Networking. Five years ago, the term networking took on a completely different form with social media. All of a sudden we needed to add everyone to our Facebook friend list and get their email address to stay in touch. I’m talking about a different kind of networking today: how to become a pro networker.

Networking is crucial no matter what job you have, relationships are what move businesses forward! Yet, we are in a society where a lot of people are more social online than in reality. I encourage you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and get you network in real life. The number of friends you have on Facebook absolutely does not matter. It’s time to pick up the phone and meet people for coffee, belly up and actually make some connections in person.  


As a female small business owner in rural Montana, it’s easy to use social media as a supplement for a social life. I can go all week and just see my father, my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew and the people that work around my father’s operation, and I’m a happy camper to be honest.  But, in order to move my business forward, comfort is not the zone I want to be in.  

I love the term “belly up.”  I encourage you to get out and get involved in your community. When you attend a conference or go to an event, don’t sit with the person you came with. Meet someone new. 

Live video is a great way to gain the know, like and trust factor. When you do your first live video it will probably be a bit nerve wrecking. One of the best ways to network is to put yourself second and engage in other live videos of people you admire. Get on their live video, send them some likes and hearts, send them some encouragement.


Get involved in groups. I know that there are people who follow the KRose Marketing Facebook page that are doing an extremely good job at networking because they constantly come into that group every day and provide value. They answer people’s questions about email marketing and branding and logo designs and Facebook ads when I can’t get to their questions. When people need help, volunteer. Put yourself in their shoes. You’re going to become better and you’re going to be a better networker.

Stop hiding behind your phone. Stop hiding behind Facebook. Get out, belly up, get involved in some events. Volunteer in your community and get to know people because life is all about who you know.  

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