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Behind the Scenes of Building an Email List

I am passionate about helping small business owners take their business to the next level. Today, I’m going to walk you through some steps on how to get started with email marketing. We often talk about what an email list is and why you need an email list, but it dawned on me that no one has ever helped you. No one has ever sat you down and walked you through the process of building an email list. So, let me help you get started.

When we create email lists, we need have an opt-in, which is an action that we want people to take to join your list. They need to physically signup for your email list, so they need to opt-in for your email list. Unfortunately, it’s illegal for you to take emails from customers who are interacting with you on a personal or business list and hand enter them into your email list. You actually have to provide a place for them to fill in their own email address and sign up themselves.  

Now let’s discuss the basics. Let’s pretend you have absolutely no email contacts and you’re starting at the very bottom.  

Pick an email list server that you want to use. We currently recommend two different programs, Active Campaign is what we personally use, but MailChimp is what many of our customers use. There are many other options out there, so if you use a different option that’s perfectly okay. These are just the two we recommend. Once you have chosen your server and created an account, design a place for your followers to opt-in. You can place the opt-in on your Facebook business page or on your website (we recommend both).  

Now the tough part.  Unfortunately, people won’t just give you their email addresses. I wake up in the morning with 50 or 60 new emails. It’s crazy. When you place an opt-in on your Facebook page or your website, you’re going to gather a few emails, but you’re not going to gather as many emails as you’d like. What you need to do is create something that you can exchange for someone’s email address. We call this a lead magnet or freemium. Give something away to your customers in exchange for that email address. This happens all over and your customers know it’s happening, so don’t think you’re tricking them. If you can’t think of anything, hop over to the KRose Marketing Group and ask me for ideas. We can even create a poll and ask your customers what they would find value in. The best way to start is with a downloadable PDF, so we can create a downloadable PDF that your customers can get in exchange for your email address.  

It sounds super easy to give people something and get their email in return, but in order to do that you have to have a landing page. We use a company called Leadpages to give away our free information in exchange for email addresses, but an opt-in page can also be created on most websites. For example, let’s say you have a freebie for “5 Ways to Hydrate After the Gym,” you need lead page for people to fill out their information to receive the downloadable PDF. All of this is automated, so figure out your system, set it up and let it do the work.

Once you have one free giveaway and your email system, you should start to collect emails quickly. You want to be able to reach your customers. If they sign up on your website instead of through a download, we recommend having a welcome email. Keep it simple and just say, “Welcome to my email list, thanks for voluntarily signing up.” Let them know what you’re all about, who you are, the best way to contact you and what they’ll get out of your email list.  

One fear people have is that they don’t have much to say, or send, to their email list. You don’t have to worry because people have raised their hand and said they want to hear from you. That’s the beauty of an email list, they are on your team and they trust you. It doesn’t matter if you send one email per month or one email per day, just remain consistent. 

You absolutely need to have an opt-in opportunity on your Facebook page and website that automatically goes to an email system. It’s so important to create something of value that you can give your customers in exchange for their email address. Now it’s time to start writing emails.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, that’s okay. Email marketing is a completely different type of marketing. It’s not like social media because you are only reaching the people who are interested in what you have to say. The people on your email list are the people that want to know what you’re saying.  


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