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 The other week, I asked a question over in the KRose Marketing Group. A lot of members responded and said they were having trouble turning followers into paying customers. There’s a lot of training available, I talk about it a lot and we talk about it a lot in the industry. While it’s important to increase engagement, get followers and talk to your dream client on social media, but none of that is doing any good if we are not turning those followers into paying customers.  

This is a hurdle we really need to overcome, but I want to let you know that you are not alone. It actually broke my heart the other day when I saw one of my competitors was running a Facebook ad and I believe that they had four or five likes on this Facebook post and zero engagement as far as comments and it had no link. I knew right away, they had not turned one follower of that Facebook ad into a paying customer, unless they had sent them a message (which is very rare). It is a problem that is huge in the industry and while we are really focusing on growing our social media, if they are not turning into paying customers we are not focusing on the right thing.  

It’s extremely important that you have a powerful social media presence.  I will tell you time and time again that you need a Facebook business page, you need to be talking to your ideal client and you need to repel as many as you attract, but you also need to have steps in place that move people to  become customers.  

In order for someone to invest in you, invest in your product, they have to know like and trust you. What typically happens is we get into a sales mode and forget to provide value, I know I’m guilty of this when I’m working with clients. When you go back to your marketing plan, I want you to focus on providing value versus sharing sale posts. I always say that you need to have three value posts for every single sales post. When I talk about providing value, that means giving your customers something that solves their problems at no cost. This doesn’t need to be something you use to collect addresses, it can be something as simple as a live video or a simple Facebook post.

It’s important to create a social media presence that continues to provide value so that your customers automatically think of you first, when they’re trying to think of someone who provides those services. For example, when they need new clothes, I want them to automatically think of your shop. When they need a fitness instructor, I want them to automatically think of you because you have continuously provided tips and tricks, you have been there and have provided free value the whole time. They need your service, you are the first that comes to their mind. The know, like and trust factor is huge.  

Once people begin to know, like and trust you, they become your engaged audience and will start to ask questions and engage with you. It’s much easier to turn someone who knows, likes and trusts you into a paying customer versus someone who is a completely cold audience into a paying customer. The big thing is, you need to move people from the cold audience to the warm audience, and then turn them into a paying audience. In order to move them to the warm audience, (that’s where the know, like and trust factor comes in), it’s important that you get them on your email list, which is where you turn them into your paying audience.  

I hope this is helpful and gives you some things to think about! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the KRose Marketing Group!

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