By Karoline Rose, Owner – KRose Marketing & Consulting

If you aren’t frustrated with the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm, more power to you. Members of our community on our Facebook page have voiced their concerns, and trust me, I was very frustrated at first, too. I have been preaching for months that the algorithm prioritizes content based on what users want to see, which was: 1. Live Video, 2. Video, 3. Pictures, 4. Links, 5. Text. After spending hoursresearching the new changes, I want to assure you that everything will work out if you just make some adjustments.

The biggest keyword of the algorithm shift is: COMMUNITY


On January 18, 2018, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg said of the changes:

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

Put simply, community is a group of people who support one another. To obtain this on Facebook, you want to get people to engage and care about the content, work to serve your customers, and have conversations with them.

Zuckerberg also said, “Pages making posts that people generally don’t react or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.”

Here are some tips to cultivating community with your Facebook business page and Facebook groups:

1. Show up consistently everyday (or almost everyday)

People need to see your content 7-12 times before they’ll consider purchasing. If you share a blog post just once, you’re not going to get the readership you want. You can share the same content in different forms. Read on our blog all about Repurposing & The Value of Saving Time.

2. Post content that leads to movement

You want people to do more than just ‘like’ your posts. They should be commenting, sharing, and having meaningful conversations with you. Ask for recommendations that you actually need. Provide calls to action and ask for follow through. One great way to call your audience to action is through Live Video. The algorithm may have changed, but Live Video is still an incredibly powerful way to engage with your audience on a personal level.


3. Give your audience a taste of the pie, leaving them wanting more.

In order to cultivate community, we also need to get people to ask us questions. Think about what you are posting on your business page and group. Do you have posts that encourage this type of engagement?

4. Provide Value (Give, Give, Give, Sell)

Go look at your last 5 Facebook posts. At least four of those posts should be providing value. You can make your customers lives better just by sharing your knowledge. People who follow you on Facebook get really irritated when all they see are sales posts. You followers know what you sell, you don’t have to tell them over and over. Share your zone of genius and those interested will come to learn.

5. Page visitors should be able to scroll through pages & pages of content.

It’s never a great sign when you visit a Facebook business page that has little to no content. It’s hard to trust that business when you can’t find much out about them. This is another reason you should be posting daily or close to it. If your last post was in 2017, a newcomer to your page might think your business isn’t active, or they won’t trust you. Remember how important it is for your audience to know, like and trust you.

I hope you’re feeling better about the Facebook Algorithm changes and how you can continue to reach your audience. Check out our Social Media Tool Kit to learn how to navigate all the social media platforms and talk to your ideal customer.