When you have a passion for something, you are obligated chase after it. You have the obligation to do it and make a living doing it.  I firmly believe God gives you passions and God gave you passions that will support you and your family financially.

I know you have passions, talents and skills directly unique to you. There are no two people in this world exactly the same and there’s a good reason for that. You need to be living out your passions, your talents and your skills. There’s a reason your heart lights up when you’re doing what you love. Absolutely, there’s a reason, and you need to follow and live that passion.

matthew-hamilton-166549-unsplash It’s really easy to say, “Well yeah I have a dream, I have a job, I have a craft, I have a talent that lights my soul on fire but I just can’t do it.” That’s not the mentality to have. You absolutely can do it! We have to get you to that next level, to the next step. I want to help you get there.

If we lived in a world full of people who were chasing after their passion, we wouldn’t need alarm clocks, time sheets or monitoring systems. When you live your passion, you have complete control over your life. Sure, it takes hard work, but the reward is beyond compare.

What I love about my job, about KRose Company, is that I get to talk to small business owners about what they love. Part of our consulting business allows me to brainstorm with business owners and I can hear their voice change and see the excitement in their face when I ask them to tell me about their business. It’s automatic. It’s amazing and I absolutely love it, which is why I want you to live your passion.

I firmly believe that you are obligated to make a living at that passion to make an income. You can’t give that passion away because that’s what burns the candle out. We need to narrow that flame.