Common Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

We often get on the phone with one of my consulting customers after having reviewed their website and seen mistakes on the website that could be costing them hundreds of dollars in lost business. After reviewing several customers’ websites, recently we noted a trend of a few mistakes that we have been seeing over and over.

Hiding behind your product or services:

When a customer goes to your website they want to see you! We live in a busy time and there are hundreds of other people who offer exactly what you offer. When someone gets to your website, they need to see you, and by the end of their experience on your site they should feel like you are a friend. It’s easy to hide behind your insane talent but you need to set yourself apart by showing your personality and who you are. These things should be seen immediately when someone finds your website. The best way to do that is making sure you have a professional headshot on the home page that has an inviting feel, and several more head shots on your bio page along with a well written bio. Not the typical old school bio, but one that shares about you and your life. You want to repel as many people as you attract with you bio. Don’t be afraid to tell them you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing yoga pants, drinking coffee or that they would never find you in a pair of heels. Add personality to your bio simply because your ideal customer probably doesn’t care that much about where you went to school or what awards you won; they DO care that you are human and that they can relate you you!

Multiple Logos

When a visitor comes to your website, you want them to immediately get a feel for your design. Don’t confuse a person with multiple logos. Often times when I’m analyzing a client’s website, I’m coming to their homepage and seeing a logo. When I dive deeper into their site, I’m finding old logos or multiple logos and then I suddenly get confused.

If you’re trying to rebrand at any time, make sure that you remove 100% of your old logos from that website. A lot of you ask me if you can have multiple companies on the same website; if it’s under the same logo, absolutely- please have multiple companies under that logo! However, if you have different logos, you need to have different websites. We want people to know they can trust you, and your website needs to portray that solidarity in a way that when people see your brand, colors, and logo they immediately think of you. When they visit your website, everything needs to have that feel.

Don’t allow your customers to get confused by having tons of different brand colors, multiple logos, and different feels. Your customers need to know that it’s you, your website, and your brand from front to back.

Dead Ends

Every single time that a customer gets to the bottom of a webpage and they don’t know what to do when they get there, we have failed them. So, I want you to go to a page on your website, even the home page, and scroll all the way down to the bottom at the footer. Do you give them a call to action? If you know anything about me and you follow me on social media, I’m a huge believer in a call to action. We need to allow your followers to have some flow. After they get to the bottom of your homepage, send them somewhere. Are you going to send them to your service page? Are you going to tell them they should go check out your About Us page? Are you going to encourage them to check out your gallery?

Dead ends are why people leave your website. So make sure that when your customers, your ideal clients, your dream clients are scrolling through your website you are constantly engaging them.

At the bottom of your services page, do you have a link that says, “Schedule a free call with me?” Is it made so easy that they can immediately click?

“Do you like what you’re seeing? If so, contact us now!” You constantly want to lead them into the next step. You want to make it super easy for them to flow through your website in a way that there are absolutely no dead ends. Even on the contact page, if they don’t fill out the contact form, where will you send them? They want to see more. They’re not ready to leave your website, so you need to send them somewhere else. What do you want them to see next?

Only One Place to “Contact Us”

Often times, we find the contact us form stuck on one page on your website and this is a huge mistake. If you followed my advice about the dead ends, you will know that we now have multiple pages and multiple places for your ideal or dream client to contact you. You want to make it as easy, if not too easy, for your customers to reach you. You want them to be able to get ahold of you personally, find you on Facebook, follow you on Instagram, schedule a free call, etc. We use Acuity (shoutout to our favorite scheduling tool!). There shouldn’t be any headache involved in reaching you; options should be on your contact page, your about page and all of the above. Make sure that your ideal customer can contact you in more than one way and in every single way possible. Take all of the guesswork out of it!

The Mom Test

Or in my case, the grandma test. Hand your website over to your grandma, watch and observe her go through your website while you take notes. Do not instruct her at all. What does she get caught up on? What does she misunderstand? Do all the links work? Have your grandma, sister, your friend or someone who is not well versed in technology sit down and go through your website. Do they get confused? What part of your website is not making sense to them? What page do they get to and have no idea where to go next?

We hope that we have given you some new things to consider and that this has been incredibly helpful to you. If you are struggling to know if your website is reaching your ideal customer, we’d absolutely love to chat! If you are not quite sure what components your website is missing, or what it might need to take it to the next level, check out our website cheat sheet!

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