At KRose, we take pride in working with small businesses to achieve success. We work hard to give our clients the edge they need to reach their goals. We each have a unique area of expertise, and working as a team we can tackle any project. Get to know us, we can’t wait to meet you!

Karoline Rose

Owner & CEO

Meet Karoline!

Karoline is the leader and heart of KRose. She prefers to spend her days in sale barns or on the ranch, but she's a pro at working from anywhere and will pour her heart into taking care of her clients. Whether you're a young entrepreneur or experienced rancher, working with Karoline will elevate your business.

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Rachel Krug

Business Assistant

Meet Rachel!

Rachel is a Montana native and Montana State graduate. Working with business owners to help them grow their business in new ways through brainstorming and collaboration is her passion. In her free time, she loves spending time with family enjoying the outdoors.

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Jamie Hawley

Digital Marketing Assistant

Meet Jamie!

Jamie’s roots stem from the Southern Utah desert. She loves wide-open rangelands and all things turquoise. She runs on dark chocolate and diet coke and enjoys writing about beef cattle and the western way of life. Jamie will jump on any project to improve outreach and client relations.

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Emily Hayles

Graphic Designer

Meet Emily!

Emily is a North Alabama native and an Auburn University alumna. She lives in Alabama with her husband and fur-child, Tuff. When Emily isn't designing, you can find her behind a camera shooting anything from cattle to weddings. She loves cows, Nikon, Jesus, and the southern way of life.

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Natasha Bodily

Writing Assistant

Meet Natasha!

Natasha is a Utah State University alumna with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations, and a psychology minor. She lives in northern Colorado with her boyfriend and their wiener dog Richard. She loves hiking, crocheting and making delicious coffee beverages.

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Jaci Nesbit

Office Manager

Meet Jaci!

Jaci is a University of Montana Western alumna, with a degree in business administration and small business management. When she is not busy keeping the KRose Marketing office and team organized, you can find her at the Three Forks Saddlery or riding her horse through the Montana mountains.

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Now that you’ve met us, we can’t wait to meet you! Reach out to us  so we can get to know you & your business!

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