment on the road.

Read more about how I stay emotionally healthy

Run a half marathon

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

I was hoping to get that done this year. I don’t think it’s going to happen so I’m hoping I can start training early next spring and run a half marathon early summer of next year.

Why do I think it’s important to run a half marathon? I think it’s really important to set up a hard goal. The most I’ve ever run is 12 miles and half marathons are 12.1 miles. I love the idea of pushing myself and setting a goal outside my comfort zone. I’m competitive so I like the idea of racing. I like goals that take some work. It’s not something I can go out tomorrow and easily accomplish or accomplish well. It’s something that by losing some body fat percentage, I will open some doors to train better. I work with a great trainer Sarah Keller who will be able to help me accomplish that goal. Hopefully by the time I am 27, I will have run a half marathon.


My business goals  

Write a book

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

The idea for this sparked only a few months ago and has grown into an amazing and exciting project I’m really proud of. I came up with some areas of focus and have been recording sections for the past couple months. Once everything is written, my team and I will continue editing and tweaking the format until we are very happy with the results. By December 31 of this year, my goal is to have the first draft of the book completed. I’m excited to say we are making real headway on this goal and I can’t wait for you to have the chance to read it!

Start a Podcast

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

This is another crazy idea I had a few months ago when I polled the KRose Marketing Group to see what type of media they most prefer. Overwhelming the response was podcasts. Obviously we are going to continue with the blog and other projects, but we have been brainstorming and preparing to present a fun, educational podcast where listeners can learn from our experience and our mistakes.

So many of you are hustlers and on the go 24/7. You might not always have that extra 15 minutes to read through a blog. But you can download a podcast and listen to it on your way to your next appointment, while you get ready in the morning, or while you’re cooking dinner. The great thing about podcasts is the ability to consume them while completing another task. I don’t always recommend multi-tasking, but it seems to work well when listening to a podcast and completing undistracting tasks.

A group coaching concept & grow the Acceleration Nation

Personal & Professional Goals — KRose Marketing

We really want to build a group coaching environment — both in person where business members come together, but also in the KRose Acceleration Nation. We want to focus on meeting members where they are at, giving them the tools to grow their business, and serving them in a group capacity. It’s so important for people to get together to increase their skills and knowledge.

It greatly helps when small business owners can build off each other, lift each other up and hold each other accountable. In the next year we hope to have more group coaching, both locally in the Bozeman and Helena area, but also online.

Now we are really accountable to these goals! (Not that we weren’t already). You can watch us on Instagram and Facebook as we move toward these. We encourage you to join in and see what we are doing. What are your three personal and professional goals?

4 Tips for Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure

4 Tips for Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure

Self care is a very trendy phrase amongst entrepreneurs. We hear a lot about physical care. Sleep well, drink enough water, eat a healthy diet. Of course our physical health is very important, but we often neglect our mental and emotional care. For a business owner it’s crucial to stay emotionally healthy. As many of you know, I live with an autoimmune disease, which makes it even more important for me to stay on top of both physical and emotional aspects.

When I first started in business, I though self care was just physical. I’d take a hot bath with Epsom salt and call it good.

ONE: Practice Healthy Inner dialogue

When you’re having a down day and not feeling like yourself, it’s time to start an internal discussion. Ask yourself what is really going on. How do you talk to yourself?

There are some affirmations I say to myself on the way to work or to shipping cattle, or throughout the day. I say them so I can believe them. I encourage other people to say them, too. The other day I was at a birthday party and one of the little kids was frustrated because he wasn’t able to do something he wanted. He repeated some of these personal affirmations after me.

4 Tips to Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure - KRose Marketing

Some of the affirmations I tell myself are:

I can do hard things.

I’m going to have a great day.

I’m going to make healthy choices.

I am the expert in this area.

I’m going to be safe today.

I know what I’m talking about.

I handle myself well under pressure.

I’m going to make new friends.

I can do anything I set my mind to do.

You’re in the right spot.

You’re doing the right thing.

Your business is growing and thriving.

Whatever the situation may be, I just repeat these to myself wherever I’m going. I’ll end up having a really positive outlook when I arrive at my destination because I’m having a good conversation before I get there. If we negatively talk to ourselves, it’s a snowball effect. If we say, no one is going to like me at this conference, we might not sit by anybody or introduce ourselves. We feel bad because we’re not making any friends, and then we get even more self conscious about talking to new people. But if you speak positively to yourself, it blossoms and creates more positivity.

TWO: Journal

As a business owner and personally, I have a lot running around in my brain. I can get frustrated with one thing and the line crosses between business and personal. Suddenly I don’t know what’s pestering inside me and I react sharply. If I’m not writing down my thoughts and detailing what thorn is poking in my side, I won’t know where it’s coming from. I won’t know how to take care of it. If I can sit down and put pen to paper I can figure out where the thorn is coming from — is it personal or business? When I’m journaling, I know nobody is going to read it. I can be completely honest to hash everything out.

4 Tips to Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure

Money management is a big stressor for most of us. Let’s say a check doesn’t come in from someone we sent an invoice to and we were expecting it that day. Maybe we were going to pay a bill or pay off some debt. I immediately know my emotional state changes. I’ll get short, snappy, and stressed. I get very tired and start barking at people who have nothing to do with the money stress.

I’ve been able to pinpoint this trigger from journaling and finding the tie between my mental & emotional reaction to money issues. I can now recognize when these emotions are surfacing before I start getting short with family, friends, and team members. I can step back and ask myself what money stress is going on.

THREE: See a counselor

4 Tips to Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure - KRose Marketing

We don’t talk about counselors or therapists enough. Personally, I see a Christian counselor and she is great. I am able to talk about things I don’t talk about to anyone else. Sitting down and communicating with her is so helpful for me. I think there is some negative stigma about seeing a therapist and I don’t know why.

I’ve seen a specialist who is trained in handling mental and emotional thoughts and feelings to teach me how I can navigate through them. I know that I need someone to sort through those feelings. I need someone to reassure me that what I’m feeling is normal. Moral of the story: If you haven’t seen a counselor yet, I highly recommend it. I see one often. It can be hard to find one you really jive with. But once you find one you like, try to see them on a regular basis.

FOUR: Have someone in your life who will call you out

I have three people in my life who will always tell me if I am acting ridiculous, who give me permission to cry, freak out, or tell me to get over it and move on. You need people in your life who give you the emotional and mental permission to either just break down and get through it and move on. Find accountability partners. 

Staying Emotionally Healthy Under Pressure - KRose Marketing

When we’re in business for ourselves and spend a lot of time alone, it is easy for us to get caught up in our own heads. I feel the need for constant reassurance. I’ll ask the KRose team, do you guys agree with this? If this was your own business, is this how you would run it? That’s exactly the mentality I want them to have.

Having mental & emotional perfection is not going to happen. You just need to know when to control your emotions and when you can have the freak out session.

I use the Stress Away from Young Living, it’s actually in my car, as I’m writing this blog I have it in my hand. For the days when I’m feeling slightly anxious or stressed, I put this on my wrists or the back of my neck. It has helped a ton. I also pray, a lot. I always remember God’s will might not be mine. Maybe he is working on my cards in a certain way because he’s teaching me something or there’s a situation down the road I need to be stronger for. 

Check out my interview with Live Your Story Podcast to learn more about how I stay healthy – emotionally and physically – while running my company. I have more stress relief tips over on our new YouTube page. Make sure to like and subscribe to help get our page growing!