Organization is both the key to success and one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in regard to content management. There are many different ways to organize ideas, but there are a few we have found most useful here at KRose Marketing & Consulting. We have talked about repurposing content in the past, but in order to correctly and thoroughly utilize our content, we first have to get organized.

Here are 5 Steps to Successfully Organize Your Content:

Use a Google Spreadsheet with Your Team

Google Sheets.jpeg

For all of our content & ideas, we have the year plan detailed in a Google Spreadsheet. This year we gathered our goals, monthly & weekly themes, and more specific daily/weekly tasks. This is a great way for the team to stay on the same page — literally and figuratively.

Keep a Brain Dump Google Doc

Google docs.jpeg

“Brain Dump” is one of our favorite terms and our most useful method of developing content for the month. Since we have each month separated into themes, each Brain Dump is focused on the theme for that upcoming month. We can develop our blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts, Live Video content and more all in one spot. Here, we can just ramble away, and eventually cut the information down into understandable segments.

Use Asana – Personally and with your Team

Asana is another great space to layout content, keep track of dates, and stay organized. If your team has less than 15 people, you can utilize Asana for free, which is just plain awesome. There are several different ways to view the information, so each team member can stay on top of their tasks in the way that makes the most sense to them. Ideas and projects are organized and you can view the entire month as a whole. Using Asana has transformed our organization and productivity as individual team members and the team as a whole.  

Gather Your Best Content Ideas Monthly

This ties into the brain dump and can be stored in the same Google Doc or can be in a separate doc of its own. An idea that isn’t written down is virtually useless. Even if you think the idea is silly or won’t pan out, it’s still worth writing down and hashing out. By writing ideas out, we can develop them further or decide to toss them out for now. We can always return to old ideas if they become more useful in the future.

Keep Track of Target Audience and Keywords in a Spreadsheet

Remember who you are talking to and how you should talk to them. Your ideal customer should be able to read your content without your name attached and know that it is you. This can only be achieved by using consistent language and similar keywords. Use a Google Spreadsheet to track who your target audience is and the keywords you commonly use to speak to them.

Getting your company’s content organized doesn’t need to be a headache. Yes, it takes time and dedication to catalogue content and develop a productive plan. But once you figure out these tackleable concepts, you will become a content organization master in no time! Once you have things organized, check out 7 Ways to Write Content that Leads to Engagement. You will be able to take your organized content, maximize it, and produce high quality information to share with your followers.

Check out these useful Hashtags, which will also help you keep track of your keywords and organize social media content simultaneously.