Are you having a hard time forming a business and getting ready to take that business to the next level? You’re not alone. Customers come to me often saying they have a great idea, but they don’t know what to do with it. If you feel like you have a phenomenal idea, but don’t know what to do to become a small business owner, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve come up with five steps to follow before launching your small business.


I want you to type or write this out: “Done is better than perfect” and hang it up in your office, put it on your mirror, and any other place you look regularly. If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a perfectionist. When I first started my company, I wanted to make sure I had every duck in a row before I would move on to the next step. I was hyper-conscious about if my website was perfect and if my Facebook page was perfect before I was willing to move on. In order to be successful, I’ve had to let this go. Let me tell you, we are far from perfect at KRose, but getting things done is 100 percent better than putting a task off until it reaches perfection.


Sorry to break it to you, but perfection isn’t possible. Wasting your time on every tiny detail will distract you from moving forward with your goals and progressing to new projects. Sometimes you just have to hit send or post. There might be spelling mistakes. You might have links on your website that don’t work or social media posts that nobody engages with. It’s OK. You have to get rid of that perfectionism and learn how to funnel that energy in the right areas. Go ahead and be a perfectionist in your books or other specific areas of your business. But don’t let the perfection control your ability to get things done. That’s the first step. Know that in order to have a small business, you have to keep moving to the next step, which includes letting go of being a perfectionist. I know this is challenging. It was challenging for me, too. But I know it is freeing once you let go of that obsession and continue to pursue your dreams.

#2: Develop a Plan Before you Launch

The door to business entry can be easy and appealing. It’s free to start up a Facebook business page and you could have a business up and running before you actually know what you’re doing. I find some people will get a website and a Facebook page, but they won’t know how to collect money or invoice their customers. They might not have an email list or know how to post to social media, yet they’re already open to the public for business.


Make sure before you open a Facebook page and launch a business that you have a plan. Do you know how you will manage all of your tasks? Will you have a To-Do list? Will you organize in Google Docs? Will you hire a virtual or a personal assistant? How are you going to spend your time? How will you collect emails? How will you manage social media? How will you collect money? How are you going to invoice customers? If a customer doesn’t pay, what are you going to do? These are just a few of the many questions you need to ask yourself before launching. I realize the door to entry really is easy, but be prepared for what’s on the other side. As a small business owner, you need to figure out those small things like collecting money, managing the books, managing the logistics and more. Make sure to take time before you start your business to answer these questions and solidify your plan.

#3: Narrow your Area of Expertise

Find your zone of genius and run with it. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades. If you have 15 or 20 different areas of focus, it’s pretty difficult to be an expert in each area. I always strive to be taggable. Whenever there is a social media question, I want to be the one tagged. You should feel this way about your business, too. If you’re in the business of raising angus bulls, anytime there is a question about angus bulls or angus cows, you want to be taggable. In order to start a brand today, you need to narrow in your focus. You can always get wider later, but first narrow in and become really good at what you do. This helps customers know exactly what to come to you for and you become an expert in your industry. Read a few testimonials from small business owners who have reached their goals by utilizing our areas of expertise.

#4: Budget Each Month

Make sure you have a budget plan for each month. I use “Every Dollar” which is a Dave Ramsey program. If you have any service based industry where you talk to customers and they place orders, I recommend using Acuity Scheduling, which has been a lifesaver for us. There is a schedule for the whole month of October. Anytime someone wants to book a call with me, I can send them a link and it takes care of the rest. You can charge customers through it and it sends reminder emails. It takes so much off my plate as a small business owner to know that my customers can go to my own schedule and see which I’ve my available times works for them. You can see how customers schedule appointments with me using this setup.


On top of scheduling, I also recommend having a well-designed website. When you are budgeting for your website, make sure whoever designs it also knows how to sell. Sometimes there are beautifully designed websites with no functional selling involved. There are a few key changes that will alter how people come to your website and purchase. If you are going to have a website, make sure they have some marketing knowledge on top of their design skills.

Another program I recommend utilizing is Active Campaign. First, you need to start collecting emails immediately. Email marketing is hands down the best avenue and a top priority. I know of someone who lost 100K followers on social media overnight and isn’t starting over because she had no email list.

These programs aren’t expensive. Active Campaign is $9 a month and Acuity is $10. Our website it less than $30 a month, putting our overall website cost at less than $50 a month with all the features we need to manage the business successfully. To see more of the programs we recommend, check out our Favorite Tools page on our website.

5: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

I am a huge believer in delegation. I have team members who I delegate to and independent contractors we work with. It’s important to know what you are good and and that no one else can do quite like you do. That is probably not going to be answering emails, posting on social media and editing your website. Leave that for somebody else so you can focus on what puts you in business in the first place. Know exactly what you can do well and hire out the rest as you can. Your first step would most likely be hiring a VA or an assistant. Then you could hire someone to help you with social media, or someone who is good at email marketing. As you make money, you need to focus more on what you do best and leave the other tasks to other people. Get to a point in your business where you can hire out.

Today I have a team of six people, and I want to give you a few words of encouragement. I know the marketplace seems really crowded. I know you might feel like there isn’t enough room for you. But trust me, there is so much room for you. I don’t care if your neighbor sells the same product as you do or there are a hundred other Facebook pages selling the same thing as you.  You are still unique and you have something to offer that others don’t. Your customers will love you for you and they will love what you do. Now is the best time to get into being a small business owner and having a side hustle.

If you are constantly posting about sales instead of giving, people are going to stop following you. Invest the time and years of hustle. But be careful not to over-hustle, because rest is also necessary and important. We believe in you at the KRose Company and there are many other people who are supporting you. We absolutely need you in the marketplace. Whatever your business is, whatever your dreams may be, please pursue them. They are laid on your heart for a reason. I believe you don’t just get dreams and passions for no reason. There’s a place for you and you need to pursue those God-given gifts. Read more about how to make your dreams a reality on our blog.

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