We use our phones every single day. iPhone accessories are an absolute must. As business owners, the tools we can use are nearly endless. Whether you are checking your email, posting on social media, or calling clients, you need your phone. Since our phones are so critical to our ability to do business, it’s also important to have accessories to make life easier.

Here are Our Top 5 iPhone Accessories We Can’t Live Without:

Trianium Magnetic Phone Mount

You don’t need an iPhone to use this tool. I’m on my phone all the time and I’m on the road all the time. When I’m driving long distances, I need to be able to keep in touch with my employees and clients without driving off the road. With this magnetic phone mount I can easily keep an eye on incoming communication.

The Tiranium Stick on Magnetic Car Mount uses magnetic force to securely attach your smartphone in your car, kitchen, office, or bedroom. It’s easy to install and can adhere to almost any surface. With this accessory, you can work hands-free wherever you want.

Double Braided Nylon Lightning to USB Cable

Have you ever been in the middle of an important phone call and your phone battery dies? It’s a little more than inconvenient. We need our phones charged to use them for our business. You shouldn’t have to worry about a low battery, especially when you’re traveling. I love this charger. It charges and syncs Apple devices easily and efficiently.

You can connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPad through this charger. Some chargers wear out over time and are easily damaged, but not this one. You can rest easy knowing your charger has an extra layer of protection, plus a 2-year warranty.

Anker PowerCore External Battery Portable Charger

In addition to having an extra charging cable, a portable charger is another save-the-day necessity. When I’m at a production sale or another event for hours on end, my phone staying charged is critical.

If I’m using my phone for Live footage or anything else, I’m going to see that “Low Battery” notification in no time. Thankfully, I’ve got the Anker portable charger and it has saved the day on many occasions. It doesn’t take up much space as it is super compact and efficient. It charges up my phone quickly so I can continue working without worry.

Letsfit Bluetooth Headphones

I love getting work done in coffee shops. But nothing is worse than trying to focus with loud music and chatter in the background. Once I discovered the Letsfit bluetooth headphones, I was hooked. They offer incredible sound quality and cancel out all the other noisy distractions. Letsfit headphones are waterproof and have an 8 hour battery life. Now I can sip on my breve and work on my projects without the loud background noise.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Raise your hand if you’re like me and drop your phone often. It happens to the best of us. If you’ve got a good phone case, you might be OK. If it lands face down, your chances of that awful spider web cracked screen are high.

To avoid the dreaded cracked screen and trip to an iphone screen repair specialist, you are going to want a reliable screen protector. The amFilm version is great and provides high definition and scratch resistance. It’s super durable and thin, and it comes with everything you need to install it: wet/dry wipes, squeeze card, installation guide, and dust removal stickers.

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