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- New Logo Design -

This logo was designed for Elite Genetics, a semen distribution company located in Newton, Mississippi. We love the incorporation of the double helix to represent their brand.

- New Website Design -

This website we created for Sitz Angus Ranch includes individual pages for each lot when sale time approaches. We use these pages as a digital catalog complete with video and EPDs.

- New Website Design -

Elevated Genetics came to us with a website they had started building but felt it was best to let someone else take over. We transformed it into an attractive website loaded with all the necessary information for their spring sale.

- New Website Design -

The Split Diamond Ranch website is loaded with information on the ranch and optimized for sale time. Individual pages make it easy for customers to find information including videos and EPDs of each bull for sale.

- Advertisement Design -

After designing a new logo for Friedly Cattle, they asked us to create an advertisement for the Main-Anjou Sale at the NWSS. Using the theme of the "Bright Lights" sale, we incorporated a spotlight to shine light on Friedly's offering.

- Postcard Design -

Split Diamond is one of the stops on this year's Montana Angus Tour and wanted us to create a postcard for it. This card was sent to their mailing list, inviting them to visit Split Diamond and participate in the Angus Tour.

- New Logo Design -

We designed this logo for Spencer Farms in Bedford Iowa. They wanted a logo that represented the diversity of their operation and we think including the state of Iowa is what made this logo perfect! When you see this logo, there's no question what Spencer Farms is all about.


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