How to Gather & Start an Email List

How to Gather & Start an Email List

If you’ve been following our blog lately (which you definitely should!), you know how important we stress having an email list. In order to gather your list, you need to create and utilize a landing or lead page, create an opt-in or freebie, share that opt-in/freebie, give people a reason to stay on your list, and utilize email marketing software to easily plan your strategies.


“Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them,” —Neil Patel, Crazy Egg and QuickSprout founder 


Create an Opt-In 


We talked about opt-ins in our recent Email Marketing blog, but let’s go over the basics. Along with opt-ins, you can also use what is called a freebie or a freemium. This is something you are offering of a $250+ value in exchange for a person’s email address. This could be a PDF full of valuable information, a webinar, a video, a training, or a coupon. 


To create an opt-in, you need a landing page or a lead page where people can sign up for your email list. Once someone signs up, you want to immediately provide them with the free item. 


Make sure to check out some FAQs we responded to about what makes a valuable opt-in.


Share your Opt-In


You can create ads, Facebook ads, and other social media ads out of the opt-in you created. This is another great way to get people on your email list. You don’t see an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) from gathering your email list. But once someone is on your list, they’re that much closer to becoming a paying customer. Remember it’s a long game you are playing with your email marketing strategy. 


Read about How to Use Facebook to Build your Email List


Create a Landing Page 


A landing page is a focused page that invites people to sign up to learn more. They’re great for promoting with a clear call-to-action to get people on your email list. There are several landing page builders you can use including Google Sites, Unbounce, Wix, and Instapage. We often use Leadpages, which is great for advertising and selling products/services. 


Grow your List Further — Give People a Reason to Join your Email List


We recommend starting out with one opt-in to figure out how it works and what you want from it. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you should try coming up with three opt-ins or freebies you can rotate to meet the needs of your ideal customer. 


When someone is considering submitting their email address, they’re thinking, “What am I going to get from this?” You want to make sure the answer is very clear for your ideal customer. We’ve all got spam emails filling our inboxes to the brim. Often you think you need the information you’re signing up for, but end up with countless messages you’ll never read. 


To avoid becoming an annoyance to inboxes everywhere, make sure you are actually providing relevant, valuable information and material. Give people a reason to stay on your list. Once a person has received their opt-in or freebie, you want them to stay active. Engage them with attention grabbing headlines and emails full of great material. Give them a reason to keep opening your emails! 


Of course you’ll want to sell through your email list, but you have to consciously find a balance. We recommend the give, give, give, sell model. You can offer coupons, tips, exclusive perks, and more. 


Utilize ActiveCampaign 


There are a lot of marketing technologies you can use to maximize your email list’s potential. After using several, we have stuck with ActiveCampaign for years now. It has flexibility, making it easy for businesses of all types to use its features for their own unique needs. 


ActiveCampaign has four core elements: 

  • Email Marketing 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Sales CRM 
  • Customer Messaging 


There is a free ActiveCampaign training course you can take. The course goes over: 

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of what you need to set up your account and get ready to send emails
  • Navigating your account, adding addresses in compliance with email laws, and how to get site tracking set up for your website
  • Organizing your contacts, adding new contacts, sorting them into segments based on tags
  • Sending your first campaign and learning about the six types of campaigns you can use
  • Creating automations and figuring out what you can automate 
  • How to create and automate your sales pipelines 

Email is personal, targeted, and purposeful. You have permission to show up in a user’s inbox and communicate with them one-one-one. It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in. If you have a website and want visitors to come back as returning customers, then you need to get them on your email list. Mastering the art of email will pay huge dividends for your business in the long run. It is a slow game, but very worth it in the end.

The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

Hello everyone! My name is Susan Fisher of 9 Energies, and I am here to explain to you what the 9 Natural Energies are and how they will guide you towards gaining a better understanding of yourself and your reality. I am so excited to share this with you all so, let’s dive in.

In 2002, as part of a Coaching and Leadership training program in California, I found out that I have Natural Energy 6.  Now what does that mean? It confirmed that it is natural for me to feel the energy of everything, in the moment, when I activate my body by expanding my rib cage by using my breath and the inter-costal muscles in my chest. My great gift is that I can make sense of that energy and help move people and communities progress toward what is most alive, important, and compelling. Understanding the natural strength available in my body was freeing. It explained what I love about myself, that few others ever seemed to understand. I felt compelled to learn everything I could about this interesting revelation.


I spent the next 17 years voraciously studying, identifying, and researching this human reality. I attended every workshop available on the subject, every event where people were being  shown and encouraged to connect with their Natural Energy, a process we call identification. I invited everyone I knew to experience their Natural Energy. My whole family was soon identified.  I dedicated myself to the study and research of this eye-opening understanding. The more I learned, the more I felt I had found my calling.  


Seventeen years of research and study has confirmed that; 

  1. There are nine regions in the body, each one uses a different set of bones, muscles, and tendons each of which when activated provide access to different information  
  2. One region is born active in our bodies, creating a specific way of interacting with the world, we call this your Natural Energy 
  3.  Learning to activate all of the regions creates a state-shift in consciousness that enables us to expand our awareness, activate our Cosmic Genius, build our compassion, improve our relationships and live happier lives. 


People of each Natural Energy have a specific facial structure, body shape, way of interacting with people, sensory experience, and a similar context of caring. There is a simple physical process, performed by a trained facilitator, used to determine which of the 9 Natural Energies is most active in your body.  


My husband Martin Fisher and I created 9 Energies Inc, a non-profit, in 2007 with a mission to research, identify, and teach the Natural Energies.  Since then we have identified over 7000 people from around the world. Everyone has a Natural Energy, it crosses race, culture, gender. It influences and explains your way of being. 


Through in-depth interviews and research we have developed very specific descriptions of each of the Natural Energies. The description of your Natural Energy should resonate very strongly with your understanding of your reality. Once your Natural Energy is identified you have a simple physical adjustment that you can make that enables you to reconnect to the physical activation of your Natural Energy, like expanding my chest does for me as a Natural Energy 6.  With regular practice, you can grow your power and gifts that come naturally to you through your body.


Learning to activate all the regions of your body is also possible.  This is a transformative process that changes and adds to your perception of reality with each activation.  Each adds access to information that you could not perceive prior. There is a state change that occurs when you learn to activate each region that is surprising, palpable, and transformational.


This knowledge is powerful when understood within community.  I recently met Karoline Rose, of KRose Marketing. She was speaking to the Bozeman Business and Professional Women’s  Association about marketing. I immediately recognized, by how she stood, interacted with others, spoke, and by the physical characteristics of her body that her active region was at the low back, down through the legs, Natural Energy 8.  Karoline’s competence and confidence made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was talking about. I decided to hire her to help with 9 Energies marketing.  


Knowing Karoline as Natural Energy 8, I knew that through experiences she would gain a deep understanding of our work.  I hired Karoline to teach me how to best market 9 Energies in the Bozeman Community. With each meeting Karoline’s understanding and confidence in me and 9 Energies grew.  After working together for a couple of months she had taken in enough information and understood the power of knowing about your physical nature, and she invited us to come and identify her team.


After working with all the members of the KRose team, we were able to talk about the strengths and skills associated with each person, relative to their role in the organization.  The Natural Energy 7 in the operations role will be continually looking to improve processes, looking for what needs to change, to provide the best possible outcomes for all. Working together with Karoline’s Natural Energy 8ness together they can create new ways of doing things that will be impactful, achievable, and practical.  The main sales role is Natural Energy 6, which will be able to understand and respond to what the client wants and needs while helping the client and KRose find the most efficient and alive path toward that solution, and Karoline knows that the Natural Energy 6 will need her 100% backing and support to help those solutions to be understood and put into action.  


Knowing which of her staff have Natural Energies 1-4 also helps Karoline know which of them need direct eye contact and put relationships high on the list of where to start an interaction. She has two staff with Natural Energy 2, without understanding their need for eye contact and their powerful ability to engage, Karoline might easily miss important information coming from the interaction with the Natural Energy 2’s on her staff.  This could ultimately lead to lower job satisfaction and misunderstandings without knowing what all parties need and offer in connection. Natural Energy 2s also need to keep moving, including movement and interaction in their jobs, not always being stuck behind a computer screen will provide even greater synergy and job satisfaction.


Karoline also knows what Natural Energies are missing in her organization. Understanding what Natural Energies are present is important, but understanding what is missing makes a big difference too, especially when looking at the big picture.  Karoline was very aware that her organization did not include Natural Energy 1,3 or 9 at that time. This gave her food for thought about how best to create opportunities to include these missing Natural Energies to create better balance in the organization.  She realized why they were not there, and began to consider ways to add the perspective of the other Natural Energies when they were needed. For example, both Natural Energy 1 and 3 are skilled at creating beauty – in the event that Karoline wanted to create more beauty in her marketing products, bringing in a 1 or 3 graphic designer could help add a fresh perspective on the design aesthetic. Considering adding a Natural Energy 9 to her advisory board might get her that bigger picture view of how to create ease and flow in her organization, and to understand the larger impact of taking on new projects, marketing directions and customers.


Identifying Karoline’s organization was the next step in our partnership.  My confidence and trust in Karoline grew, and hers in me. To truly develop the best marketing strategy possible for 9 Energies, Karoline and her team dove deeply into understanding what the 9 Energies are about and how they affect relationships, skills and gifts, and natural talents.  We are excited to continue to explore and understand how the Natural Energies of the staff at Krose Marketing affect and inform their operations and how they influence the development of 9 Energies’ marketing strategy. What Karoline and I are both confident about is that this is powerful information in relationships, in organizational development, and in leadership. We are excited to continue to explore the possibilities this presents for both of our organizations.


For more information on how to learn more and have a program tailored for your organization,  

Website: 9 Energies

Email: Susan.Fisher@9Energies  

Call: 406-577-6553.


Recap of This Week’s Blog Content 8/30

Recap of This Week’s Blog Content 8/30

Happy Friday and holiday weekend! We had a bunch of blogs go live this week so we want to make sure you didn’t miss any you were wanting to read! We are going to bring you an outline of each week’s content that way if you missed any, they are all laid out for you! 


Here is this week’s line up: 


Monday: Staying Accountable by Asking the Right Questions  

  • If you aren’t holding yourself accountable, who will? 
  • If you aren’t asking yourself the hard but necessary questions, are you really growing? 
  • Find out how asking yourself the right questions can help you grow!


Tuesday: Email Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint 

  • We break down email marketing to show you that it will pay off for you in the long run 
  • If you keep at it and stick with it, the results will come and continue to keep building! 
  • Setting the foundation for yourself will allow for continued growth! 


Wednesday:  Small Business Spotlight: Becca Sprague of AXE Designs 

  • Becca Sprague has been a Small Business Accelerator member for a while and she owns a marketing and consulting company that focuses on our first responders! 
  • She tells her story and her mission behind AXE Designs and she is truly inspiring! 


Thursday: How to Apply Google My Business to YOUR Business 

  • Here we explain how to apply Google My Business to your specific needs 
  • We have talked about Google My Business in a couple blogs but this one is all about how to directly apply it!


That does it for this week of blogs and as always please let us know what you think or let us know if there are any topics you would like us to discuss!  


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


How to Apply Google My Business to YOUR business

How to Apply Google My Business to YOUR business

Google My Business helps you provide the information that will be displayed from a person’s Google search. This is an important tool for several reasons. When a potential client looks you up, you want them to find you easily and accurately. You get to control the listing of your contact information, photos, hours of operation, and more. 


You don’t have to worry about paying for another service. Google My Business is free, allowing businesses to create a website free of charge. We covered all the details of what Google My Business is and how it can be a secret weapon for small businesses.


Now we are going to go over how to apply this secret weapon for YOUR business. 


How to Create a Google My Business Listing


Step One: Create a Google Account if you don’t have one already associated with your business. If you already have one, you can just log in. 


Step Two: Head over to and find the “Start Now” link in the top-right corner. 


Step Three: Type in Your Business Name 


Step Four: Submit your business address


From here you can choose “I deliver goods and services to my customers”, if you deliver your products to customers. If you operate out of your home or another location you don’t want shared, you can select “Hide my address (it’s not a store). Then you can enter your delivery area if you have one. 


Step Five: Select your business category and try to be as specific as you can be. This is where you are informing Google what type of potential clients you want to see your listing. 


Step Six: Add your contact phone number and/or website. 


Step Seven: Select a verification option. You can do a postcard, phone number, email address, and more. 


Once you have a verified Google My Business account, you can optimize your listing by providing advanced information. This can include photos, amenities, features, “established in” date, along with other details. 


It’s critical you double, triple and quadruple check your information since anybody with internet access can “suggest an edit”. You should also check back in on your listing often to make sure everything still looks correct. 


You can edit your business profile by logging into your Google My Business dashboard, selecting “Info” and then the “edit pencil” next to what you wish to change. Finally you select “Apply” and boom! You’re done. 


There is a Google My Business app you can download on your mobile devices (cell phones, iPads, tablets). 

You can utilize the app for: 

  • Updating business location, contact info, hours, and description
  • Viewing search insights 
  • Posting pictures and status updates 

You can’t use the app to change settings, give listing ownership to someone else, or delete your listing. 


When you want to target local customers, Google My Business is a necessity. Almost all internet users hop on to Google regularly. You want to ensure your audience is finding everything they can about you and that it is accurate information. 


Make sure you check out our recent guest blog by Tessa Witmer, “Google My Business Account: A Secret Weapon for Small Business Success” for more details.

 For frequent updates on Tessa and her facebook group for small businesses click here!


Small Business Spotlight: Axe Designs with Becca Sprauge

Small Business Spotlight: Axe Designs with Becca Sprauge

We are very passionate about small businesses growing in rural America! This week we are featuring one of our Small Business Accelerator members, Becca Sprauge. She has a passion for helping others and focuses on serving first-responders.

From Becca Sprauge

AXE Designs was born from the passion of helping others. What began as a favor, has since grown into a small business. The drive to serve those who serve others while offering skilled consulting and marketing services at reasonable prices is what makes us unique.

Being self-taught, we’re alway’s looking to improve our skills to best serve our clients. One way we do this is through our membership with KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator.

With the help of Small Business Accelerator, AXE Designs was able to be transformed from a side-hustle to a full-time career. Their program provides cutting-edge marketing strategies in a one-stop shop setting.

Following their guidance, we’ve been able to grow and maintain a broad following of loyal customers. High-level marketing skills we can do ourselves have accelerated our business, allowing us to stay at the top of our industry.

They provide learning opportunities in bite-sized pieces, enabling us to spend more time with family and have an additional level of freedom, all while not feeling left behind.

They eliminate the guessing of which social media platforms you should be using to reach your ideal customer while providing expert reasoning why. This allows us to focus our time on what works best for our business, and devote more time to our clients.

Each month the accelerator focuses on specific topics with three pieces of training, including one with a guest expert. Their Resource Library is full of high-level marketing training that you can watch on your own time. This element of the program is crucial to our success with having a fluid schedule.

If your time is limited, they offer a cheat sheet for each training. They also offer free stock photos that you can use on your social media accounts. Both have been crucial to our business when implementing a new technique with limited time for further research.

Their Accelerator Workbook allows you to fill in your goals while answering tough business calls to help jump-start your acceleration experience. This has allowed us to gather our thoughts and vision for the future of AXE Designs while recognizing gaps we didn’t realize we’re there.

Last, but not least, they offer a supportive community through a private Facebook Group called the KRose Acceleration Nation. This group is full of other small business hustlers and devoted attention from the KRose team specialists.

Being a part of this program allows us to be surrounded by top-notch business owners and receive actionable marketing tools that can be applied instantly. Having that network of like-minded people from across the country is phenomenal.

AXE Designs was founded by an “entrepreneur” in a family of “9 to 5ers”, this additional support has been invaluable. This group is there to provide you with feedback, guidance, and support for any aspect of your business.

Overall, our experience with KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator has become a crucial part of our ability to serve our clients. The insight we gain on managing our business to best assist our clients is priceless!

If you want AXE designs on their business journey and hear their stories, find them on Facebook and Instagram (@axe_designs)

Email Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

Email Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

There is a lot to say about what email marketing is and how you can utilize it as a business owner. We went over what email marketing is and why you need it just last week. But what exactly can email marketing do for your business in the long haul? 


We’re going to go over some of the many benefits your business will see when effectively running email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is the most reliable and efficient way to reach your audience. Here’s why: 


Email Marketing Benefits


Strengthen Customer Relationships

Good quality email marketing that is consistent, relevant, and valuable helps you gain the trust of your audience. Your target market wants to hear from you and know you are thinking about them. Email is the best way to update them and communicate news about your business. 


Overtime, your audience will develop a kinship with you. They’ll look forward to seeing you in their inboxes because they want to be in the loop and see what new value you are providing. You want your audience to think of you when a problem arises that you have the solution for. 


Expertise and Education 

Chances are your audience wants what you have to offer. They want to learn more from you as a trusted authority. Continue to position yourself as an expert through the content you create and share. 


Along with updating your customers about company news, promotions, and incoming product, you should also provide some valuable education. Whether you have blogs, videos, podcasts, pamphlets, or exclusive email-only content, your audience will appreciate well-crafted information. When people love your content, they’ll want to see more of it. When they have a question about your area of expertise, they’ll think about you. 


Time and Cost Effective

How you spend your time and money as a small business owner is critical. It can be hard knowing where to invest yourself. We want you putting your efforts in the right outlets, and email is one of the best. 


Purchasing advertisements can break your budget. Although there are a lot of places you can put your excess funds, as a young business you must be cautious. The time and cost involved in direct mailing campaigns, newspaper ads, online ads, and more continues to increase. 


Creating an email marketing campaign isn’t very complicated. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time, either. You are able to reach a large group of people in an instant through email. 


Increase Brand Recognition 

The more your audience sees your name and appreciates your content, the bigger your brand becomes. Make sure your emails have your brand image and name. Keep your color palette and logo consistent in the template of your emails. You will build credibility as your name continues to be seen while you provide quality content. 


Reach and Grow Your Target Market 

Not only are you able to stay in touch with your audience regularly, but you can also reach an even larger group of people through your website opt-ins. You can promote your opt-ins through social media and on your website, on your products and email signature. 

We could go on and on about the benefits of email marketing for your business. Make sure you read about what email marketing is and why you need it. You should have all the tools you need to build your email list and start seeing the benefits of email marketing. 


If you re a small business owner that is wanting to learn how to get your business up and running in a community with like-minded entrepreneurs check out our Small Business Accelerator! 


Our new FREE resource of the latest marketing trends, business hacks, social media tips, and more! What’s Hot What’s Not is completely free and designed for the self taught business owner that wants to stay ahead of the game!

Staying Accountable by Asking the Right Questions

Staying Accountable by Asking the Right Questions

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers,”

 — Tony Robbins


In order to reach our business goals, it’s important to stay accountable. You can do this in a number of ways. I always recommend having an accountability partner, but there are questions you can ask yourself to stay in check, too. 


We ask ourselves questions all the time. From “What time do I have that meeting?” to “Why am I not reaching my goals?” We can’t always control the thoughts that pass through our minds, but we can choose specific questions to ask ourselves. You can channel your questions to focus on building good habits and reaching your goals. 


It’s easy to get off track and distracted, especially when you are working for yourself. Here are some questions you can ask yourself every day or every week to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. 


Example Accountability Questions: 


What is the biggest obstacle I’m facing? 

Honing in on what is getting in your way is the first step in developing tools to move past it. Check in with yourself daily and weekly to analyze what hurdles are slowing you down. 


What do I need to tackle my biggest obstacle? 

Now that you know what’s getting in your way, how can you overcome it? You might not be able to solve the hurdle entirely. But this will help you move forward in tackling it. 


What are my top three priorities right now? 

Our priorities change over time, but it’s important to focus on what we need to get done first. As business owners and side hustlers, it’s easy to get lost in our to-do lists. By focusing on what you need to get done urgently, you can move on to the less urgent tasks knowing you are on the right track. 


Did I accomplish what I needed get done last week? 

Tasks can fall through the cracks if you don’t check in with yourself. You might not have reached every goal you were aiming to make. But by keeping a detailed account of what you did and didn’t get done, you can more thoughtfully decide on your next set of priorities. 


What lessons have I learned recently? 

There are lessons we can learn through facing and defeating our obstacles. It’s important to evaluate what exactly we are learning. I don’t know about you, but there are lessons I seem to learn over and over again. If we don’t pay close enough attention to the lessons we’re being taught, we’ll probably have to make the same mistakes over and over until we see it clearly. 


What was my biggest highlight — personally and in business? 

Remind yourself what good things have happened recently. Give yourself a pat on the back when you do things right and accomplish the tasks you set out to. If it helps you, write down your highlights and accomplishments. You could have a sticky note board or some other visual tool to remind yourself of all the good you are getting done. 


What do I need to accomplish to make this next week successful? 

Consider all you have analyzed from your recent work. Now you have a good perspective to understand what things to do the same and what to do differently to make your future even more successful. 


What do I need help with and who can help me? 

We can’t do everything alone. All successful businesses are built by teams. You might be the main worker in your operation, but you need assistance sometimes. If you don’t already have a team in place, consider who you would want on your team. Think about who in your life would be willing to help you out and in what ways. 


Reframe Unhealthy Questions 


We all face uncomfortable questions within ourselves. Some of these questions can become unhealthy and only lead to lowered self confidence. For example, you might ask yourself, “Why can’t I make it as an entrepreneur?” This question is self-defeating in itself. You’re telling yourself that you can’t make it in the form of a question. Essentially, you are telling yourself, “I can’t make it as an entrepreneur.” 


When a thought like that comes into your mind, try to reframe it into something healthier. 

Try, “Who says I can’t make it as an entrepreneur?” If answers start filling your mind of all the people who aren’t supporters, remind yourself their opinion doesn’t matter and you can prove them wrong. Hopefully you will realize it doesn’t matter if other people don’t believe in you. It only matters that YOU believe in you. 


Instead of asking yourself, “Will I ever finish this big project?” try asking, “When will I finish this big project so I can move onto my next big project?” This way you can give yourself an actual answer and a date to work toward. You are looking forward to more exciting works and encouraging yourself to finish what you’ve started. 


You might ask yourself, “Am I creative enough?” Nope, wrong question. Of course you are creative or you wouldn’t be where you are. Maybe you are comparing your creativity to another person whose creativity is displayed differently. Instead of asking if you are “enough”, ask yourself, “How can I improve as a creator?” We can always improve, and you aren’t knocking yourself down by asking this question. 


You can also reframe unhealthy questions into positive affirmations. Tell yourself: 

“I can make it as an entrepreneur.” 

“I will finish this project by X date.” 

“I am creative.”

You are on your way to asking better questions and staying accountable. Make these questions and frames part of the good habits you are building to reach your goals.

Recap Of This Week’s Blogs!

Recap Of This Week’s Blogs!

Happy Friday!  

We are coming to the end of another week of great content so we decided to break it down for you. 


In case you missed any of the blogs that went live this week, here they are! 


Monday: Building Good Habits by Setting 3 Weekly Goals 

  • The difference between goals and habits 
  • How you can get started on taking those steps towards building productive habits 
  • Examples of each and help you can apply them to your life! 


Tuesday:  What is Email Marketing & Why Your Business Needs it

  • Breakdown of what email marketing is 
  • Why it remains the top resource for eCommerce businesses 
  • How to Build your Email List 
  • Opt-In breakdown 
  • & More! 


Wednesday: Car Essentials: Keeping Life on the Road Simple 

  • How to stock your car with the RIGHT things to avoid overstocking 
  • What I Use every busy season 
  • Links to great deals on all these products! 


Thursday: Google My Business: The Secret Weapon for Small Business Success with Tessa Witmer 

  • Breakdown of what Google My Business is 
  • Ins & Outs of what it can do for your business 
  • How Google My Business can make your life SO much easier! 


To make things even easier for you, we have a few things that we offer to help you get your business on track and STAY on track!

Our What’s Hot What’s Not is a FREE resource for guidance on the latest strategies, business marketing trends, and more! Click Here to check it out.

If you are a small business owner that is wanting to learn how to market yourself to the right people, we have just the thing for you! Our Small Business Accelerator is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that have access to free trainings, classes, and guidance on all things marketing! 




We have bundles that will help you with designing your Facebook or Instagram to showcase your brand!  


Our Facebook bundle gives you our extensive Facebook audit to show you what’s working and what isn’t. It even includes our creative content calendar that you can use as a guide for your upcoming posts. Planning is everything! 

Our Instagram bundle gives you a list of over 100 hashtags that we even use and ones that we know work! You will also have access to 5 Instagram Story templates that you can tweak to your needs with a tutorial. Check it out!


Google My Business Account: a Secret Weapon for Small Business Success with Tessa Witmer

Google My Business Account: a Secret Weapon for Small Business Success with Tessa Witmer

Running a small business can be an uphill battle — and so can understanding the best strategies to take to make it successful. If you are just starting out with your small business, you might be looking for any and all the help in your market/area. Google My Business has been a lifesaver! 


One of the very first things you may have done when writing your business plan was a Google search to see the local competition around you. Googling is one of the first things your potential clients will do, too,  when they’re looking for a service or product you provide. In fact, according to EMarketer 34% of product searches start through the use of Google. If that sounds like a small percentage then keep in mind that more than 3 billion Google searches are performed every day (that number grows daily!). 


With these facts in mind, ask yourself: how intune are you with your business’s current Google search results? The answer to that question, at least for local search results, may lie in whether or not you are using Google My Business.


What is (and Why Should I Use) Google My Business? 


  Google My Business is a better way for small business owners to address and control their business’s local Google search results. It’s geared towards businesses that meet with clients or customers face to face. This means if you run a retail shop or run your business from an office, GMB is for you. 


Creating a Google My Business account is easily done by using your Google or Gmail account to verify and claim your business.  


So, what does a Google My Business account offer? As a small business owner, you’ll want to fine-tune the way that your company shows up in a search. The information that shows in your business’s Google search results can make or break whether a potential customer will buy your product or service. Simple mistakes in search results can easily hinder new customers from choosing you. These easy-to-make mistakes are easily avoided if you are using Google My Business. 


A GMB account gives you the ability to edit categories like your business hours, address, phone number and location on Google Maps. These bits of information are vitally important to the Google searcher. Why?


These days 60% of all searches are performed on mobile and close to half of those take into consideration the mobile user’s location. If your business is listed at the wrong address it won’t appear in that user’s location when they search for “florist near me” or “bakery near me”. Furthermore, a customer might have a question that can only be resolved by phone. They may also want to learn more about your business or product via your website. 


Another feature of your GMB account allows for a generous keyword-focused description of your business that will help your Google ranking and search engine optimization results. These categories of your Google My Business page are all equally important but getting the fine details right matters the most. 


The Details That Matter Most to Your GMB 


When you are starting your Google My Business account you’ll want to focus on all the small details that make up the larger picture. As mentioned above, categories like address, phone number, website and map location are hugely important to your business’s success. 


Having the right details on your GMB account can drastically increase the chance of your business appearing higher in rank during a search. After all, how else will someone find your office, call you or know where exactly to find you if that information is missing? 


There are other areas of your Google presence that you want to be sure to update. Using GMB, you can upload photos that will appear when your business profile pops up in a search. This will give you control over your brand and how your clientele views the representation of your company.


 Why do photos matter? Well, plenty of businesses are represented by awkward photos that were taken by customers or visitors. So, instead of a blurry shop front, random selfie or photo unrelated to your store, you can post photos that feature your products, business, and staff.


Posts, which are similar to those on Facebook or Instagram, are an important feature that you should utilize. Posts are a great way to quickly promote any deals or offers you’re running. Posts give the Google user immediate and pertinent information regarding what you offer without their having to scour your website or social media accounts for that information. These posts expire after 7 days, so you can easily run weekly specials or promotions with a link to a coupon code. 


You can also use your account to create events. You’ll have a 1500-character space to describe your event with relevant keywords (and especially the first 100 characters that preview the text) to attract potential customers searching for similar events. Lastly, GMB is also a great spot to easily read and respond to your customer’s reviews. 


Guidelines for Handling Your Business Reviews


With the use of your GMB account, you can address customer praises and complaints in a prompt fashion. 


There are a few simple rules to follow when responding to reviews. One of the most important requirements is replying within 24 hours. Responding quickly shows that you care about your clientele. It demonstrates that customer service is your priority and that you value feedback. Allowing a negative review to fester can push a customer to post further. One bad Google review can become that bad review copied and pasted onto Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, FourSquare or OpenTable. 


When dealing with a negative review don’t reply in anger. Instead, take the time to thank the customer for their business and their feedback. Keep your reply short and offer to speak with them offline (whether via phone or email) to further discuss and resolve the matter. Never forget:  A negative review is an opportunity for you to improve your business.  

Positive reviews are wonderful and thanking the customer for their business and feedback is the least you can do. You can also use your response to plug in important keywords. For example, a customer leaves a review about enjoying the ambiance and selection at your floral boutique. A reply can look something like this: “Thank you for your feedback! We love that you enjoyed our shop and floral selection! Check back in the coming weeks for our autumn arrangements to decorate your home this Fall!”. 


Customer service and search transparency are made much easier with the use of a Google My Business account. It ultimately allows your business to have a competitive advantage over other small businesses in your area. 


Looking for more information on how to set up your Google My Business and further improve your small business’s success? Take a peek at this printable ‘cheat sheet’ on the Top 10 Tips to Get Found on Google Search and Maps. 


Tessa Burnett Witmer has been a small business owner since 2007.  She is the owner of Hattie Rex,  a gift shop in downtown Bozeman, and Lightbox, a consultancy that helps small businesses sell online.


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Car Essentials: Keeping Life On The Road Simple

Car Essentials: Keeping Life On The Road Simple

So let’s talk car essentials. As a cattle buyer, you essentially live out of your vehicle. If you don’t believe me–I put about 50,000 miles on my truck a year. A year! I know it blows my mind as well. Over the years it has forced me to plan ahead and get pretty good at this whole living out of your vehicle. I have learned that it is SO important not to overstock your pickup because believe me, it makes your life a whole lot harder instead of thinking you’re “over prepared”–it’s a myth I promise. 


I focus on the absolute necessities and keep things simple. Simple is attainable. If you are on the road for the amount of hours as I am, simplicity is a breath of fresh air and keeps your sanity in tact.


So I have a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years and want to share with all of you who live inside your truck. I keep four different containers in my vehicle that help keep me organized and prepared for anything I might need to do while on the road.




When you travel around rural Montana, you never know when you’ll be stuck in your truck for a few hours. Flat tires, truck troubles, and SNOW STORMS have left me stuck in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, I am prepared! Everyone should travel with a few snacks in their vehicle, because you never know what might happen.


Food Container:




I would be lying if I said that I haven’t worn the same clothes two days in a row, it has happened. When you put 50,000 miles on your truck during September through February, the weather has a mind of its own. Several hotels have saved me from a night stuck in a snowstorm driving at 5 miles an hour or sleeping on the side of the road. That’s why I never leave the house without these essentials!


Toiletry Container: 


I often pack an extra pair of leggings and blanket too, especially for those bad weather days.




As you may already know, along with buying cattle I run a marketing and consulting company. Everything we do is ONLINE! Because of that, I work a lot on my phone (of course not while driving). This includes social media posting, phone calls, and emails. If my phone is down, it’s tough to work. 


Technology Container: 




The common cold always seems to find you when you’re busy. Wouldn’t you agree? I don’t want it to slow me down, and that’s why you’ll find all of these medications in my truck. You can never be too prepared when it comes to your health!


Health Container: 


To make things even EASIER for you, I have put together an Amazon “Car Essentials” list for all these things I just listed and use. To find my entire list Click Here! If you purchase from this link, it supports your girl so I would appreciate your support! I wouldn’t be sharing this with you guys unless every single one of these things have had a positive impact on my crazy on the road lifestyle in one way or another. Consider this list “road warrior” APPROVED!

 As always, let me know your thoughts or if there is something you would love for me to discuss! To see past blogs that will help you get ahead, find them here!