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Let little moments fuel you

For a very long time, I thought everything had to be perfect. Before I presented a project to a client or to the world via Facebook or Instagram, I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. By perfect I mean 100 percent flawless. Every spelling error needed to be fixed, all...

Balancing your growth personally and in business

The line between business and personal growth can be confusing. I tend to think there is an overlap between the two. When you make yourself better, you make your business better. When you make your business better, ideally, you make yourself better. You need to...

Personal and professional goals from a CEO

I’m a big believer in the big three. I do three goals every day, but I also have three goals every month, every quarter, and every 6 months. I encourage my team to do the same. Recently we came up with company goals for one month, three months, and six months. Setting...

Build your strengths that light your fire

When I first started the KRose Cattle Company after I graduated from college, I thought my strengths were completely different than what I see as my strengths today. I thought I could work really hard in a bunch of different areas and excel in each of them. You are a...

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