Happy Friday! 


You know what that means, it’s recap day! 


This week our blogs covered a bunch of categories so in case you missed any, here’s a recap with all the links! 


Monday: Staying Accountable by Asking the Right Questions 

  • Are you holding yourself accountable? Learn how to be asking yourself the tough questions that are SO necessary 
  • By not being realistic with yourself, you are your own worst enemy 
  • Ask the hard questions, face the facts, and let’s get going! 


Tuesday: Should I have an Email List or Not? 

  • Have you been on the fence about if your business needs an email list? 
  • Here we help show you how that answer is always YES 
  • Check out how to get started! 


Wednesday: How To Benefit from a Hotel Rewards Program 

  • Do you travel a lot for work like I do? 
  • Every entrepreneur travels at some point and I want to share some tips I’ve learned over the years! 
  • These programs have really come in handy so if they’ve helped me, they will help you! 


Thursday: Biggest Takeaways from our Email Marketing Blog Series 

  • We have covered  TON in email marketing so we broke it down even further 
  • One summary of everything we covered on Email Marketing, is just a click away! 


Thank you for another great week and stay tuned for what’s coming! 


Have a great weekend!