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KRose Monthly Recap — January 2019

January was quite the month for us over here at KRose Company! We have been so excited about the launch of our new podcast, Success Defined with KRose, where we talk with business owners about how they reached their own version of success. Guests Nevada Watt, Cody...

Love who you see in the mirror

I know body image issues are not unique to me. Almost every woman I’ve ever met has something about their body they don’t like. But I want to tell you right now that your body is more than good enough. I needed to learn to accept my body type and love everything it does to keep me going.

Christmas Wishlist for Small Business Owners

The holidays are such a great time for gift giving. I’m sure you spent hours finding the perfect gifts for your family members and friends, but what gifts are you giving to your business this year?   Here at KRose, we invested in some top quality recording gear...

Because I don’t work a 9 to 5 . . .

I started my entrepreneurial journey for several reasons, but one of the biggest was my concern about working a 9 to 5 job. Because of my autoimmune disorder I have good and bad days. Doctor check-ups are regular for me and are often scheduled during business hours....

A Day in My Life

I started the day off getting my hair and makeup done for a photoshoot. I’ll admit, everyday is not this glamorous. But even on a day where I’m all done up, I’m still working!


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