The line between business and personal growth can be confusing. I tend to think there is an overlap between the two. When you make yourself better, you make your business better. When you make your business better, ideally, you make yourself better.

You need to separate what success looks like in your business versus what success looks like in your personal life.

Strive to be better by:

  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Working on mastering your emotions and being healthier

You will increase your business in doing so, making you a better business owner, improving your revenue, leadership, and management style.

As you grow personally, you are also improving your business.

It’s important to distinguish between business and personal goals in order to best accomplish them all.

Business goals versus personal goals - KRose Marketing

Setting goals

Personally, each month I like to have three items in both areas I’m focusing on. Business wise I’m focusing on 3 things and personally I’m focusing on 3 things. I talk about this in our recent blog about my current goals.

In my bedroom I have a whiteboard above my nightstand and I have 3 personal goals written. I don’t think about business in there. When I’m in my bedroom, whether I’m putting away clothes, reading a book, or getting ready for bed, it’s personal.

In my business area of my house — right in my living room — I have my business goals displayed. I think it’s really important that you don’t tie them together. What does success look like in your business this month? What does success look like in your personal life?

We’ve talked before about finding balance and I don’t think we’re ever going to be right in the middle of that teeter totter. It’s always moving back and forth.

You have to come to accept that sometimes you will not reach all of your goals. There are some months I hit every personal goal and some months I don’t get any personal goal accomplished, same with business. That has to be OK with you.

There are seasons. There are seasons for business growth, there are seasons for personal growth.

Business goals versus personal goals - KRose Marketing

Push yourself

I send the KRose team recommended blogs or podcasts because I want them to be better. Not because it’s necessarily going to 100 percent translate in all of their activities in work, but because I’m striving for them to be better. I know the better they become as a person, the better the business is going to become.

Your personal well-being will affect your business

Our personal weaknesses translate into our business weaknesses. If we can’t manage money well in our personal life, we won’t be great at it in our business either. Those don’t just go side by side. I’m a terrible money manager and money causes me a lot of natural stress. It’s something I’m working on personally because I know, if I can conquer it in my personal life, it will be easier and more natural for me to conquer in my business life.

I highly encourage personal development. There are so many phenomenal podcasts and audiobooks that you can listen to and grow from. I think it’s a great idea to utilize those for your development. You can’t just listen to podcasts and audiobooks, but you have to implement them in your life. 

Change is tough. But being uncomfortable is where growth happens, so if you’re not uncomfortable, nothing is happening. Your business isn’t growing, you aren’t setting big enough goals and the magic isn’t happening.

Download our success guide to organize your goals and set yourself up for success.

Business goals versus personal goals - KRose Marketing
Business goals versus personal goals - KRose Marketing
Business goals versus personal goals - KRose Marketing