An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Organized with Karen Lum

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Organized with Karen Lum

 Karen Lum of KLum Consulting, has helped the KRose Company so much with organization and prioritization, that we just had to ask her to share her thoughts will all of you! She gives some tools that she has found and loves and we can’t wait to share them, enjoy!


Organization skills and prioritization methods are abundant online; in fact, there are so many options it can feel quite overwhelming to determine what prioritization methods and organizational tools to adopt for your own professional success. Here is the real key to finding a great prioritization method that works for you;  you first need to understand how you think and function best. If you start with understanding your own tendencies and stuck spots you will have far more success when vetting systems and tools to support you with prioritization of goals and tasks.


So how to go about doing this… here are a few options: Find an assessment tool or two that you can take to learn a bit more about how you are wired. Insights Discovery, Myers Briggs are both long-standing assessment tools that can provide insight. The Enneagram assessment has also become quite popular in providing perspective about characteristics and tendencies of individuals. 


In addition to these tools, you can do some of your own assessment through journaling and answering questions about your current processes. 


Here are 7 self-assessment questions:


  1. Do I have a realistic sense of how long tasks take?
  2. Am I currently using any method at all to track my tasks or time? If yes, describe the method?
  3. What time of day do I feel most in ‘my zone” and productive?
  4. Do I get overwhelmed easily? If so, what specifically triggers my feelings of overwhelm?
  5. What communication method is my preference when someone is delegating work to me?
  6. Do I prefer hard copy business and organization tools or electronic tools? Why?
  7. What is my process for evaluating progress on my goals?


I have three tools that I, as well as many of my clients, use and have had success with and I would love to share them with you!


  1.  TRELLO.


Trello is an online tool with an app that works wonderfully on mobile as well. Of all the digital organizational tools I have tested or used, Trello remains my favorite. I tend to use a combination of electronic and hard copy prioritization tools and Trello’s interface feels a lot like an old-fashioned bulletin board to me (I dig it!). Trello utilizes digital “index cards” to support users in building out tasks, projects, timelines and accountable parties. It can easily be used by an individual or a large team who is collaborating on a larger goal.  


Some of my favorite features of the Trello app are:


– The awesome UX of Trello that feels like a throwback bulletin board but on steroids (it works with my visual learning tendencies)


– Ability to physically drag “cards” to other areas of my “bulletin board”/project list


– Ease of sharing components of my Trello board with others when I want to collaborate


– Color-coding of tasks and projects


– Super smooth experience breaking down any “card” or task into a To-Do list with dates and action items


– The sheer versatility of the tool – basically Trello gives you this simple framework of a bulletin board with columns and you can build them out to reflect any tracking need or project you can think of! You can build an entire board that is just tasks by days of the week. Or you can build out a board that you use for brainstorming new projects. Its amazing and I kinda find it fun, which I can’t say about many professional tools!





I suggest you give my Top FIVE Priority List process a try for three weeks and see what you learn about yourself and the flow of your days. The power of this process is in its simplicity. 


The Top FIVE Priority List forces you to focus in on your micro-planning while keeping the bigger picture in mind. I developed this tool for myself when I noticed how susceptible I was to sitting down at my desk in the morning and utilizing email as my guide for what got my attention. Regardless of what larger goals I had on my radar for the day, once I dove into email, I would quickly use an hour (or sometimes more) tackling correspondence or tasks that were not on my radar before that moment. Then I would spend the rest of the day playing catch up while trying to fend off all the negative self talk telling me how I had such a terrible handle on my schedule and had too much to do with the time I had. Can you relate?


Top Five Priority List was born out of my necessity to guide my focus each day and to give me a visual reminder of what I have committed to for the day. The process includes prioritizing the most critical tasks for the following day, before the end of your work day. It supports you in clearing your mind, making choices about how you plan to use your time and force ranking your tasks. Our brains love it when we narrow in our focus and build lists of 5 to 7 items (same reasons memorizing phone numbers works so well!). So do yourself a favor and try this version of micro-prioritizing and see what you learn about yourself and your schedule. The full directions for the Top Five Priority process can be found here.


  1.  “Week-At-A-Glance” Calendar  


Have you ever experienced a tough time balancing all your roles or feeling there wasn’t enough time each week to fit “it all in”. First of all, I am here to say, most weeks in our lives will not feel balanced. Try to stop seeking “balance” and your internal contentment meter will probably go up pretty quickly! There will be weeks where work takes first priority and other weeks where the needs of our families or personal goals take the lead. It’s a dance more than a balancing act.


I have found however, that having a tool (whether electronic or hard copy) that provides a week-at-a-glance view has been tremendously helpful in architecting effective schedules I can follow. I use a weekly desk calendar made by Smitten On Paper (but you could make your own as well) to chunk out major themes for each day of the week; this gives me a bird’s eye view of my week so I can experience clarity in how all my days line out for the week.  


If you’d like to support a small business local to Bozeman, Hey Day Bozeman, has some amazing planning tools! They carry a lot of Smitten on Paper including the Week-at-a-glance planner I have mentioned and every time I go in, I am constantly finding awesome stuff! Check out their online shop here


When using the week-at-a-glance tool, I suggest holding yourself to one AM theme and one PM theme. For example: Monday AM is “Admin tasks” and Monday PM is “Client Meetings”. Tuesday AM is: Proposal writing and Tuesday PM is: School pick up /family time. Sometimes an entire day needs to be dedicated to one theme and that is ok too.


The biggest benefits I have experienced since mapping out my week in this way, is a solid sense of the themes that dominant my week (that lets me mentally prepare for what is ahead) for example is this a big client-facing week or a lot of individual project work or maybe even a lot of after work commitments with my family), an opportunity to check in with myself regarding what my overarching priorities are and a chance to adjust them proactively rather than experience regret at the end of the week, a quick at-a-glance check in to see what is coming up in my schedule, any time I need a reference point. 


I hope you find some of these processes and tools useful for your own prioritization and planning. Keep in mind, having systems is less important during the times when we are on-fire, in our zone and slaying the day. Systems and tools are there to serve us when we are feeling overwhelmed, disenchanted, lacking focus or feeling less than our stellar selves. Processes and tools are there to provide the structure and discipline we need to actually think LESS and just get to work. Because despite the myths floating around, motivation rarely comes before action; it is action (even micro-movements in the right direction) that then breed motivation and momentum to continue forward!


Here’s to momentum my friends!



Small Business Spotlight: Amanda Radke

Small Business Spotlight: Amanda Radke


My name is Amanda Radke, and I’m a cattle rancher, wife, mom of three, writer, speaker, children’s book author and collector of cool graphic tees.


My website — — launched in March 2019 with the release of my second children’s book, “Can-Do Cowkids.”


I’ve been freelance writing and speaking at agricultural events for the 13 years now, and you might recognize my name from my blog, BEEF Daily, at


Throughout my career, projects typically came my way through word of mouth. I wanted to find a better way to promote my communications work, so that’s what prompted me to create my own website, which now houses my speaking topics, schedule, classroom programs, and of course, the western gift boutique!


With the book launch, I decided to add inventory to my website to create a fun shopping experience for folks checking out my books. I wasn’t sure what people would gravitate towards, so I simply curated a collection of western gifts and clothing items that I personally loved and hoped for the best.


Turns out, people were really digging my graphic tees, ag-themed greeting cards, coffee mugs, tea towels and farm animal toys! I continue to add more inventory to the site all the time, and honestly, it’s really been a fun, rewarding and  creative outlet for me outside of my writing work.


And while graphic tees are the BOMB (they are comfy, cute and send a strong message), my true passion is in promoting agricultural literacy with my children’s books. I’m currently working on my third book project with my talented illustrator, Michelle Weber. 


Together, we plan to continue this important work of sharing accurate agricultural stories, and we are now seeking commodity groups to partner with in this endeavor. As an example, our third book is a collaboration with Georgia’s peanut farmers, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! If your agricultural organization might be interested, please email me at!


I want to give a big thank you to KRose Company for the opportunity to share my story! I would love to connect with y’all online!  Friend me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram at @amandaradke. I would love to meet you! 


Subject Lines 101: Do’s, Don’ts, and Why They Matter

Subject Lines 101: Do’s, Don’ts, and Why They Matter

Subject lines are so important. People decide whether they will open an email based on the subject line. The content of your emails is important, but the subject line is the ice breaker to start the conversation. 


Email Subject Line Essentials: 


  1. Personalization
    1. Whenever possible, try addressing each subscriber by name. This can be achieved through your email marketing software (like Active Campaign). A person is more likely to open an email when they see their name. Cater the content for each type of subscriber. 
  2. Urgency 
    1. This essential must be balanced carefully. You can get email opens by expressing urgency. For instance, when a sale is ending you can communicate to your subscribers that time is running out. Be cautious not to overuse these types of email subjects or their effectiveness quickly lessens. 
  3. Offers 
    1. Whether it’s a discount or a freebie, your subscribers will be interested in what you can offer them. Create valuable offers, freebies and discounts for your email list subscribers. 
  4. Relevance 
    1. If someone subscribes to your email list, they want updates on your industry. Be the expert in your field and keep your audience up to date on what is new and changing in your genre. 
  5. Pique curiosity 
    1. Intrigue your readers. Get them thinking, “I wonder what this email is about?” These are the subject lines like, “You wouldn’t believe what this business owner learned on the road.” There are many creative ways to instill this essential in your subject lines. 
  6. Keep it simple, sister 
    1. Short, sweet, and to the point is what you need in a subject line. Firstly, long subject lines get cut off, completely defeating their purpose. Secondly, you don’t want readers losing interest before they even open your message. Think about what is most important to convey, and what words are not necessary. 



  1. Tell interesting stories 
    1. Use your email subject line to intrigue subscribers into reading your email. Work to convey your message as a storyteller with a beginning, climax, and ending. 
  2. Use the same email sender name
    1. It’s confusing to readers when they get emails from several different addresses within the same company. Have a master email address and stick with it. 
  3. Segment your email list 
    1. This will help with personalization. Organize your email list based on what the subscriber is getting from your business. Not every reader wants the same material and segmenting will help refine the content you send out. 


  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep
    1. No matter how badly you want your emails opened, you can’t resort to empty promises. This will guarantee you lose subscribers who are disaffected by mistrust. 
  2. Don’t overuse exclamation points and caps
    1. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS!!!!! in their inbox. We’ve got enough noise in the marketplace, don’t virtually yell at your audience. An occasional exclamation point can be useful, but when overused they very ineffective. 
  3. Don’t use a donotreply address 
    1. Nothing feels more spammy than an email that immediately informs you nobody is listening. Our inboxes are filled with donotreply’s and I bet your eyes gloss over when you see them. 


Now that you know some of the email subject headline basics, tell us some of your best ideas or subject lines you’ve seen that draw attention. As you are building your email list and learning how to communicate with your audience, you will understand more about the importance of these subject lines.  


You’ll have hits and misses, learn from them both. When you don’t get a lot of opens, look into how you could have worded the subject better. It’s a work in progress and they won’t all be winners. But the more you try, the more you’ll learn, and the better your email subject lines will become.

In case you missed it, find our previous blogs about Email Marketing. We have set this up in a progression so that it will take you step-by-step through all things email marketing.

Spoiler, it’s a LOT! But that is why we are here to help you!

Shaping Your Attitude Using Affirmations with Molly Painschab

Shaping Your Attitude Using Affirmations with Molly Painschab

 Molly has been a member of our Small Business Accelerator for a while now and she is an amazing counselor and coach. We thought it would be highly beneficial to get her perspective on shaping your attitude by using affirmations. Enjoy! 

From Molly Painschab:

I love mornings. LOVE. Love mornings.

I try not to be obnoxious about it. You won’t find me being overly chipper- but I do pride myself in beating the sun every morning. I get more done in those few hours of solitude than in any other. No distractions. Just me and my routine.

The alarm is set for 4am but my well-trained brain is usually awake by 3:50am. Dogs out, pets fed, dishes ran and a load of laundry in. Then it’s back upstairs to shower, dress, and do something with this crazy hair. Back downstairs to gather my things, leave a note for the family, and out the door if it is a workday. I do enjoy being at the office a full hour before I see my first client.

I have a good 15-minute drive when the weather is good, longer when it’s snowing or icy. It’s in those minutes that I mentally prepare for my day.


I am a person who truly enjoys what I do. As a therapist I am invited into client’s worlds to witness repair and healing as they recover from old wounds. As a coach I get to act as a tour guide on their journey to discovering who they really are, what they really want, and achieving goals that get them closer to their overall vision of life.

It’s safe to say that just because I like what I do, does NOT mean I am impervious to symptoms of burnout. It happens. To insulate myself and keep my mind right – I incorporate affirmations into my morning commute.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like “complicated”. If it is simple to add to my life- I’m in. So, when I think about affirmations, I like to keep them short and sassy, usually sticking to one or two that really work for me.

My personal favorite affirmations are: “Actually, I can!” and “Do it for science!”. These may seem silly to some, but when I use affirmations in place of negative self-talk my day is more productive, and I am less likely to be exhausted by the end of the workday.


If you have ever read don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, you may be familiar with the agreement: Be impeccable with your word. Words are powerful. They have value and weight according to our personal core beliefs and culture. Thoughts are unspoken words – and they can either be helpful or unhelpful in our lives.

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and, often, poor decisions. A client once phrased it as, “If I look at the world through sh*tty eyes, the world looks pretty sh*tty”. Amen.

Using an affirmation for self-encouragement results in a more positive feeling and usually results in the likelihood of making a helpful decision.


Practicing using affirmations is not a guarantee of a better life. It won’t affect the weather, acts of nature, or how other people treat you. Affirmations are for you, and you alone, to shape your attitude as you move through your day or into your future.

Affirmations build resilience. Have you noticed there are some sensitive souls walking the earth these days? Maybe you recognize this in yourself – taking words that were not meant for you, personally. Seeing offense in actions that have nothing to do with you. Practicing self-encouragement and providing yourself with emotional support armors you.

Affirmations motivate. Carefully crafted statements can provide momentum to keep you moving forward! Statements like “Progress, not perfection!” and “Just keep swimming!” stimulate our brains and keep us from getting stuck.

Finally, I find affirmations can be a part of my spirituality. When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed or when I can’t immediately see a way through, I like to use thoughts such as “Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit!” or while breathing “In with the light, out with the dark”.  


Here are a few more you can try:


I know I can.

I trust in miracles.

I am not alone.

Feelings are not facts.

Expect nothing. Appreciate Everything.

Life is what I make it.

I never give up.

I stand up for my beliefs, morals, and values.

Patience, Kindness, Tolerance, Love.

I live in the moment, while learning from the past and preparing for the future.


What works for me or your friend – will not necessarily work for you. Have fun playing around and creating your own. Tailor them to your needs!



To visit Molly’s website Click Here!

The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide to Yourself

Hello everyone! My name is Susan Fisher of 9 Energies, and I am here to explain to you what the 9 Natural Energies are and how they will guide you towards gaining a better understanding of yourself and your reality. I am so excited to share this with you all so, let’s dive in.

In 2002, as part of a Coaching and Leadership training program in California, I found out that I have Natural Energy 6.  Now what does that mean? It confirmed that it is natural for me to feel the energy of everything, in the moment, when I activate my body by expanding my rib cage by using my breath and the inter-costal muscles in my chest. My great gift is that I can make sense of that energy and help move people and communities progress toward what is most alive, important, and compelling. Understanding the natural strength available in my body was freeing. It explained what I love about myself, that few others ever seemed to understand. I felt compelled to learn everything I could about this interesting revelation.


I spent the next 17 years voraciously studying, identifying, and researching this human reality. I attended every workshop available on the subject, every event where people were being  shown and encouraged to connect with their Natural Energy, a process we call identification. I invited everyone I knew to experience their Natural Energy. My whole family was soon identified.  I dedicated myself to the study and research of this eye-opening understanding. The more I learned, the more I felt I had found my calling.  


Seventeen years of research and study has confirmed that; 

  1. There are nine regions in the body, each one uses a different set of bones, muscles, and tendons each of which when activated provide access to different information  
  2. One region is born active in our bodies, creating a specific way of interacting with the world, we call this your Natural Energy 
  3.  Learning to activate all of the regions creates a state-shift in consciousness that enables us to expand our awareness, activate our Cosmic Genius, build our compassion, improve our relationships and live happier lives. 


People of each Natural Energy have a specific facial structure, body shape, way of interacting with people, sensory experience, and a similar context of caring. There is a simple physical process, performed by a trained facilitator, used to determine which of the 9 Natural Energies is most active in your body.  


My husband Martin Fisher and I created 9 Energies Inc, a non-profit, in 2007 with a mission to research, identify, and teach the Natural Energies.  Since then we have identified over 7000 people from around the world. Everyone has a Natural Energy, it crosses race, culture, gender. It influences and explains your way of being. 


Through in-depth interviews and research we have developed very specific descriptions of each of the Natural Energies. The description of your Natural Energy should resonate very strongly with your understanding of your reality. Once your Natural Energy is identified you have a simple physical adjustment that you can make that enables you to reconnect to the physical activation of your Natural Energy, like expanding my chest does for me as a Natural Energy 6.  With regular practice, you can grow your power and gifts that come naturally to you through your body.


Learning to activate all the regions of your body is also possible.  This is a transformative process that changes and adds to your perception of reality with each activation.  Each adds access to information that you could not perceive prior. There is a state change that occurs when you learn to activate each region that is surprising, palpable, and transformational.


This knowledge is powerful when understood within community.  I recently met Karoline Rose, of KRose Marketing. She was speaking to the Bozeman Business and Professional Women’s  Association about marketing. I immediately recognized, by how she stood, interacted with others, spoke, and by the physical characteristics of her body that her active region was at the low back, down through the legs, Natural Energy 8.  Karoline’s competence and confidence made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was talking about. I decided to hire her to help with 9 Energies marketing.  


Knowing Karoline as Natural Energy 8, I knew that through experiences she would gain a deep understanding of our work.  I hired Karoline to teach me how to best market 9 Energies in the Bozeman Community. With each meeting Karoline’s understanding and confidence in me and 9 Energies grew.  After working together for a couple of months she had taken in enough information and understood the power of knowing about your physical nature, and she invited us to come and identify her team.


After working with all the members of the KRose team, we were able to talk about the strengths and skills associated with each person, relative to their role in the organization.  The Natural Energy 7 in the operations role will be continually looking to improve processes, looking for what needs to change, to provide the best possible outcomes for all. Working together with Karoline’s Natural Energy 8ness together they can create new ways of doing things that will be impactful, achievable, and practical.  The main sales role is Natural Energy 6, which will be able to understand and respond to what the client wants and needs while helping the client and KRose find the most efficient and alive path toward that solution, and Karoline knows that the Natural Energy 6 will need her 100% backing and support to help those solutions to be understood and put into action.  


Knowing which of her staff have Natural Energies 1-4 also helps Karoline know which of them need direct eye contact and put relationships high on the list of where to start an interaction. She has two staff with Natural Energy 2, without understanding their need for eye contact and their powerful ability to engage, Karoline might easily miss important information coming from the interaction with the Natural Energy 2’s on her staff.  This could ultimately lead to lower job satisfaction and misunderstandings without knowing what all parties need and offer in connection. Natural Energy 2s also need to keep moving, including movement and interaction in their jobs, not always being stuck behind a computer screen will provide even greater synergy and job satisfaction.


Karoline also knows what Natural Energies are missing in her organization. Understanding what Natural Energies are present is important, but understanding what is missing makes a big difference too, especially when looking at the big picture.  Karoline was very aware that her organization did not include Natural Energy 1,3 or 9 at that time. This gave her food for thought about how best to create opportunities to include these missing Natural Energies to create better balance in the organization.  She realized why they were not there, and began to consider ways to add the perspective of the other Natural Energies when they were needed. For example, both Natural Energy 1 and 3 are skilled at creating beauty – in the event that Karoline wanted to create more beauty in her marketing products, bringing in a 1 or 3 graphic designer could help add a fresh perspective on the design aesthetic. Considering adding a Natural Energy 9 to her advisory board might get her that bigger picture view of how to create ease and flow in her organization, and to understand the larger impact of taking on new projects, marketing directions and customers.


Identifying Karoline’s organization was the next step in our partnership.  My confidence and trust in Karoline grew, and hers in me. To truly develop the best marketing strategy possible for 9 Energies, Karoline and her team dove deeply into understanding what the 9 Energies are about and how they affect relationships, skills and gifts, and natural talents.  We are excited to continue to explore and understand how the Natural Energies of the staff at Krose Marketing affect and inform their operations and how they influence the development of 9 Energies’ marketing strategy. What Karoline and I are both confident about is that this is powerful information in relationships, in organizational development, and in leadership. We are excited to continue to explore the possibilities this presents for both of our organizations.


For more information on how to learn more and have a program tailored for your organization,  

Website: 9 Energies

Email: Susan.Fisher@9Energies  

Call: 406-577-6553.


9 Steps to Sending Your First Marketing Email

9 Steps to Sending Your First Marketing Email

So you’ve built an email list and chosen a software like Active Campaign. Now what? It can be scary getting started with your first email campaign. But it’s not as hard as you think! By following a few steps and suggestions, you will be able to craft your first marketing email. 

Getting Started

  1. Introduce yourself.

    — Give your audience every way they can contact you: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your website, etc. Start developing the voice you will consistently use in your emails.

  2. Craft a welcome email. 

     — Let subscribers know what they can expect by being on your email list. Sell yourself as an expert in your field. Save this email as a template for future welcome emails. You’ll want to update it as things change within your business. 

  3. Give them an offer.

    — If your readers joined through an opt-in, make sure they receive it. Remember to give more than sell.
  4. Write a stellar subject line.

    — Subject lines are more important than you might think. They’re the cover of your book that informs a reader whether or not they want to open your email. You want to entice them to open, and follow through with great email content.
    Read more about the importance of subject lines. 
  5. Be aware of the preview text

    — The first sentence of your email will show up in most inboxes next to the subject line. Make sure the first few words you use are powerful.
  6. Write smartly

    — Keep your paragraph lengths short, follow a sensible structure, and include one main idea in each paragraph. Subheads and bullets can break up your email and make it more scannable.
  7. Get to know your audience

    — If you haven’t defined your ideal customer, stop everything and do that right now. Seriously, you need to know who you are talking to before you start talking to them. Once you know your target customer, imagine you are speaking directly to them. Be personable and consistent.
  8. Calls-to-action

    — Promote action by asking for it. You’ll only get conversions when you are requesting them. What is it you want from your readers? Tell them. Be clear and don’t use all caps or too many exclamation points.
  9. Don’t overload with too much content

    — You want to provide good content, but you don’t want to overwhelm your readers. Be careful about how many topics you are covering in your email. It shouldn’t be too sparse, either. Finding the balance of just-enough content will do wonders for your open-rate and continued readership. 
Recap of This Week’s Blogs

Recap of This Week’s Blogs

Here’s what you missed this week on the blog! 



Monday: Shaping Your Attitude Using Affirmations with Molly Painschab 

  • How you talk to yourself is SO important for your mental health and well being 
  • Molly dives into how using affirmations can help put you in the right mindset and help develop routines that work for YOU  
  • Tips and tricks for how you can make sure your day starts on the right foot, everyday


Tuesday: Subject Lines 101: Do’s, Don’ts, and Why They Matter 

  • Subject lines determine if someone is going to open your email or not–BIG DEAL 
  • There is a fine line between peaking someone’s interest and information overload 
  • Let us guide you on how to make sure your subject lines are quick, easy, and to the point to get those emails opened! 


Wednesday: Small Business Spotlight: Amanda Radke 

  • Cattle rancher, wife, mom of three, speaker, writer, and small business woman, she does it all! 
  • Meet Amanda and her story on how she started her business that has the cutest graphic tees, awesome gifts, and children’s books that she wrote to share her passion for  promoting agriculture literacy! 
  • We even have a discount code for you!  
  • Use KROSE15 to get 15% off your entire order!! 


Thursday: FAQ on Google My Business with Tessa Witmer 

  • Getting the hang of Google My Business does not come without questions 
  • We had our friend and GMB expert, Tessa, pull together the most common questions she gets asked about GMB and offer her answers! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s content and are looking forward to a new line up next week!


FAQ on Google My Business with Tessa Witmer

FAQ on Google My Business with Tessa Witmer

If you read my first KRose blog post about Google Business Pages, you know that it’s a secret weapon you can use to set your business apart from others in your area.  In this second installment, I’m breaking down the five most frequently asked questions about Google My Business pages to help you better understand what your profile can and can not do. 


How do you know if your business has a Google My Business account?

If you’re not certain whether your business has a Google My Business page or if your business has not been verified, the easiest way to find out is by googling your business. Does the result show up with a column on the right side displaying your business’s name, hours, reviews etc? Congrats! Your business has likely been verified and your have an account. If not you should go through the easy steps to get verified and begin your account.


How do I link Etsy/Facebook/Instagram to my Google Business page?

Plenty of business owners want to allow searchers to quickly click links to their prominent social media platforms. This comes in handy if you’re a jeweler that wants to link to an Etsy account or if you’re a wedding photographer wanting to link an Instagram. However with a Google Business account, it’s not as simple as dropping a link and pressing save. Google works by taking into considerations things like your business’s prominence and reviews. From there Google makes a decision on whether or not to allow you to link your socials. 


Can I delete a bad review?

So, you’ve got a bad review? Trust that you aren’t the only one who has suffered a few 1 or 2-star reviews. Your first instinct might be to quickly delete the review or to reply in anger. However, Google doesn’t allow you to delete your review and replying in anger isn’t the answer either! Instead, thank the customer for their business and their feedback before offering a way to talk off line about resolving the issue. If the comment was written by a troll or was a coordinated attack on your business you can flag it for removal or contact Google Support for help.


Can I schedule posts to my Google Business page?

Do you find that you don’t have the time to get online daily and create attention-grabbing posts? Don’t worry about it! You can always use platforms like Social Report, Sendable, Social Pilot and One Up to easily schedule posts in advance for your account. It can save you time by getting your posts scheduled and ready ahead of time. 


Can I have a Google Business page if I share an office with another business?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t have a Google Business account if you share an office with another business. This is because Google looks at things from the viewpoint of the user. If two businesses share the same location it could confuse the user. If you want to have a Google Business page but share an address you’ll want to use a suite number to differentiate between the two businesses. 

Do you have other questions about your Google Business page?  I’d love to help! KRose readers can schedule a free 15-minute call here.

Recap of This Week’s Blogs!

Recap of This Week’s Blogs!

Happy Friday everyone! 


Who is ready for the weekend? I know I am! 


In case you missed some of our blogs this week, here they are! 


Monday: The 9 Natural Energies: A Guide To Yourself with Susan Fisher 

  • If you have ever taken the ENneagram test, you will NOT want to miss this one 
  • It takes the enneagram one step further into what your natural energy is and the results are incredible if you are wanting to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others! 
  • We had Susan & Martin identify the KRose Team as a team building exercise and holy moly it has been so beneficial to our team! 


Tuesday: How to Gather & Start an Email List 

  •  If you are wanting to start email marketing for your biz (which you absolutely should!!) we have just the thing! 
  • We know many times figuring out where to START can be the hardest part so we laid it out for you! 
  • Get the ball rolling on Email Marketing today! 


Wednesday: 5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without 

  • With how much I use my phone for my businesses, I need all the help I can get 
  • Check out my 5 MUST HAVES that make my life a little easier, and when you are an entrepreneur…I am all about finding ways to make my day easier 
  • They are all linked if you want to check them out yourself! 


Thursday: Step-By-Step Guide to Starting your Google My Business 

  • I have been talking about Google My Business for a while now and we have an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to setup your account
  • I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed to just get started!


Whichever blog you want to head over to, just click the title and it will take you right there! 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and make sure you do something that allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and get ready for another awesome week ahead!


Step-By-Step on Setting up Google My Business

Step-By-Step on Setting up Google My Business

One of the most used phrases when you have a question about pretty much anything is a quick and simple, “Google it”. In the internet age we live in, access to information is always at our fingertips. Being set up in Google My Business is key for your business’s visibility. Whatever the nature of your business, you want to be a top link that pops up when someone Googles your topic. 


Google My Business informs Google all about what you offer, where you’re located, your hours of operation, your website and more. This top search engine allows users to find what they want, quickly and easily. 


So how do you utilize this incredibly powerful tool to increase your chances of being a top result?


It can take about 3 to 4 days after you’ve set up your Google My Business for the listing to appear. 


You need to: 

  1. Sign up to Google My Business 
    1. There is a big, green “Start Now” button that will get you started. 
  2. Complete all your business details 
    1. Enter your company name, address, website, contact details, etc. 
    2. Pick your business category 
    3. Pick your location (if you want it shared)
    4. Double and triple check EVERYTHING
  3. Apply for verification 
  4. Receive a verification card and verify your Google My Business listing 


Google is smart and you want to be on its radar. Google My Business complements your existing website, allowing your business to have a public identity and presence with a Google Listing. This information will be visible in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+. 

You can always update information as things change for your business. For more information on Google My Business, read our guest blog: Google My Business Account: A Secret Weapon for Small Business Success and our blog on How to Apply Google My Business to Your Business.

5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without

5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without

We use our phones every single day. iPhone accessories are an absolute must. As business owners, the tools we can use are nearly endless. Whether you are checking your email, posting on social media, or calling clients, you need your phone. Since our phones are so critical to our ability to do business, it’s also important to have accessories to make life easier.

Here are Our Top 5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without:

Trianium Magnetic Phone Mount

You don’t need an iPhone to use this tool. I’m on my phone all the time and I’m on the road all the time. When I’m driving long distances, I need to be able to keep in touch with my employees and clients without driving off the road. With this magnetic phone mount I can easily keep an eye on incoming communication.

The Tiranium Stick on Magnetic Car Mount uses magnetic force to securely attach your smartphone in your car, kitchen, office, or bedroom. It’s easy to install and can adhere to almost any surface. With this accessory, you can work hands-free wherever you want.

Double Braided Nylon Lightning to USB Cable

Have you ever been in the middle of an important phone call and your phone battery dies? It’s a little more than inconvenient. We need our phones charged to use them for our business. You shouldn’t have to worry about a low battery, especially when you’re traveling. I love this charger. It charges and syncs Apple devices easily and efficiently.

You can connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPad through this charger. Some chargers wear out over time and are easily damaged, but not this one. You can rest easy knowing your charger has an extra layer of protection, plus a 2-year warranty.

Anker PowerCore External Battery Portable Charger

In addition to having an extra charging cable, a portable charger is another save-the-day necessity. When I’m at a production sale or another event for hours on end, my phone staying charged is critical.

If I’m using my phone for Live footage or anything else, I’m going to see that “Low Battery” notification in no time. Thankfully, I’ve got the Anker portable charger and it has saved the day on many occasions. It doesn’t take up much space as it is super compact and efficient. It charges up my phone quickly so I can continue working without worry.

Letsfit Bluetooth Headphones

I love getting work done in coffee shops. But nothing is worse than trying to focus with loud music and chatter in the background. Once I discovered the Letsfit bluetooth headphones, I was hooked. They offer incredible sound quality and cancel out all the other noisy distractions. Letsfit headphones are waterproof and have an 8 hour battery life. Now I can sip on my breve and work on my projects without the loud background noise.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Raise your hand if you’re like me and drop your phone often. It happens to the best of us. If you’ve got a good phone case, you might be OK. If it lands face down, your chances of that awful spider web cracked screen are high.

To avoid the dreaded cracked screen and trip to an iphone screen repair specialist, you are going to want a reliable screen protector. The amFilm version is great and provides high definition and scratch resistance. It’s super durable and thin, and it comes with everything you need to install it: wet/dry wipes, squeeze card, installation guide, and dust removal stickers.

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