We’ve talked a lot about email marketing recently. If you’ve been following our blog series, you are ready to take the next step to building and implementing an email marketing list and strategy. 


If you missed the recent blogs, don’t fret! We’re compiling the highlights for you now. Take time to read through each blog and let us know if you have any questions. 


What is Email Marketing and Why Do You Need it? 


Email marketing is the process of promoting your business through email. It is a direct marketing strategy that is similar to postal mail, minus the cost of stamps. 


Entrepreneurs use email marketing to reach their audience about updates, promotions, and most importantly: to build trust. Through email marketing, you can reach a larger audience and strengthen your relationship with current customers. 


  • Email is reliable
    • If you only have a Facebook business page, it’s not enough. You could have 10K followers on Facebook, but if Facebook goes down how will you reach them? 

Email marketing is the topmost effective resource for eCommerce businesses, driving traffic and communicating with existing and prospective customers. You have the opportunity to engage with your audience, build brand loyalty, and increase sales. Ultimately, email marketing grows your bottom line. 

Getting started: Build an Email list 


  • Before you start inviting all your email contacts, you should know that you can’t add anyone to your business’s email list who doesn’t opt-in. You have to use an email marketing program like Active Campaign and have an opt-in plan. 
  • Active Campaign and other programs allow you to monitor the emails you send out. You can observe how your subscribers respond and interact with your sent emails. This software tracks analytics like open and bounce rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 


What are opt-ins? 


  • Aptly titled “opt-ins” are forms of consent given by web users to acknowledge they are interested in your services or products. When users opt-in, they are allowing a business to contact them with more information. 
  • Opt-ins aren’t merely a means of being polite, they are required by law. You also must make it simple for people to opt-out — or unsubscribe — if they want off the list.  
  • Opt-in forms come in different shapes and sizes. They can be pop-ups on a homepage or landing pages. It’s much easier to build your list when you are offering something valuable. Your landing pages need to have great copy and conversion that will convert followers into email subscribers. 

Create an Email Marketing Campaign


  • Once you have your email list, it’s now time to use it. With your email marketing software (like Active Campaign), you can customize the content of your email with the subscriber’s name. You can even send out birthday emails and other personalized content. You have the ability to keep separate lists to send out different promotions and offers based on the audience.


Give, Give, Give, Sell


  • When someone agrees to be on your email list, you should be providing them with value from the very start. Opt-ins can be useful and educational. Once you have an email list you should continue to provide your audience with more value. For every selling email, there should be about three giving emails that benefit readers. 

Use Calls-to-Action 


  • In every communication with your audience — from emails to Facebook posts to in-person seminars — tell them what you want. You can use CTAs to ask people to attend an event, purchase a product, read an email, or subscribe to your social media platforms.


Email Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint 


What can email marketing do for your business in the long haul? 


Email Marketing Benefits

  • Strengthen Customer Relationships 
    • Good quality email marketing that is consistent, relevant, and valuable helps you gain the trust of your audience. Overtime, your audience will develop a kinship with you. They’ll look forward to seeing you in their inboxes because they want to be in the loop and see what new value you are providing. You want your audience to think of you when a problem arises that you have the solution for. 
  • Expertise and Education 
    • Your audience wants what you have to offer. They want to learn more from you as a trusted authority. Continue to position yourself as an expert through the content you create and share. 

Along with updating your customers about company news, promotions, and incoming product, you should also provide some valuable education. Whether you have blogs, videos, podcasts, pamphlets, or exclusive email-only content, your audience will appreciate well-crafted information

  • Time and Cost Effective 
    • How you spend your time and money as a small business owner is critical. It can be hard knowing where to invest yourself. Creating an email marketing campaign isn’t very complicated. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time, either. You are able to reach a large group of people in an instant through email.
  • Increases Brand Recognition 
    • The more your audience sees your name and appreciates your content, the bigger your brand becomes. Make sure your emails have your brand image and name. Keep your color palette and logo consistent in the template of your emails. You will build credibility as your name continues to be seen while you provide quality content. 
  • Reach and Grow Your Target Market 
    • Not only are you able to stay in touch with your audience regularly, but you can also reach an even larger group of people through your website opt-ins. You can promote your opt-ins through social media and on your website, on your products and email signature. 


How to Gather & Start and Email List 


In order to gather your list, you need to create and utilize a landing or lead page, create an opt-in or freebie, share that opt-in/freebie, give people a reason to stay on your list, and utilize email marketing software to easily plan your strategies.


  • Create an Opt-In 
    • Along with opt-ins, you can also use what is called a freebie or a freemium. This is something you are offering of a $250+ value in exchange for a person’s email address. This could be a PDF full of valuable information, a webinar, a video, a training, or a coupon. 

To create an opt-in, you need a landing page or a lead page where people can sign up for your email list. Once someone signs up, you want to immediately provide them with the free item. 

  • Share your Opt-In
    • You can create ads, Facebook ads, and other social media ads out of the opt-in you created. This is another great way to get people on your email list. You don’t see an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) from gathering your email list. But once someone is on your list, they’re that much closer to becoming a paying customer. Remember it’s a long game you are playing with your email marketing strategy. 


  • Create a Landing Page
    • A landing page is a focused page that invites people to sign up to learn more. They’re great for promoting with a clear call-to-action to get people on your email list. There are several landing page builders you can use including Google Sites, Unbounce, Wix, and Instapage. We often use Leadpages, which is great for advertising and selling products/services. 
  • Grow your List Further — Give People a Reason to Join your Email List
    • To avoid becoming an annoyance to inboxes everywhere, make sure you are actually providing relevant, valuable information and material. Give people a reason to stay on your list. Once a person has received their opt-in or freebie, you want them to stay active. Engage them with attention grabbing headlines and emails full of great material. Give them a reason to keep opening your emails! 
  • Utilize ActiveCampaign– This has been a game changer for us and we used it Every. Single. Day. If you are looking for a software that can handle all of your email marketing needs, this is it! We have it linked here if you want to sign up for a free trial or full service!
    • There are a lot of marketing technologies you can use to maximize your email list’s potential. After using several, we have stuck with ActiveCampaign for years now. It has flexibility, making it easy for businesses of all types to use its features for their own unique needs. 
    • ActiveCampaign has four core elements: 
      • Email Marketing 
      • Marketing Automation 
      • Sales CRM 
      • Customer Messaging

9 Steps to Sending you First Marketing Email


  1. Introduce yourself 
  2. Craft a welcome email 
  3. Give them an offer 
  4. Write a stellar subject line 
  5. Be aware of the preview text 
  6. Write smartly 
  7. Get to know your audience 
  8. Calls to action 
  9. Don’t overload them with too much content


Should I have an email list or not? 

I hope you answered this question with a big YES! Of course you need an email list. 


Ways to build your email list: 

  • Use Call-to-Action “Subscribe” buttons on every landing page of your website 
  • Create surveys that pop-up while a user is browsing your site 
  • Include pop up or slide-in images on your landing pages 
  • Recruit followers from your social media accounts 


Why you need an email list


  • You have control 


      • On social media, you are working in branded territory. When you own your own website and communicate with your audience via email, you hold the power.


  • It’s easy to update your audience at once 


    • Email is the best way to share a new message with your audience. Any changes to your company, products, or services can be shared quickly and easily with everyone on your email list. 



  • Email subscribers are more likely to purchase 


    • A person’s email inbox is, well, personal. When someone allows you to send them emails it is because they want to hear from you. They are far more likely to purchase from you as they develop trust for your business through your email communications. 


We have officially covered EVERYTHING in our Email Marketing series!! I know I threw a lot at you, but I promise it will pay off! All the links in this blog will take you to the specific blog on each topic in case you want to go over them again. I just wanted to lay out one big giant summary at the end to make sure we covered all the bases!