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Livestock Marketing in a Changing World

Let’s face it. Times are constantly changing and today’s world has no intention of slowing down.  What does this mean for us cattle breeders and ranchers? Opportunities. It means we have a vast variety of opportunities in the world of livestock marketing.  

Marketing in the agricultural industry has taken a sharp turn compared to how things used to be. There was a time when people couldn’t search for you on the internet or follow you on Facebook. Today, it seems as if these two things have been around forever, but they haven’t. As they both grow and change, our businesses need to adapt.   

So let’s talk about what you can do to market your agricultural operation in the new age.


Websites are an absolute must. In a Facebook community the other day, I noticed a post that caught my attention. The user posted, “Are websites becoming a thing of the past?” Absolutely not. Chances are, if a potential client is interested in working with you, they will search for your website first. For example, let’s say you’re having a bull sale, you need to make your website work for you and your sale. Why? Your bull sale is what drives customers to you! Give each bull in your sale attention on your website. Include their video, photo, EPDs and any other information you have on them. By incorporating Facebook pixels into your site, you will be able to track which bulls are getting the most traffic. This data will also help you determine who to target for semen sales. Make sure your website speaks for not only your business, but you as the producer as well.  


If you’d like me to go over your website with you and give you tips to improve it, sign up for a free website audit here

Social Media.

Most of us connect with others through Facebook, Instagram or any other platform of preference. This means, you NEED a Facebook business page. By using Facebook for business, you can maximize your profit, but only if you do it the right way. This social media platform is forever changing, and using the right tools will help your business be seen even more! Facebook algorithms are super important when it comes to the content you are posting.  The algorithm ranks posts in this order: live video, video, photo, text and links. When drafting your social media posts, I suggest posting videos, pictures and another one of the two if possible. All of these posts should include a call to action, always ask your customers to do something.  


Believe it or not, buyers today will buy an animal sight unseen. When you’re planning your sale or next event, hire a quality photographer. While you may ask a family member to take pictures or think about taking on the task yourself, don’t. You may have good intentions, but at times you may fall short on the amount of pictures you need. You need these pictures for next year’s catalog as well as year ‘round Facebook content. Be sure to have your photographer send you all the picture files possible and use these to draft your content, that way you never run out of things to say. You won’t regret hiring a photographer to cover your sale- it takes so much headache away from you!  

Be different.

Whether you’re planning your next bull sale or any other event, take the time to really sit down and think. Think about ways you could differ from the crowd in the industry and take the actions to make it happen. Live your dream the way you wish and build your business and your life around people who know you and support you.


If you have an annual production sale, I want to chat with you about the power of Facebook Marketing for your sale. The KRose Company has marketed over 10,000 bred females from Montana and the surrounding states in the last two years. That means that your ideal customer is on Facebook and it is hands down your BEST advertising tool for your next sale.

Let me talk you through some of the perks of using Facebook to market versus traditional ads in Newspapers or magazines. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook ad don’t replace newspaper ads but can compliment them extremely well. Not only can we see how many people were reached, we can see exactly how many people went to your website and what it costs per customer to get them to your website. What newspaper can give you that data?

A typical Facebook ad strategy allows my company to design, implement, and manage ads that sends your ideal customer to your catalog located on your website for under $2.50 a person. This is the cheapest marketing plan out there and we are able to reach new customers who will show up on sale day and buy your bulls or females.

Facebook requires some preparation before your ads can be successful so we are filling our slots for Fall and Spring Sales now. We need 9-10 weeks to prep your facebook business page ahead of your sale to get the most use out of the Facebook ads.  

Please see our package options below and note that we’d love to chat with you on the phone. Due to the time Facebook page management and Facebook Ad design takes we only take 20 Fall Sale customers and 20 Spring Sale customers. Several of the slots have already been filled so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to book a free call with me soon.

We have fully booked out for fall production sales. Spring slots are still available but they are on a first come, first serve basis, so book before we are full! 

Package A: We design, manage and keep the statistics on 10-20 Facebook ads for your productions sale as well as three post weekly on your Facebook page for 9 weeks leading up into your production sale. These Facebook Ads will range from video ads, to ads that send your customers to your catalog and highlight feature bulls/females. Also, one professional sale day video. See example here.

Package B: All of package A plus a team of KRose staff on sale day. The team will do a live feed on your Facebook page (depending on internet quality), run the daily social media including last minute reminders of where to go to bid etc. Film highlight lots, capture Sale Day photos that you can use for next years catalogs.  See sale day photo examples here. This package also includes a post on my the KRose Cattle Company Facebook Page and one to my email list which is over 15,000 cattle customers combined.

Package C: All of package A&B plus putting individual bull/female videos and EPD’s on your website. See example of bull videos on website here. Creating traffic to the posts and supplying you with three Facebook ads post sale to retarget visitors who looked at specific bulls/female.

Please find my schedule here to book a call if you’d like to chat about one of these packages. Again, it’s the best way to get your Production Sale information out to ideal customers at less than a newspaper ad would cost you.  




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