Happy Friday guys! 


You know what’s coming…our weekly recap! 


So this week was a little different because we shared TWO small businesses! 


Let’s dive in 


Monday: Small Business Spotlight: JRock Jewelry 

  • Montana local, Jessica Hanson took a leap of faith to pursue her dream and her craft of making statement pieces of jewelry 
  • Her style is so unique that there is something for everyone 
  • Check out Jessica’s story behind her business and see some of the pieces I LOVED! 


Tuesday: Comparing Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing 

  • Not sure which platforms fit your business? 
  • We have broken down each platform so you can decide which will work for you! 
  • Believe it or not, some businesses should NOT be on Instagram… why? Because their audience may not be there! 
  • Check out our quick guide! 


Wednesday: Small Business Spotlight: Amanda Radke 

  • Remember how Ellen announced on instagram that we should eat less meat? 
  • Amanda has been going viral on social media to try and tell the TRUE story behind agriculture and ranchers! 
  • We are here to support her the whole way and you should too! 
  • If you’re on the fence, read her story and it just might change your mind 


Thursday: Answering you FAQs 

  • Being in marketing, I get a ton of questions so I figured I would jot down some of the big ones that seem to be pretty common 
  • Social Media questions? Marketing? Business? Being an Entrepreneur? I got you! 


Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!